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    Today, Mythical Chef Josh creates the fancified version of the KFC Famous Bowl with the help of Mike Pasley, the Mythical Art Director. Check it out on this episode of Fancy Fast Food! FY #008
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    1. Colleen Price

      That's Bro love right there, LOVE IT ALL!

    2. TheSwirlGuys

      I didn’t know David spade was a chef 😂

    3. R Willems

      Love the Choppin Broccoli reference lol !!!

    4. Hannah DePover

      Yessss the lunch lady land reference!

    5. Mighty Moyan

      Chopping broc.........Back when Saturday Night Live was a Coke fueled festival of fun.

    6. Mighty Moyan

      "My Island"........

    7. cross6defy chromatus

      I love how Chef Neal has zero personable traits and doesn't want to be there. He couldn't be more disinterested or indifferent

    8. SkyClanisbestClan 1

      *R.I.P FAILED UPDOG* *Foiled by a wise man*

    9. Alejandro Soto

      Chef Neil beat Bobby flay!

    10. Sterling French

      The onion on his shoulder lol

    11. Traci T

      how was the guy in the beginning completely unphased by “one time we turned a car into a pizza”?? lmao.

    12. Bryan Alexander

      Josh, love you on GMM. You need to bring more of that and tone down the giddy college freshman, frat boy unfunny energy that you’re doing in your new show. You’re funniest when you’re low key and making really funny weird ass observations on the side. I like that you’re bringing in people as guests but again bring the overly loud freshman humor down a notch. Maybe it’s just nerves. And maybe I’m completely wrong. This video is at almost a million views.

    13. Green

      Naw... This ain't it fam. Can you please make the Jack in the Box Breakfast Bowl please?

    14. Melanie Stanish

      I love how they say everything wrong lol 😆

    15. thefallenonelucifer6

      Yeah a lot of people say the 11 herbs and spices from KFC is only four or five herbs and spices and they just say 11 to throw you off

    16. Kim Madsen

      Mike and Josh need to make more videos together! This was hilarious 😂

    17. david guerra

      Mike is my new favorite for the chopping broccoli reference

    18. Jeffy Ng

      Wait, what’s up dog?

    19. Cris J

      Josh always brings out the funniest in GMM staff. It's always so much fun to watch these!

    20. the Earl of Oxfordshire

      Ehhh this got weird I'm going to go now........

    21. JobyOnSaturn

      "You would make such a good wingman." Famous last words

    22. 「Ocean Man」

      It smells like updog in here

    23. Xtreme Performance

      Sorry, cant stand this much Josh

    24. Herbin Cowboy

      These dudes are trying WAY too hard. Cringe city. Josh always has this, "I know I'm being filmed" energy, like when you record a child.

    25. Deadshadow1405

      "I trust you with everything inside me"

    26. iyan manzano

      mythical intricate handshakes kitchen.

    27. Fuck Me

      I see a blue 1984 4 runner in the beginning

    28. Nana Chan

      Thank you Mr editor. Having the camera follow the spork at the end when he threw it xD lmfao im dead

    29. Cheryl Berg

      ha ha @ come back here and kiss me again

    30. magoonart

      10:44 for SATISFACTION

    31. magoonart

      18:05 Who else is feeling that sexual tension?!

    32. Brice Bokesch

      this is the greatest channel on youtube

    33. Raven_Darkwood

      I legit was lulled into thinking these two were a married couple XD Josh is a delight and so freaking cute!!

    34. magoonart

      Josh:”We once turned a car into a pizza” Man who clearly does not care:”I like that.” Josh: “ Mike put a car on cheese wheels?” Man who does not care:” Uh huh.”

    35. fercheese seven

      6:39 Ooh Cheesus!

    36. Amalfi Killa

      These videos get more beautiful by the second and I sponsor that haha

    37. Austin Poling

      As funny as this show gets its a legitimate culinary resource. I never knew to start the potatoes in cold water!

    38. RealityIsPoison

      more like a hundred but ok ^^

    39. Kermyt Padilla

      I love this episode 😭

    40. andiem22

      This is my favourite pairing. Alllll the movie references 😂😂

    41. Rhys Ellis

      Joshes face at 18:10 tho

    42. YankinANDGankin

      Love how he mixes up Judge Dredd and Demolition Man 😒

    43. Sarah Sparks

      Has fancy smoothie king been suggested?

    44. Jason Douglas

      Wesley Snipes was in Demolition Man.... Not Judge Dredd !!!! Duhhhh 😎 jk. Im surprised 100000000 people didn't throw a fit about it

    45. tintinismybelgian

      I tried to find the story about the restraining order, but I failed to find anything about telephones or brains.

    46. Lone wolf 2

      2:26 does size matter? Yes yes it does

    47. scotty dont40

      Are they on edibles

    48. Lightning Gamer

      Damn, that looks delicious :O I wish I could afford that version but I can't under 5 dollars for me. I would make like a 60 dollar version if I knew how though :O

    49. joseph albright

      Guys, just get a room already.

    50. Whitney Terry

      I'm gonna need some more Josh and Lucas action!!

    51. Adam Ross

      "Pompadour Squire" is my next band's name.

    52. Selena nicole

      Favorite guest thusfar

    53. PyrozPlayground

      Props on the Dana Carvey reference at 10:29! That's one of my all-time favorite stand-up shows!

    54. Brian Thompson

      Anyone else think chef Andy looks exactly like David spade

    55. Aly Schroeder

      Josh why do you have to make innocent so people uncomfortable

    56. The lighthouse Adventures

      Can't believe I don't see anyone mentioning the chopping broccoli comment he said.....that's how you know KGsel is full of 9 year olds because no one knows who Dana carvey is.....

    57. Garduzaa 4KT

      nobody plans on making this but good content

    58. Mr Design

      josh!! how the hell did you get david spade?!?!? lmao

    59. Josie Whitley

      you both have such great chemistry together i love it

    60. 8th Hokage

      Like Takashi 69 😂😂