2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette White for sale



15 миӊ. көрүүлөр13

    Short video walkaround and test drive of a 2002 Oldsmobile Silhouette White for sale

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    1. OneEyeDrone

      This was posted ages ago.. but these vans were terrible and white is the ugliest car color out there, pearl sure, but not that plain paper white GM had. Im sure this white van ended up at the scrap yard not too long after this video haha. I have a GM van myself, but never have I heard someone talk so passionate on camera about these, gets the job done, works, etc.... but look at him "step on it" all those 180hp (crank hp) hahha what a joke.

    2. OneEyeDrone

      The gas gauge is so simple to fix hahha ... its literally a little switch that slides up and down, its a $20 part on ebay, swapped mine out and gas gauge has worked great ever since. Its a common issue for ANY Car that uses fuel hahha. My Infiniti had a similar issue. Only pain for the vans is to get to that part you need to drop the gas tank.

    3. Rolan Uy

      I didn’t like how you tried to U-turn and the truck horn honked to you.

    4. Elizabeth Johnson

      What could be wrong with car if it won't start

    5. _misaiah

      I heard that if u wreck in this van, you die

      1. OneEyeDrone

        pretty much ... I have a roll cage in mine ... and brembo brakes to get a bit of an upper edge on my legs

      2. buggzo

        I heard that if you die, you van

      3. The Fault in Our Cutie Marks

        it's very bad for your knees yes haha (Proudly have a 1997 Chevy Venture in the family for 20 years which is just like this)

    6. William Stonehocker

      Sucky ass van.

    7. Sammy Bones20

      Hey! You supposed to turn off the vehicle when the gas gage goes down or you will just kill the battery. Because I have that problem on my Pontiac Montana.

    8. David Robitaille

      the valvetrain... lol

    9. Dave Greaves

      The reason they have the air compressor in the back is that it needs it for its ride leveling which it does with air as you load more weight into it. It will turn itself on itself when it needs to keep the rear level

    10. michael !!!!

      Can I put a full size spare instead of a donut under where the donut is

    11. NeRDbOy100

      Not to mention it's Poor saftey rating from the IIHS. P

      1. Matrixmaster 22

        NeRDbOy100 Yeah. Not even sure why this van sold when it had bad scores in crash test and reliability.

    12. Robert Dixon

      makes me miss my 99 silhoutte. she was awesome.. and also had gas gauge issues once you got below a quarter tank it was all over the place. I just kept it above a quarter and its all good in the hood

    13. hiautoex

      Because it is NJ and some people have a bad attitude

      1. Aaron Malik

        Lol I understand. I'm from Jackson and I live down in Tampa now. Down here you can make u-turns on a major highway 😂.

      2. William Stonehocker

        hiautoex I used to live there.

    14. azera55555

      Why did he honk at you? You did nothing wrong and you used your turn signal. Some people huh?