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  1. Leo Sun


  2. Josh J

    The wheel needs some new panels.

  3. kthnx s


  4. Dan Illahi

    Kinda looks like the children of Wendy and KFC!

  5. Rick Murillo

    $30 is weak for a channel this big over at Good mythical morning

  6. Esplicticz Music

    U guys look so older now since I watched u last!! Like 3 years ago!! 😆😆

  7. BiggestComplainer

    Bethany.... U🔥

  8. seba

    this is how you get allergies

  9. Charles Jannuzi

    I used to snack on those all the time! Love'em.

  10. Trevor McClung

    She's amazing and should be way way way more famous

  11. DrunkenChutney

    The dislikes are from Bob Belcher.

  12. Ana Markovic

    Trevor is so cute!!

  13. Corey Black

    I'm growing some 7 pot's, so stay on your toes

  14. Tony ???


  15. Yahwehs Blue boy

    this turned into like a weird dream i had that I couldn't wake up from and have no context why this is happening

  16. Elizabeth B

    Legend has it that in all the Mythical Studio bathroom there are copies on this book

  17. luye MM


  18. KJN

    Yay, Link won something!

  19. Alaena Coon

    Oat of this swirls is the best Ben and Jerry’s flavor

  20. yoitsddcat

    Who put my office supplies in jello

  21. orange juice :?

    So old been a while

  22. Angela Shaneh


  23. brownstone002

    Everytime Josh is in a video I think wow I totally could not be friends with this guy

  24. Cassie Simpson

    She looks so cute like that damn

  25. yoitsddcat

    Where did Ryan Wilson come from

  26. Daniel Lopez

    If anyone knows what the burger place is called let me know cause I’m dying to try it!

  27. Jack Williams

    Hey! by: me A man has fallen in the river in lego city build a boat to help

  28. mionicman

    I miss Jordan. Is he still at Mythical?

  29. Gerhard vd Watt

    After seeing what Link does with a chicken wing, I had NO doubt he would demolish the competition.

  30. Myria Connet

    loved this episode, but now I want seafood <3

  31. Charles Jannuzi

    Seriouslly Boyer's Smoothies are better than Reese's PB Cups. Seriously.

  32. eatlocalhoney

    Where my Sluggs at? 🙌🏽🙌🏽

  33. Frig Off

    They're bugs! blarf no thanks

  34. Andrew S

    Link is surprisingly good at this

  35. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Emily's thinking... 'Why are you wasting are those perfectly good doo-doo strips!?!?" 😓

  36. deandr13

    Rhett: *while running fingers through hair* "I did clean my hands."

  37. This Name Is Taken

    I really love Emily’s makeup

  38. This Name Is Taken

    Is Chris related to Chase? They look very similar, especially when they smile.

  39. Blatty26

    She is literally the most attractive woman on the planet

  40. Abraxas

    4:35 Starts here

  41. Eryka No Badu

    "I dip... You dip, we dip." underated.

  42. Haruki Shirota


  43. crispypicklechips

    bethany is so yum

  44. Madison Haynes

    I got the lost causes of bleak creek for Christmas

  45. AddisonAndBob

    Who else is pooping while watching this?

  46. Dennis Bunik

    Is Rhett going to go the full Jason Mamoa?

  47. Stay Hungry

    Rhett looks like Bob Ross but with shiny eyes.

  48. Bataan

    God, if it's not unpeeled shrimp I want nothing to do with it

  49. Liz Blue

    please stfuabout Mythical society.

  50. Daida

    This was probably one of the best!

  51. Tou Xiong

    Gloves needs gloves.

  52. Emily

    I havent been the best gmm fan so im not really caught up on a lot of the videos but i clicked on this one cause i thought rhett was wearing a wig and link had been replaced by a look a like

  53. Lillian kline

    🧡💛❤️💛❤️😋 love shrimp 🦐🍤🧡❤️💛❤️🧡💛

  54. EowynVala

    Trevor is eerily similar to Josh in some ways

  55. Celtic Lass

    At this point, I want nothing more than to sit down with a bucket of shrimp and seafood sauce.

  56. Zodiac System

    Do you remember when Mike and Ike were fighting? Lmao it was on the boxes when I was a kid. I'm the 666th comment lmao had to 😂

  57. reilley faerber

    This should of been the music video to teeth

  58. Brian Schlaf

    Love the Sour Patch Kids Freez lemon

  59. Mitch Comer

    why wouldnt you let us watch it in reverse rght here?

  60. Jenna Jackson

    Every southerner knows you leave in The Do Do String. 😂🤣 I’m screaming laughing at this whole do do string thing....

  61. Dime Damali

    Go link!

  62. Jim Smith

    Terry Crews is so funny. It is great to have him with Rhett & Link.

  63. Darren B.

    Hawkins cheezies very common here in BC, also very delicious.......

  64. arniebarb123


  65. Ethan Roghaar

    Petition to have Mr. Pickles come on the show

  66. Jordan Luxford


  67. Flaming sword_xxx

    i could learn about busness from how these guys display their merchandise lol

  68. Thomas Annulis

    Vice is a habit of doing the wrong thing. Opposite of virtue which is making doing the morally right thing a habit

  69. Dave M.

    This show needs more Bethany. 👀

  70. dMo Lar

    Shrimp, lobster, .. just big Sea Bugs if you think about it

  71. Narf

    @5:27 is that someone’s stomach growling?

  72. Pull Up

    Why is link so bad at coming up with words to say

  73. Haruki Shirota


  74. Chloe Randolph

    The way Rhett said "Oh my goodness." Lmaoooo

  75. Mat

    Not even all

  76. Mynah Ashcraft

    Rhett gets into it when it is Link’s turn

  77. Dinomax Productions

    These are all basic dnd monsters, none of these are things a well rounded dnd player shouldn’t know about A water wired is literally the first monster I ever threw at my players as a dungeon master

  78. Salif salif

    جيد شكر

  79. 3 1 5 7 3

    Sometimes I wish you guys would wear suspenders. I really feel like they could make a comeback.

  80. Nicholas Hogan

    You should devein the shrimp always, just as a sanitary step.

  81. M. Smith

    I met him before, hes dope asf.

  82. The Jack of Realms

    question that should be on everyones mind, "what about de-pooping"

  83. Breanna Wilkins

    Pecan Resist lmaooo. Wooow. Also known as the "saltiest" flavor around!! 😂

    1. Raymo_2_u

      Just like the people who will consume it, its full of nuts.

  84. Hannah Luck

    Lol link John Mayer is definitely one of my celebrity crushes

  85. InfusedSediment

    Please make dog harnesses.

  86. Benny Lyst

    I hope link watched Taken

  87. Glitter Fallout City

    Rhett with the crazy eyes looks like the cast of The Lighthouse

  88. Thomas Nemeth

    He didn't do the Tokyo thing!!!

  89. Alicia A.

    These are only getting more and more entertaining lol

  90. xx KenSensor xx

    You forgot fire and tropical versions

  91. bigboijmp81

    ***Deep exhale*** Skrrrrimmmps. SKRIMPS!!! That is the perfect battle cry for anything.

  92. Dania dedo

    Welcome to my world _medical laboratory scientist

  93. cybertree


  94. 🐋🐋🐋

    I love it when Link wins.

  95. Eric F

    If you work at the B&Js factory in Waterbury, VT you get to bring home 3 pints a day

  96. Hannah Jane Fajanel



    It february. Come buy some cookies from me.

  98. Renata Gavins

    But this is dope

  99. Renata Gavins

    It’s crazy most of us don’t get the opportunity to get this close to our parents

  100. Xavier T

    This was the funniest one yet 😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!