April Gets Cold Feet After Meeting Tim's Family | The Bachelor CA

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    After meeting Tim's family, April gets very overwhelmed by the pressure and expectations of moving forward. Will they be able to move past this?
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    The Bachelor Canada
    Season: 2 Episode: 9
    Bachelor: Tim Warmels
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    April Gets Cold Feet After Meeting Tim's Family | The Bachelor CA

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    1. Teresa Rincon

      En español

    2. Chunk Chips

      Body language is saying shes not into him... hard. But not on other days .. it's weird. Shes got some serious communication problems.

    3. Rachuon really

      Hi bro

    4. Danea Hon

      That means it not good sign to keep her , some things wrong with her ,

    5. Lowed Arizobal

      Red flag...

    6. Black Panther

      It's obvious when a woman doesn't want to be bothered or touched. Her pushing him away, saying I can't do this, not wanting to talk. I don't think she even really likes him.

    7. Tammy King

      April still and girl can't express herself she like the paradise but not the man. Be a women tell him you got more life to live and not ready yet Wow.

    8. Pollyanna Principle

      She doesn't seem like she wants to get married and start popping out kidos. Go home girl. Take a trip to Hawaii on your own and just enjoy life without all this seriousness of marriage and reproduction.

      1. Kori Garbison

        She is not ready to get married and have kids at the movement, I think you shouldn't have to rush into getting engaged!! You should get engaged because you want to not because of the show!! You can leave the show in a serious relationship and see what the future holds !!!

    9. Easy Mix

      R they still together ??

      1. Coco channel

        @Sara Feickert Dmn

      2. Sara Feickert

        Nope they‘ve split years ago

    10. roter13

      This guy is another Colton Underwood. Cassie was pushing Colton away and he still kept coming back for more...

      1. Coco channel

        Anyone else think that she looks like Madison

      2. Melanin Queen

        THANK YOU!!!! I saw these two for the very first time a few hrs ago and I am betting everything I own they never made it 3yrs. Same with Colton and tht Cassie girl. They aren't walking down no isle. Sadly for her; she is not Hannah Brown who humans like, Cassie unsuccessfully played a game which then backfired. The "celebrity" she thought she wld get never came.

    11. dinah houze

      Its not always about looks, but she keeps going back and forth and I dont think she is ready to commit right now!!!! Believe she is a good person and yes she didnt have all the makeup on but that dont make her not pretty. Its what's inside.

    12. cherryonasundae

      She’s not even pretty.. I don’t know what he sees in her

      1. Coco channel

        Woww are you serious????she is gorgeous and natural ...i bet you are more beautiful than her if you can't see her beauty

      2. Coco channel

        @Kori Bwrs me too

      3. nampijja nazifah

        She pretty beauty lies in the hands of beholder. Shr natural in everything . And her characters are unique.

      4. Mary Ellen Gingerich


      5. Elizabeth C

        It’s not about the looks it’s about more, he saw her genuineness ...., by the ways she’s very beautiful 😊

    13. Melrose George

      Mr.move on

    14. Anya n

      She should just walk away....follow your heart girl

      1. anonymous anonymous

        This is old. Shes married with a child...and not to him

    15. chempanda

      Usually that's a guy's response, I feel so afraid to commit. However, women can be in that spot too.