1932 - The Invention of the Ford V8 Engine

Aaron Maynard

Aaron Maynard

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    1. Collin Rohlik

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3590">59:50</a> watch and learn Elon Musk

    2. Charles Hirst

      I love the way that the Ford publicity machine did not dumb-down the explanation of how the car and its V8 engine was made. You just would not get that level of detail in the modern era - such a great shame. Like some others, I watched the whole thing with great enjoyment.

    3. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

      Pos v8 couldnt even last 10k miles. Just like today ford cant make an engine that competes with any japsnese engine

    4. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

      10 bushels of potatos is alot of money. That pos judge was corupt he ended up getting killed

    5. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

      And now my honda pioneer sxs has a better transmission than these cvt garbage and bullshit turbo engines that break at 100k miles

    6. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

      Back when you could have sex in the back seat of the car because the women were so fuckin fat and gross libtards

    7. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

      What a pos. My toyota is much better made. 2jz is faster and offroad capable

      1. hotbam37

        and it is even radioactive!

    8. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

      Now a days they cant even make an engine that last 200k miles. They are too worried about emissions they dont even think about the emissions it takes to build another car in 10 years when if u just build it right it will last 30 years

      1. samy doe

        It's not that they can't it just they are choosing not to

    9. Deibama

      Have NEVER , will NEVER buy a ford.

      1. hotbam37

        nobody cares.

    10. bobo lulu

      These days, if I had a 32 Ford V8, I could pick up more girls than any Lamborghini or Ferrari could ever offer.

    11. guy sumpthin

      Lets not forget it was Henrys goal to make it affordable to all , his efforts ,Wisdom, and lack of greed = USA prosperity. He was so bothered that some workers couldn't afford the cars they built he cut the price of the cars in half 2 times . Model T was about $1000 , cut it close to $500 , then cut it to $270 , while raising wages to an all time high, for the purpose of getting the workers everything they need

    12. guy sumpthin

      The 8n tractors : low price ,severe dependability an easy serviceability guaranteed food abundance in the usa

      1. Dorn Taft

        671 Select-O-Speed. Loved it. '59


      Hand built coach builders making affordable cars by hand. To this day Ferrari still haven't achieved this. Think about it....& why

    14. STAR MAN

      They Nick name it mighty whitey !

    15. Francisco Godinez

      The invention? Germany invented the engine, remember.?

      1. Wael Khayat

        Check your information and read the title properly.

    16. Pat Youngblood

      Where is the first 1932 motor that Henry Ford stamped

    17. Argus Garage

      Dear People of 1932, Please buy these new Fords. Hot Rodders in 2020 need as many as possible.

    18. blackbirdxx928

      Yada yada yada...feed v-ate. I'm working on a truck for a guy.. 31 Chev truck with a straight 6....and it still runs....has 50k on the clock and I think I am the first one to even adjust the valves ..ferd...the master of lack of parts interchangeability... Chev used the same basic engine design up until the late 70"s.

    19. Darren

      Many boats still use a flathead 4 banger , Continental Atomic 4

    20. Twentony

      AHHHHHaaaa the WAGES are toooo high.!!!!! Think ill go live off my wal-mart wages. Cause the wages are too high here.

    21. William Edgar Perrigo

      The volume for the banjo is way too high!

    22. Trey

      Damn needed a quick educational ended up taking an hour. The blue grass got me

      1. Ass U

        Dead lol

    23. Doug Reed

      Ford marketing department was working there ass off on this run of cars truly nothing till that time had been done to that point American made was really amazing for the tone and the foundation of that meaning American Made superior excellently produced video

    24. R Phuche

      Henry Ford was a strong supporter of Hitler ... and also liked communism ..

    25. David Rees


    26. Sirena Marie Neblina

      Yeah it is or more like USA in it's entirety you fool.

      1. R Phuche

        WTF are you mumbling about ??? Please run it thru you native language to English translator one more time....

    27. Darryl Adams

      Good luck getting warranty work done by ford now.

    28. NickDe39

      Back in the 50's could buy a non-running Model A for five bucks, but was worth the extra five bucks to pay ten bucks for a good running one. No heater, definitely no AC, no radio either, and had to work that one windshield wiper with your hand while trying to drive the thing. It would hit 80 mph, knew this for a fact, but the real killer of it was the new Chevy Six cylinder, not even close to the performance of today's cars, but could manage to leave a Model A in the dust. Henry had to do something about this sure didn't like being in second place, got a small crew and worked day and night how to cast a block for a V-8. Henry hated the six cylinder but did come out in 1941 with a six, but was not very popular. So actually the HP race started back in 1930, culminated in the late 60's until Nixon came along to increase fuel economy by reducing the speed limit to 55 mph on the brand new interstates started by a real president Ike. Trucks actually got poorer fuel economy as did most passengers cars because were geared for 70 mph, with my Buick Riviera back then instead of getting 20 mpg, dropped to 17, and had a difficult time staying awake at that slow speed. Then the crook didn't realize that 90%of the driving was done in over crowded cities. Still feel any presidential candidate should be forced to take an IQ test, and if like in other government agencies, if above 2, should not be allowed to run or work for the government.

      1. Scooter George

        Accessory heaters were available for Model A Fords. My Father owned and restored 2 Model A's, A 1930 Deluxe roadster and a 1931 closed cab. The roadster, completely stock, the latter powered by a Model B, with a C crank. I doubt either would hit 80 MPH. Henry hated the 6 for two reasons. His last one was the Model K, a real lemon and the Chevrolet, of course.

    29. Sirena Marie Neblina

      Hillbilly hell

      1. Scooter George

        Your home town?

    30. Sirena Marie Neblina

      A sack of flour and 2 chickens for reckless driving. What a deal.

      1. Joe Vignolo

        My father grew up in the 1930's. I once asked him, "Dad, you're always talking about the depression. What's a depression?" He replied, "There's no money around." That's what a depression is. With no money around people have barter instead, exchanging things like flour, chickens and potatoes.

    31. Martyn Bush

      Interesting documentary but went on far too long

      1. R Phuche

        just hit the effin stop button ...... sheesh

    32. K TweZi

      Suffering Rattlesnakes! That's some Heat! Bahaha so funny

    33. James Walton

      To jc 2180 an I would love to go back in time.

    34. James Walton

      Yes an u can send all computers to hell I hate them. Nothing but trouble An a money pit

    35. charlesbonkley

      Great video! I've always wondered the proper term: unbalance or imbalance? I did appreciate that "cost you plenty of potatoes" bit though. Funny stuff!

    36. Paul Seale

      Our Galaxy 500 had a V 8 engine almost indestuctable.

    37. Nick Firth

      If he had listened to his son a bit more instead of shutting him out he would have been the richest man in the world.

    38. Geee Wzzz

      Engineering marvels.

    39. Geee Wzzz

      Negd' for adds in the middle , start and end please, not in middle.

    40. O'day 35

      This article provides another perspective on Ford Service: jalopnik.com/lets-remember-that-time-uaw-president-water-p-reuther-1843358899

    41. Joe Norton


    42. Jrc 2180

      If only I could take my savings and time travel, I'd b so out of here!!!!!!

    43. Statimtek

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1247">20:47</a>: Narrated by Groucho Marx, backed by Our Gang Music. LOL

    44. Mike B

      Had to laugh when the narrator said, Henry Ford knew it was all over for four cars. Hah, four cylinders are now the majority if we take in all the cars of the world. From time with Chrysler I learned the problem with casting a single block V-8 was in getting the molten metal to completely fill the casting with no pockets of air. Even now, with better technology, the V engines have a higher rate of rejection than straight line engines. When a block is found to have an air pocket they just dump it back in the mixture of molten metal and try again. That adds to the cost of any V engine.

    45. Kevin Behr

      Thanks, Being in England I didn't understand the importance of these early cars to Americans.

    46. aeroflopper

      2 Chickens was a bit much, should have only been 1

    47. onlythewise1

      Invented by white man

    48. Matthew Chin

      Hah, designers have been struggling to get that front license plate mount to look good for 100 years. Some things never change.

    49. Obamaistoast2012

      This is the first American V8, the french Darac already had a V8 in 1905.

      1. aeroflopper

        no ford was all ready building a V8, this was 1st cheap v8

    50. Ron Piggott

      Amazon how this was done without computers.

    51. Gordon Clemens

      Chevrolet made the first V8 in 1917. Ford is and will always be second. Chevrolet filed for bankruptcy one time. Ford filed bankruptcy twice. These are the facts.

    52. Rooster Cogburn

      This video shows what they took from Europeans.

    53. Jason Gomez

      Really interesting video, but the audio is terrible. The signal is recorded far too high resulting in clipping.

    54. Christo Skylar

      Ford didn't "invent" the V8 engine - they merely made a lot of them starting 1932. Good video, but misleading title gets my thumbs down! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V8_engine

      1. Christo Skylar

        @Matthew Chin It seems that some people don't know what the difference between "design" and "invent" is. PS Name calling only proves that you are 12 years old and I don't argue with kids.

      2. Matthew Chin

        It's how Ford invented the "Ford V8", smartypants.

      3. Christo Skylar

        ​@Brian Tunks The title of the video is misleading where it uses the word "Invention". Design, adaption, etc. would have been better suited. An invention of something only happens once. Thereafter it's copying.

      4. Brian Tunks

        Nowhere in the title or video does Ford claim to invent the V8, just the Ford version Mr SkyLark.

    55. Scott Neal

      Would be interesting to see one done today with all the advancements and knowledge that is known today. Lighter blocks and advanced wiring/computers. Plus wouldn't have to be as big for long piston rods.

      1. Scott Neal

        @Matthew Chin, yes these smaller motors are plenty powerful enough for most vehicles today and for towing. Still would be interesting to see how much the bigger motors can do if modeled after its smaller brothers. I would think if done right, 500+ just at base and way more with the mods for boosting.

      2. Matthew Chin

        Today's 3.6L engines routinely make 300+ hp. This had about 75.

    56. Dave Notyerb

      Not even 2 minutes in and the first advertisement rears its ugly head.

      1. Mr. Ken

        Install AdBlockPlus and you won't see any ads. I don't. If you are seeing ads, it's your own fault. AdBlockPlus is free for Mac and Windoze, but you can contribute to their cause. I do. It's worth it.

    57. Gaming and Technology Fun

      They already had it in Europe, All they did was rip off from Europe.

    58. RoasterBCool

      People love to say cars of this bygone era were built to last compared to today But it not true today's cars are much more reliable they don't break down as fast they don't rust like they used to and they are much safer .I am in my mid 50s I remember when you reached 1 hundred thousand miles it felt like hitting the jackpot .I realise that a lot of people have had cars 40 50 years ago that did that but there are way more cars today that do that. I also realized that there are more cars on the road today than there were in the past . bottom line cars last much longer today than they did 50 years ago

    59. Richard Smith

      It’s that 32 Ford that changed Ford and changed the auto industry, and it’s effects back then can still be felt today! It was that very 32 that was used in smuggling alcohol (yes) alcohol! And the drivers of those cars would out of pride, would drive from one spot to another and see who got there first! Before you knew it they tried it on the beach (Daytona) and afternoon time they had a weekly race called (NASCAR) and thats NASCARS roots all started from running shine and from the law!

    60. tim lines


    61. dicas1988

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1171">19:31</a> fucking awesome how he rolls that v8 off the stand. Where men used to be men. Now you got a bunch of tie pod eat dumbass millennials who don't know what a 4 barrel carburetor is for. What poor fuckers they are. LMAO

      1. Devil's Offspring

        Nowadays, the people who develop car engines have to be much brighter, have a lot more education and experience and deal with a lot more complexity. They also wouldn't bother using a carburetor on today's car engines for really obvious reasons. These early V8 mills had their day but they're archaic by today's standards. Say and think what you like--today's cars are much, much better. It has nothing whatsoever to do with "men being men."

    62. Ruby Begonia

      Leon Levavasseur patented the V8 in 1902

    63. SwordlessMime

      All I can think of when I watch this doc is the guys from Mad Max chanting V8 V8 V8 V8!!

    64. earlygail

      There used to be a clipped magazine ad of the ‘32 V8 sedan and coupe in the bathroom where I lived in my early teens. I must have read it 100 times while on the can!

    65. Wet Cat

      No mention of Ol' Henry being a Nazi arsehole?

      1. conacal rubdur

        This obviously isn't focused on politics

    66. internet writer


    67. Tom T

      Ford's assumption that the days of the four cylinder engine were limited was based on his inability to comprehend the innovations proven on the racing circuit. Those would include the twin overhead cams, multi-valves per cylinder, combustion chamber re-design, etc., and including "four-wheel hydraulic brakes". Although his V-8 was introduced in 1932, it was not until 1936 they had hydraulic brakes that others were already using. Here we are in 2020, and my Chevrolet Four cylinder engined cars are far better then the three old 302 CID (5.0 L) gas guzzling, oil burning Ford V-8's I had ever were. And Ford has NOTHING to match them with!

    68. Diana Wells

      There's a wonderful book out about the Lincoln Hiway...the tour referenced here was quite afeat and the Lincoln Highway was built.

    69. Wade Guidry

      I wish I could pay my traffic fines with potatoes and chickens.

    70. PullTab

      Did he get to keep his chickens? The judge said he's excused this time. Does that mean he got to keep his chickens, or not?

      1. Salzar

        PullTab I think he was excused jail. The chickens were a fine, I reckon.

    71. barry phillips

      Very very good film, excellent! If history teachers in schools do not talk about and teach some of Henry Fords ways in which he changed society forever, then they should be! Henry Ford had a HUGE influence over society around 1920--1930--1940!!!! He was the pioneer of the assembly line production, and made vehicles which were affordable to the public, even those on low income! Look at how many Model T and Model A Fords are still around today, and are still very reliable!!!! I think the model i would have liked would the Model A coupe dark green black fenders ( mudguards ) V8 engine of course! The very early V8 i,m sure he said were 65hp, years ago i owned a very nice 1980 Ford Escort Sport 1600cc 84hp 124nm torque, almost 20hp more than that 1st side valve V8, i also owned a 1300 4dr Escort, they about 45--50hp the 1600 Sport was almost double the power and yes you really could feel the difference, the 1600 Sport was quite lively very capable car!

    72. eaxnitro

      Banjo playing is right. Bloody hillbillies

    73. notvalidcharacters

      Don't think I've ever heard the adjective "economical" paired with "V-8" before.

      1. Devil's Offspring

        It meant it was cheap to build, that's all :) Compared to today's mills, these engines were big and heavy, and produced relatively little power while guzzling a ton of gas. It was less of an issue when gas was 2 gallons for a penny and nobody had ever even heard of air pollution.

    74. Joe Sammy

      Ford was building the nazi war machine at the same time building ours Fact

      1. Billy Hndrsn

        They also supplied motors for early Russian tanks. The Russians tweaked the design to fit there needs against the Germans.

    75. Larry Wilson

      What about the Chevy V8 long ago. It never made it but they made one.it was in 1917-1918

      1. Pete 913

        It was a multiple part block with many problems. 40 horsepower from a 288 cu in engine. Used only for the 1918 model year.

    76. Doran Maxwell

      Chevrolet had an overhead valve V8 in 1916 Their six was better in many ways and made them lazy until 1954

    77. Laura Miller [Maintenance]

      It is hard to believe that these cars were on the road for 10 years before I was born in April of 1942. I found the music to be absolutely delightful, and found myself wanting to waltz through the entire video.

    78. Robert Miller

      Fantastic; I still drive a Ford! My Dad was a Tank Commander in WW2 in a M 4 Sherman with a big Ford V8 Engine and he loved it! He went right up Italy and they even fired shots at the Yugoslavian Communists forces after the Germans had surrendered as Tito wanted to take parts of Italy as war reparations at the end of WW2! As a New Zealand Armored regiment we purchased our tanks from the USA and paid cash for them as we didn't need Lend Lease unlike our British Cousins so we only paid for the Ford Powered M4s as they were way better than the GM, Chrysler, and GE powered versions! More Power and more reliable!

    79. Pal Kaposi

      a ford is affordable...

    80. Palomar Jones

      Could have really dispensed with the cheesy banjo groove. It is the 21st century, after all.