2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette 3.4 V6 Cold Start after Head Gasket Replacement



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    The head gaskets on this 3.4 were blown, so after 20 hours of work and cut up hands, I finally got it back together, only to discover a coolant leak. LOL, sometimes it gets so frustrating it's funny.


    1. Goaner Wal

      Hey Daniel... I have a 2003 Silhouette and wanting to put a towing hitch on from U-Haul amd having rough time putting it on...

    2. Hank Bridges

      Get a Actron CP9690 code tester. It checks live, record, graphing, transmission codes, emission readiness test, oxygen sensor tests, ABS, SRS, sensor percentages, RPM's, and MORE! It retains the memory of results until you erase them. You can run tests while driving. Run a can of fuel injector cleaner in the tank to clean injectors and oxygen sensors. Replace sensors regularly to avoid codes. Change the oil with the correct weight and use Fram oil filters.

    3. devon keller

      And when it was over heating did u have problems with the transmission

    4. devon keller

      How much did it cost I have an 02 and my head gasket is cracked didn't know B4 the new thermostat was put in

    5. Highpinesnow

      Hey,,Man...found you took awhile.Thanks for vid!.EXCELENT!.mine has been down for a few years...been driv''n 86 Toyota (climb a tree)...anyway, my 2002 silhouette seams to over heat at 8500 ft up hear in Utah... Not sure why...just replaced starter...that was a bitch ;:)...anyway XM and ...I love this thing...yep have "Ferrel cat loves van too....anyway any ideas on heat issue?...Thanks friend

    6. Grant Hohulin

      what is the cat's name

    7. Michelle Butler

      ok I need some help ! I have an 03 oldsmobile silhouette alternator went out! got it rebuilt got it back on charged my battery but still nothing ! it is as if the battery isn't even hook up. I've check fuses I've did the turn ignition on for 5 mins three times because I had to go to the dealership to have another key made still nothing can you help me please?

    8. Justin P

      Sounds good. Very normal for those 3.4 3.1 t tic cold and go away

    9. mthomasr07

      The fact you are cat lover made you 10 times hotter😎😎

    10. Tony Mikesell

      engine rebuild lmfao not even close

    11. Universaly Universal

      I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Silhouette. I just got the all the head gaskets replaced and I also had a crack in the cylinder head.

      1. Universaly Universal

        Scott Bair No, it took the guy 3 weeks to finish it

      2. Scott Bair

        Did you do it yourself?

    12. dethklokful

      где какой холод вы чё прикалываетесь даже снега нету

    13. Malachi Smith

      lol I got a '02 Venture for $450 by using an $8 bottle of stop-leak when it had this problem. I feel bad for anyone that actually puts effort into fixing it.

    14. Matt Ostrowski

      The knock is a valve knock and it goes away

      1. BrendenAerosmith Farr

        Matt Ostrowski the knock is a piston slap

    15. Ciprian Wits

      Don't waste your time on those motors... swap an L67 and call it a day :)

    16. youmay breakit

      u r a huge faggit.

    17. David Olenick

      You did the labor and it still cost $750 ?

      1. Larry LaPointe

        No this is easily $2-3k+

      2. Radza Martin


    18. Mary Bell

      Oops, Silhouette*

    19. Mary Bell

      I have an '02 Silouette and recently had it overheat..the guy that towed it said I need a radiator hose and serpentine belt. I'm assuming it's the hose that leads from the radiator to the coolant reservoir since that's the one he was messing with. Ok, problem. I don't have the money to take it to a mechanic and if I did, I don't have a clue if they'd be overcharging me. What do you think a reasonable price would be if I in fact do take it in? Another question if you don't mind, why the heck doesn't my radiator cap come off!!?? It worked fine for the tow guy, but I can't seem to get it off and afraid I'm going to bust it lol..I pushed down and it turned about 1/4 of the way and need to put coolant in to see where the leak is really coming from. Please help!!

    20. Monkeyness

      Question for anyone who may stop by this and be able to answer. My mom has a 2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette, GL, 3.4 V6. When you crank the engine over, there's a sometimes subtle and sometimes pretty noticeable front end shaking. It's not the alignment or tires, are those are both fine, and it shakes at idle/brakes applied. I should mention it was there when she bought the Vehicle. Oil level, tranny fluid, coolants, all those are fine. Spark plugs were changed and spark plug wires.

    21. Kevin Rogers

      20 hours? and if you ever do antoher one dont remove the injectors ot fuel rails, remove that little cap off the end of the rail and pull the power steering pump straight up and wiggle it, yes sometimes it takes some force but you can get the pump past the fuel rails, also removing the engine mounts in front and pulling the engine foward makes life easyer, and a little pistion slap is no big deal, good video man! trust me try the power steering pump trick next time!!!!

    22. Johnny Beltran

      please do another video of an oldsmobile silhouette

    23. NWB1989

      Well the Opel and Vauxhall Sintra has a 2.2 ecotec engines on their models, but why won't they have them in our Ventures, Silhouettes, and Trans Sport (Montana).

    24. Christopher Sobel

      it would be nice to have an inline four cylinder instead of a v6, for ease of repair.

    25. Proto Man

      Oh man, the Oldsmobile Silhouette. It was my first car. Fancy as fuck, all the goddamn features you could want and more, and drove great for a minivan of that size. You sir are very lucky

    26. North-Hankspin

      you would think it would have automatic climate control and a tach. That van has a very poor crash test rating.. get rid of it..

    27. Santiauto99

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="166">2:46</a> Nice sounding engine

    28. Santiauto99

      nice van

    29. Santiauto99

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="131">2:11</a> nice cat

    30. J Gomez

      Hey bro my brother has the same van, any suggestions why would make it accelerate eratic when turn on and also some poping noise

    31. J Gomez

      Hey bro my mom has the same van, do u know why would it make accelerate and make pop noises..


      I must say, great job man. Looks real good also...

    33. admiralcrash1

      I did that kind of work on the same engine and I pulled the noob move...had it all together and forgot about the o-ring in the fuel outflow line. big sadface.

    34. Ryan Ho

      I thought it was bad to rev the engine while cold. but I could be wrong

    35. MrChevyman95

      Pray to God you don't ever have to do a Thermostat on one of those vans !

    36. NWB1989

      It would be nice to have a 3.8 V6 option in those minivans other than the 3.4 V6 on it.

    37. Bajaheat

      @DanielJaegerFilms amazing motors after you do that tho

    38. Daniel Girgis

      nice pedo stash

    39. JimmyDean404

      god cavalier my parents had all it did was blow head gaskets..

    40. killman1971

      These engines are well known for leaky lifters and cold piston slap. Did you do a video for checking for the exhaust gases in the coolant? Also did you do a video showing the engine being dropped and replaced? Those would be quite cool to see.

    41. Ventura 19

      do a 0-60 of this oldsmobile...

    42. naterade21

      same engine my gramma had in her 95 cutlass supreme SL 4 door

    43. Dustin Byce

      what causes the engine to knock when cold cuz my truck does the same thing (1999 Chevy S10 pickup LS 156,000 miles)

    44. Jeffrey Gillum


    45. blueinthesky

      please do another test drive of your ford truck please!!


      @DanielJaegerFilms Hey Daniel are you going to be making another video of the silverado soon?

    47. ncrdisabled Submarine vet

      How did you get to the back 3 spark plugs . I have a 03 chevy venture one of the back 3 bolts pulled out of the head I think . I am disabled and have been told to do the repair you must pull the engine.

    48. DanielJaegerFilms

      @2005buickallure Yup, 3100 and 3400 were known for their lower manifold gaskets. I don't think I've seen one that needs it done or has had it done already.

    49. SuperFIFTHGEAR

      Yes, get another Toyota Camry.

    50. D31ay3d

      also, I just did my intake manifold gasket on my '02 GMC Sonoma, I feel your pain with gaskets!

    51. ZNormT6

      These vans are as unsafe a shit... Buy a Volvo

    52. 1234fllf

      We have the pontiac version of this with about 230k on it, besides some overheating problems it has been quit reliable

    53. D31ay3d

      liking the 'stache

    54. Enda Surlis

      first :D