A Celebration of Life - Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers

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    1. Claire Sweezy

      “Babe, you take care of our Gigi and I got Nani, Bibi and Coco. Were still the best team... may you both Rest In Peace, have fun in heaven... love you always and forever. Mommy” my heart broke.

    2. Artej Chahill


    3. Demetrie Harris

      Beyoncé put me at ease, then Jimmy want to get up there with that shaky voice, oh Goodness I’m... Lord!!

    4. Ricardo 25k

      RIP to Gigi ang Kobe much love to your family 💛💜🙏🏾

    5. Ramon Rivera

      Does anyone know if Lebron was there?

    6. Susan Carrera

      Pls.those that have Negative comments keep it to yourself,don’t be disrespectful, families still grieving.

    7. Mariana Pardo

      Rip Gigi and Kobe 🏀🖤🤍

    8. Mawa Dieng

      my heart hurts so hard the pain hurts incredibly for millions of people, but i don’t know how to explain of all kobe and gigi’s family 😭 i love both of you guys sm❤️ stay strong! rip mamba🥺 and a very talented teen❤️❤️💗

    9. Brilliant Barnes

      I can’t watch this is too sad

    10. Luminary

      Fake. He went into witness protection to avoid all the embarrassing court dna prosecution that was coming out and he took his fav daughter along with him look it up!! Nice show though!

    11. KAZ

      let's not forget about the other people that also died. kobe is not more important than the rest of them at the end of the day. rip

    12. That Dude

      I just noticed the date was 2 24 2020

    13. ZömbieWarZunter


    14. that one hispanic

      Can we also name the other victims that died too?

    15. Queen Dej

      God Bless Her and her girls, She’s a strong woman.❤️🙏🏽

    16. Mario & Sonic Productions

      🖤🖤🖤Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant 🖤🖤🖤

    17. Claire

      It starts at 28:09

    18. Mrs. Diva


    19. Smooshed cat bread thing

      Can they stop, not to be rude but we know they are gone, they dont need that much attention, they gave their wishes, THATS IT, NOBODY CARES AT THIS POINT, ITS OVER

    20. Rudolf Hess 2

      Also no recognition for the other people

    21. Rudolf Hess 2


    22. Hercule Satan

      #1 on trending

    23. YourMoreThanAverageHuman

      To the generation that yelled Kobe when they shot a paper into the trash.. It will NEVER not be Kobe

    24. Ciana Fudzie

      My heart hurts. I want to watch this but it hurts too much right now. I will try to watch later😔

    25. VoiD_ DB


    26. april00026000

      Vanessa didn't have to give her eulogy, if she chose not to, we wouldn't have held that against her since she's still in mourning. But the fact that she took the time and effort to share some personal stories and insight of both Gigi and Kobe despite how much she must have been hurting says a lot about her. Keep being strong mama, and I hope you know how much we love you and your family

    27. Shooty McShoot Face

      Is anyone else's video sound buggy?

    28. Just Some Guy With No Life

      Rip Kobe Gigi and the other 7 ppl in the plane

    29. Eddie Suarez

      That's crazy diying at 13 Least it was quick and painless

    30. Jax Teller


    31. sally wahn

      the wife is fine! she has tons of makeup on and those lashes lmao, her hair is left down curly styled and her nails done omg! she is more then fine!

      1. cherubic nibba

        you are disgusting

    32. Christy B. Fofanah

      God got you Vanessa.

    33. Izzy Diaz

      RIP KOBE 💜💛 & GIGI!

    34. Zaylow

      it starts at 28:02 Rip Kobe, Gigi 😔

    35. Charles Cuesta

      R.I.P Kobe Gigi and the 7 others who lost their lives. Fly high💜💛💜💛💜💛💜💛

    36. The Beyerle Bunch

      Absolutely hard to even imagine what this family is going through but Vanessa my goodness our hearts hurt so bad, we can’t imagine what yours must be. 💔 So strong giving that amazing speech. When you cried we cried with you.

    37. jjinsureme

      Who gives this a thumbs down?

    38. Kany Salazar

      The way his voice broke when he said; “What Can I Say; Mamba Out” breaks my heart everytime! 😢🥺💜💛

    39. 21 Savage graal

      And ofc they forget the others who died in the crash

    40. Lina Smith

      My heart sinks for Vanessa and her daughters. I was a big Kobe fan. He inspired me to play basketball and Gigi inspired me to play basketball while being a girl. She died too young. He was a legend and she was a legend to become.

    41. JustKarlos

      Idc about Kobe and Gianna because I don't know them but I feel bad not the point of crying because idc he's not one of my friends and family

      1. cherubic nibba

        you did not have to comment this

    42. Kamelee tomelee Williams friedl

      I love you Vanessa god will keep you strong my dear

    43. Sandy

      Vanessa is so incredibly strong 💜

    44. Inch

      I wouldn't have been able to make a speech. I would be too devastated. I wouldn't be able to carry on with life.

    45. Chris Rowles

      Who cares

      1. cherubic nibba

        Then leave asshole

    46. Tacooo

      Kobe Bryant is one of the inspirational people of our time and will never be forgotten.

    47. Crazycurlyworld

      For those giving this a thumbs down. I hope you get blessed to never have to lose loved ones and have to go thru this. RIP TO ALL THOSE who passed!

    48. Ima Dirty slut


    49. Alex Pierson

      Who thumbs this video down?

    50. Poopkinz 101

      People wearing shades to hide their tears

    51. Christine, let's go!

      How I wish one of them survived, to tell what happened, to tell the last words. But I think they both died (kobe and gigi) together for a reason. God took them together for a good reason. As Vanessa said, they can't be on this earth without each other. Imagine the pain, if one of them survived. Maybe it is a long healing process.

    52. Alberto Acosta

      NBA killed Kobe for lebron and laker ratings

    53. brxzo YT

      For the people who disliked this video I’m disgusted💔💔

    54. DaveLovesIHOP

      500 dislikes is messed up and disrespectful if you didn’t like the video just turn it off , but don’t show hate.

    55. Syedinator

      RIP KOBE, you were my hero....

    56. Aaron Russo

      2/24 ♾💜💛

    57. Susan Carrera

      Thank you Vanessa for putting this Celebration of LIFE for KOBY & GIGI,this must be so hard for you, Koby and Gigi will be there spiritually besides you to gives you strength,courage to celebrate how amazing husband,father,son,siblings,teammates,friends,how amazing is Gigi as a daughter,sister,teammates,granddaughter,friend..God Bless you and may GOD shower you with His Grace,Blessings,Comfort,Strength,Hope,Protects, guides and to move on, because Natalia,Capri and KOKO needs you.I can not imagine the pain without their wonderful father,I know you will keep their father memory alive in their heart. Take care Vanessa and God Bless you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    58. Cherie Mak

      I still can’t think of kobe without crying🥺

    59. Notorious curryshay

      To the people who disliked 🖕

    60. Tiana A.

      I rlly be at school CRYING