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    The past is haunting you. Anthony Mackie is Takeshi Kovacs in Season 2 of Altered Carbon, streaming February 27.
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    Altered Carbon Season 2 | Main Trailer | Netflix
    When a job brings Takeshi Kovacs back to Harlan's World in a new sleeve, he finds the planet at war - and his long-lost love lurking in the shadows.

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    1. siceman105

      Whats the song from this?

    2. Ronnie F.

      I will miss Joel too, but let's give Mackie a chance. I have full confidence Kovach will be great. Let's go

    3. Ruben Baeza

      I liked the first season

    4. Manuel Uribe

      Ahhhh😱😨 alucinante!

    5. Максим Мельниченко

      К сожалению уже забылся первый сезон...

    6. lewisburg wa

      I think because Quell is played by the same actress as in season 1, Kovacs has to travel in time in Season 2 to meet her in the past. In season 1, Kovacs had woken up 250 years after he died in a new sleeve and we had flashbacks in which we saw him meet Quell, who was played by the same person. Maybe Kovacs travels in time in Season 2 or Quell somehow finds a way to protect the same sleeve over the years. Besides, in season 2 trailer we also see Kovacs's first, sleeve who was trained by Quell to be an envoy, and this means Kovacs played by Anthony Mackie meets Kovacs played by Will Yun in the same time period when Quell was alive. I haven't seen the second season yet. But this is my best guess from what I have seen about the season 2 trailer.

    7. JazzNazz1

      This show just reminds me of Infinity the game

    8. Kai Yahya.

      So is the clone Kovacs or someone in his sleeve again

    9. Dima Jung

      Wow why did they replace the white actor with a black one, Netflix is an effin shitshow with their shitty inclusion of identity politics.

    10. Kaleb Ronson


    11. Ethan De Villiers Ethan De Villiers

      So the review Embargo is already out looking forward to this Friday

    12. Edge Wolf

      I wanted kovac to be in his original body. He was so amazing in his original body. For example he could see through walls and was an envoy in an envoy body.

    13. Suning Chen

      so he changed body now huh

    14. Nicolas DUBOS

      It looks realy different from the last 2 books. Not sure it's a good thing. We'll see.

    15. Daniel Blinder

      Hells yes. Great novels, great series. This is the only sci-fi show on Netflix that can compete with The Expanse atm, imho.

    16. proxy90909

      Looks good, gotta see it

    17. Brodie O’

      Doesn’t feel the same without the other guy

    18. Dash

      I hope Mackie can nail it. Kinda disappointed it's not Joel anymore. Hope this isn't some kind of "appeal to all races ploy" that would be annoying. I'll give it a shot

      1. WeAreTheBentusi

        The novels the series is based on have Tak using an Afro-caribbean combat sleeve in book two

    19. Ghost Buddy

      Season 1 was mostly brilliant - 8/10... We shall see how season 2 goes.

    20. Stephen Lanuto

      I like how it's following the books, though they should have called it Altered Carbon: Broken Angels

    21. Blue Carpet

      1:52 it's Wei Shen man I really wish they didn't cancel Sleeping Dogs 2 anyways looking forward to this new season.

    22. blade navarro

      I haven't seen the first season. But now I'm intrigued thanks to this trailer.

    23. gerome geromey

      All I see is falcon ;__; will have to watch to give final opinion but so far don't seem like a good cast. Hyped none the less I loved alter carbon season 1 let's hope this just as good and anthony mackie can pull it off. I feel like this is a incredibly difficult role fill for a series, especially with season 1 actor doing so good and showing us the character. Now the following actors have to portray the same character , body languange, mannerisms, attitude,etc. if you messs it up the fans will be mad. Very difficult role.

    24. Christopher Gutierrez

      Who was narrating in the beginning?

    25. Just Don't

      Yes! Poe is back baby!

    26. tizroc

      I wasn’t expecting Woken Furies. Damn. Without Boken Angels some of the better turns in Woken won’t happen. They can’t give her back. Why would I ever stop? Still. Any Kovecs is better than no Kovecs. Now we need an Anime that follows the books.

    27. Atticus X

      Horrible casting. Joel will always be my Kovak...

      1. WeAreTheBentusi

        The novels the series is based on have Tak using an Afro-caribbean combat sleeve in book two and an Asian Sports Sleeve in book three. So if this continues they are likely to keep changing leads.

    28. Basic Dokkaebi

      This ain’t Kovacs.. this Clearance , he jus found a time machine and wanted to leave what he couldn’t live with 😂💀

    29. Luis Varela

      Keanu reeves for season 3

    30. juankast26

      Seriously i dont understand why they keep trying to make this guy happen... everthing he touches is meh

    31. shakti rajawat

      Joel kinnaman 😭😭😭

    32. KayKay2513

      I'll miss the other sleeve of him but I'm so excited regardless! I absolutely love this show.

    33. シ RASENKS シ

      :O PARTE 2 :O quien lo diría

      1. シ RASENKS シ

        es TAKESHI???????? :O

    34. thelasonj

      Excellent cannot wait!!!

    35. Mister Inadequate

      looks more like the 3rd book than the second

    36. Tom Keiffer

      As said by Peter Griffin, “now I’m a black guy”

    37. Socomnick

      Bring back kinnaman Mackie lacks the screen presence he is not leading man material.

      1. WeAreTheBentusi

        I would've preferred Idris Elba or Michael B Jordan but Anthony can handle the role of a Tak that's spent 30 years searching for Quell and has arrived on his homeplanet. The novels the books are based on have Tak using an Afro-caribbean combat sleeve in book two so it's nice to see them following the books.

    38. Aliant

      Why tf he is black

      1. Aliant

        @WeAreTheBentusi I clearly did.

      2. WeAreTheBentusi

        @Aliant Then you clearly forgot that Tak specifically used an Afro-caribbean combat sleeve in the second novel 'Broken Angels'.

      3. Aliant

        @La Avaler I did read all of them, granted it was ten years ago or so.

      4. La Avaler

        @Aliant Then you haven't gone past book 1. Still, it's an adaptation. They could get whatever actor they want to play Takeshi.

      5. Aliant

        @La Avaler I don't remember him having any black sleeve in the books.

    39. Eric Alvarado

      This city, year, fight styles and robots ( if they are, i've never seen the series yet) look like a story i made

    40. Patrick Oakley

      To me, season 1 is the best Netflix Original Series until yet. Great Story, Acting and atomsphere and even a good Ending that makes everything round. Much Respect and a Big Thank you to the Writers, Producers, the Cast and Netflix. The story really allows a second season and i'm excited for it. I hope it keeps the quality and the most, that a good story finds it's end.

    41. jonas spjuth

      Is it only me that hear Michael Shanks (Star Gate Daniel Jackson ) in the beginning, is it him ore am i just wising its him =D LOVER star gate

    42. Edward Fryrear

      DUDE I'm not gonna lie, with the entire premise I'm down for them to get weird with the show. Granted the main character still has story left to tell, but you could do so many neat anthologies in this world and I'm up for whatever they wanna do with it. After this one if they wanna split it between following one of those Hotel A.I. or that Lady in the Synth Sleeve; Heck they could go back to the Origins of those "Metals" that allowed them to make the things they store their memories off, even if they wanna just end it with the System Crashing. . . I Am On Board! Hype Train!! Chugga Chugga, Choo Choo!!! 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃

    43. Joe Blow

      Well they only took 15 years to make the second season. Christ. Weird that it's coming out in a couple days suddenly when I look it up though.

    44. DuzBee

      Well done Netflix.... it’s doomed to fail now... fan bases don’t like change and Mackie has nothing on Kinnaman for acting ability and pure on screen grit.

      1. WeAreTheBentusi

        The novels the books are based on have Tak using an Afro-caribbean combat sleeve in book two so it's nice to see them following the books.

    45. DuzBee

      A grave mistake they have made, remove Kinnaman they have, no longer good it will be......

      1. La Avaler

        Have you watched season 1? Remember hearing about Ryker getting his body back?

    46. trap scavenger

      I'm already missing Joel Kinnaman, No One can replace him

      1. WeAreTheBentusi

        Tak switches bodies all the time in the three books this series is based on. You're going to have to get used to the sleeves switching for each season.

    47. LOL PavilionKL

      An anonymous say Hi from Pavilion Malaysia

    48. Diego Alonso Tay Leturia


    49. FailGreat AchieveGreat

      I thought Kinnaman was the best thing about season 1 so I hope this matches up. Maybe he'll even be in S2 as Ryker?

    50. Neru kuroichi


    51. Jay

      Feels like we’ve been waiting for years... oh right we have... S2 has been my most anticipated release since the debut of S1!!

    52. ayayaychacalindo

      Y donde ptm está mi Martha igareda?? Hdsptm

    53. Murad SaDeMy

      Nah I'm not watching s2 need joel kinnaman back, even as Ryker.. that would be something. And we want the original sleeve of kovacs to be in the show.

      1. WeAreTheBentusi

        The original sleeve of Kovacs is in the Show. The trailer shows Will Yun Lee (The original Kovacs) is in season 2.

    54. bhuwan Khattri

      Ohh without kinnaman 👎️👎️👎️👎️👎️

      1. bhuwan Khattri

        @WeAreTheBentusi ok

      2. WeAreTheBentusi

        This is what happens in the novels the series is based on. Tak uses the 'Joel' sleeve in the first book and an Afro-Caribbean combat sleeve in the second book, and in the third book he uses an Asian sports sleeve.

    55. Mega ArtManiac

      Not watching ... new sleeve.

      1. WeAreTheBentusi

        This is what happens in the novels the series is based on. Tak uses the 'Joel' sleeve in the first book and an Afro-Caribbean combat sleeve in the second book, and in the third book he uses an Asian sports sleeve.

    56. glamdring0007

      I thought season 1 was some of the best sci-fi tv ever made...really looking forward to season 2

    57. Juan Jose Brea

      What's the name of the intro song?????

    58. CletusVanDamme2

      please no more ninja shit

    59. Matt Halliwell

      1.43 Howard moon

    60. Jonas Saleen

      I watched the first season third time!