1993 Oldsmobile Silhouette


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    A look at a 1993 Silhouette minivan. AKA a "Dustbuster" van. This one has leather and a 3800 engine.


    1. Fiery Vixen

      I almost got a divorce over a 1995 Silhouette...haha Sold ours without asking my husband and he was PISSED. I did end up getting it back last night though (for a lot more than I sold it, dumbass me). Great vans, pain to work on though. I bet it was towed behind an RV or stored a lot for the battery disconnect.

    2. Austin Williamson

      Definitely don’t see these on the road anymore

    3. Nathan Jones

      Hey! You are on Classic GM FWD Society too! I just made a video on a 1991 Silhouette in the junkyard. They are cool vans!

      1. ToryTheFanMan

        I was gonna get that Century. But ended up trading it for a 2001 Grand Prix GT. I have a video of both cars somewhere on my channel.

      2. Nathan Jones

        @ToryTheFanMan you still have the A-body Century, right?

      3. Nathan Jones

        @ToryTheFanMan I've been off Facebook for a while, but my Sunfire ended up getting scrapped. I hit a Minnesota-sized pothole which destroyed it. Now I have an '01 Honda Accord and an '85 Pontiac Fiero!

      4. ToryTheFanMan

        Nice to see another fellow FWD GM enthusiast here in KGsel land.

    4. Stuart Smith

      Whoever had this one went crazy on the option list.

    5. Mr. Smetch

      Doug DeMuro got me here, he wants to review one of these...

      1. artementy

        Interesting! How do you know that?

    6. Kenneth

      This Silhouette is very rare. The leather seats were a super expensive option as well as the steering wheel control buttons. The 3800 motor was amazingly strong and the best engine in these vans.

    7. KischteBier

      Interethting car!

      1. James Raymond


    8. Aerospace Fox

      What is that spark plug set up? Are those early ignition coils I see?

    9. Derek Obidowski

      a i believe the Pontiac Trans Sport was like this van too as they were made then to compete with the Chrysler Minivans of that era the Dodge Grand Caravan, Plymouth Grand Voyager, and Chrysler Town and Country as at the time Chrysler introduced its own 3.8L engine for them as then the minivans were in its original cofiguration with the sliding door on the right side. at the time how many families vacationed to a beach in a minivan fully loaded. It seems the American minivan went away from the competetion of the Japan rivals of Honda, Toyota, Mazda and the Korean rivals of Hyndai and Kia.

    10. D. B. - Vintage

      At least it's got the 3800! The earlier versions had that 3100, which was a weakling. I've got a later Chevy version. I had the same problem with my drivers power window - the track needed grease and a roller. I love mine due to the room.

    11. Brandy Violette

      Is this van for sale and if so where at

    12. Noah Seiter

      Do you own this van? I just bought a 93 Trans Sport. Love these vans. So unique.

      1. grungewehr39

        Hey Noah!!! Man, we need a hobby ;-)

    13. jaykay18

      The battery disconnect thingy was an add-on, it wasn't ever offered by GM. The previous owner had installed it, and generally when you see them, that means trouble. Generally it indicates there is a battery draw even when the car is off, and they never bothered to fix it. Generally it's costly to diagnose the problem because it takes time. The only other reason the battery disconnect is there would be because the previous owner really didn't drive much, and would let the van sit for extended periods of time, several weeks or even months, and after that time it wouldn't be a surprise that the battery died. To find out, you'd have to connect an ammeter between the battery and the van's battery cable, and see what it draws with everything off.