2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette Premeir Review

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    Here's a 2003 Oldsmobile silhouette premeir review. Please like, comment, and Subscribe! And don't forget to share! Thanks for watching.


    1. Emily Espinoza

      What engine size

      1. Car Reviews with Josh

        3.4L V6

    2. James Raymond

      Great job! Nice review.

      1. Car Reviews with Josh

        Thank you!

    3. buggzo

      Great job, thorough review!

      1. Car Reviews with Josh

        Thank you!

    4. RamenNoodles4Me

      I got one for 2k with 50k miles. Very nice.

      1. Car Reviews with Josh

        Congrats! Sounds like a great deal!

    5. Antonio

      Imagine that it had tinted headlights, tail lights and painted black rims and grill? It would actually look like a silhouette the !

    6. Milton Flowers D.A.V.

      God help me please I'm not even quite close to being halfway on this video and if this lovely lady says that's a nice one more time I'm going to blow her imaginary or virtual head off to my phone and then take my own life or I might just jump straight to the Chase and take me out Lol...

      1. Babayega X

        Oh and I believe this "lovely lady" is named Josh. She might be a young man from what I'm getting from it. I thought the same tho at first.

      2. Babayega X

        This comment is real nice.

    7. CommanderTaco


    8. Grant Hohulin

      when u turned the light control dial, it sounded like the nickelodeon jingle

    9. bard the nascar fanatic dragon

      Love this car. Oldsmobile surely has some life left in them, although they are not new anymore. I subscribed

    10. Grant Hohulin

      u have anichthys on the tailgate

    11. Sergey Zabaroff

      Блин, по-русски нельзя?? ))) Thank you

    12. matthew x2

      that thing is junk 3.4.L is junk i hate those vans

      1. CommanderTaco

        How is 3.4L junk for a van? Almost every van I see now is like 2.0L or 2.7L engines

      2. Ken R

        great engine 250k so far

    13. The Fault in Our Cutie Marks

      coolest minivan. I love the bench in the 3rd row. I didn't know the sold them without the 50/50 split

    14. Felicia Turner

      good review

      1. Car Reviews with Josh

        Thank you!

    15. OLDS98

      I did not realize the Oldsmobile Silhouettes were that loaded or could be that loaded. Most impressive review. Nice minivan.

      1. Car Reviews with Josh


    16. Mechanical Ninjineer

      I really like your new van! is that replacing your old one? R.I.P (rust in pieces ) old Pontiac mini van. :(

      1. Mechanical Ninjineer

        haha! that would be cool! :)

      2. Car Reviews with Josh

        It might be but were not sure. I think I will take a good bye vid for are old van.