2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette Product Training


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    Today is part 7 of 7 of the Oldsmobile Product Training Matrix for 2000, enjoy!
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    1. Vinncent Chacón

      I have the GLS 'couse I have the front side airbags but not the RCA audio input, in México the oldsmobile Brand it's ultra rare the most popular olds cars are cuttlas, silhouette, and practically Nule Aurora, Brabada and Alero these last in whole México are arround like 20 in the country ,I saw an Aurora in my city and 2 aleros, but the cuttlas and silhouette are normal to see, you're awesome Justin, maybe someday I can send you some images about my olds and tanks to be the onlyone that has an entire Channel about one of the most luxury cars on KGsel

    2. Raymond J

      I just bought a 99 premiere and i love it its powerful and comfortable what a great van !!!!!

    3. Shea Mileto

      Redline0442 can you please post The ‘94 Silhouette?

      1. Redline0442

        I posted everything I have for now.

    4. Shea Mileto

      Redline0442 anything on the 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette?

      1. RC

        Dude fuck off. You’re creepy.

      2. Shea Mileto

        @Redline0442 do you have Anything on the '98 Silhouette

      3. Redline0442

        No unfortunately, they only released the 2000 training guide for the 2000-2004 model years.