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    ✔ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
    Essence The Blush // 50 Blooming
    e.l.f. Bite-Size Eyeshadow // Cream & Sugar
    e.l.f. Bite-Size Eyeshadow // Truffles
    Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow // 01 Zinc About You
    Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow // 02 Ironic
    Essence Melted Chrome Eyeshadow // 04 Steel The Look
    Wet N Wild Breakup Proof Waterproof Retracractable Eyeliner // Black Brown
    Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink, Double Pack Lashes // Muse
    Joah Brow Down to Me Precision Brow Pencil // Brown
    Wet N Wild Ultimate Brow Kit
    Joah Lip Candy Auto Lip Liner // Nude
    Joah Lip Candy Auto Lip Liner // Wine
    Joah La Bam Balm Tinted Lip Balm // Bamba
    L.A. Girl Glossy Plumping Lip Gloss // Extra
    L.A. Girl Holographic Gloss Topper // Starlight
    Essence Eyebrow Brush
    Essence Short Blender Brush

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    Hi I'm Tati from GlamLifeGuru, thank you for watching my video, please be sure to check out my collection of makeup videos where you'll find my best beauty tips, tricks and favorites on everything from top luxury cosmetics to my favorite drugstore makeup. Whether you're looking for a new product review, tutorial, beauty tip, haul or perhaps even a giveaway, I hope you enjoy watching.

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    1. pj322846

      Could you do a lip lacquer comparison review? Nyx, milani, revlon, maybelline, covergirl, la girl, loreal, flower, extra has lip lacquer and I would love to have you test them out like a battle of the lacquers.

    2. Kim Taeyeon is my everything

      Oh my god how adorable! Your birthday is Valentine's day

    3. TheStyleBlog

      Love your under $5 videos Tati! Also love those bite size palettes- I might own all of them 🤣 Awesome as always girl 💗💗💗

    4. Miriam August

      She starts talking about the makeup at 9:05

    5. Laura Pitcher

      I feel like your makeup your wearing in this video looks better than expensive Sophora makeup

    6. C R

      anybody else physically shook by the fact that Tati is 38?! Girl looks amazing

    7. Carson Lawson

      I got my blendiful

    8. Katelyn Howard

      The Essence blush actually is very pigmented but the shade she got wasn't. In my opinion, that shade is the only one that's really soft

    9. Katelyn Howard

      Don't get me wrong I like your products and I do agree you should mention/advertise them in your videos, but it's frustrating when almost half the video is about it. Maybe just make a dedicated video instead?

    10. Beardies life

      Happy birthday Tati

    11. Passant Zeidan

      Farsali liquid powder review pleeaaasseeee

    12. Kelli Hill

      No one: Tati's cheekbones: 🔪

    13. Lynee Anna Salvatore

      I hope one day I can buy your product tati 💓🙂

    14. Lili Bee

      So happy you mentioned Robert Welsh!

    15. river view

      I wish you have beautiful days in year 2020. And happy birthday.

    16. Chris LeCher


    17. Dana Hoover

      Has anyone watched the glitzy fritzy video today about her blendiful? I was shocked. Mine tore slightly also from me hand washing mine. And im just not one of paper work and returns . But was shocked to hear how glitzy fritzy was treated. Xoxo dana

    18. Ester Radeva

      You should totally check Focallure i swear by the contour and the highlighter

    19. Veronica Fardelin

      wow... first time ever I skipped ahead in a Tati video, and I have seen them all

    20. Veronica Fardelin

      wow... first time ever I skipped ahead in a Tati video, and I have seen them all...

    21. Briana McCarthy

      9 minutes of self promoting

    22. Danica B

      So sad that i see this video too late coz i really wanted to gave your palette to my cousins in the Philippines 😢

    23. Lindsey Gordon

      Hi Tati, I was wondering if Kiwi worked for men as well? My husband has psoriasis, not badly, but enough to make him feel self conscious about his skin and body. I have been considering buy the Kiwi for him, does it help with that by any chance??

    24. Alma Lucero


    25. Valentina Vujinovic

      I have been so busy last week and have not been following but i want to say Happy Birthday i hope you have a good one

    26. dar guy

      Happy Birthday

    27. Diana K.

      Happy Birthday!! (Belated)

    28. Social Media

      First 9 1/2 minutes is just her room ting her brand. Which, hey, you do you, but the title is misleading

    29. Victoria Penrose

      Off to Superdrug tomorrow then...

    30. Maddy Muche

      I’ve been watching Tatis video for YEARS. But something in this video is just, off? Idk. Maybe it’s the 9 minutes of promo in the beginning but idk. I love her so much but for some reason this video gives me bad vibes.

    31. sharron gray


    32. Bei

      Even though you're super successful, thanks for still doing "best under $10" type of videos!

    33. Alissa Self

      Great recommendations. I’ll have to try the Joah lip liner. My favorite drugstore lip liners are from Kokie cosmetics. They took Kokie out of my local Walmart, so I have to order online, but they are amazing! I like them as much as my high end liners.

    34. Michelle Crabtree

      Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    35. Onalee Medlin

      SO PROUD OF YOU, with your beauty line & halo beauty!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    36. Laine Hatherley

      Annoyed that half this video was not about the drugstore products 😬

    37. Mountainmeshe Fitness Journey & Life as it comes

      🙏💜🙏💦YES PLEASE 🌟✨👍I DO EVERYTHING MYSELF ON,MY LG V 20 .. I'm still very YOUNG ON MY VIDEO MARKETING/ TAKING Editing ..Love Yu..and what Yu do..

    38. Mountainmeshe Fitness Journey & Life as it comes

      💪💜💪Say ..WHAT

    39. Caitlin Brewer

      Love these earrings!!

    40. Tracy Xiong

      Hi Tati! Have always appreciated you best under $$ videos!! && Love JOAH brand! Also wanted to let you know the J in JOAH is more of a ch sound. Pronounced: Cho-ah

    41. Lilly Bee

      Robert is amazing! Love love love him 😍😍 everyone should definitely check him out he’s waaaaaauyyyy underrated

    42. Kelley Broussard

      "It's like you have an atitude problem, but in a cute way." LOL That was adorbs, Tati!

    43. Iza Bella

      Tati! When is the release of the second volume of your palette, I am dying here from ANTICIPATION!!! Just give me the first letter of the month of the release and I will continue my existence in peace :) And is there international shipping? Because I live faaaaar away in Hungary and I want to live my life as a proud owner of a Tati palette, unfortunately I am not there yet. Keep up the good content, xoxo!

    44. peek a boo

      I appreciate u keeping it real bc all that expensive ish is made cheaply They just smack a name on it. 😘

    45. Andrea Yanochko

      ☺ 🎂

    46. Nelly An

      VIDEO IDEA - Can you do a video on travel essentials (what to pack, how to pack it, makeup on the go tutorial)? I will be taking the Blendiful on a weekend away since it'll reduce brush and sponge space. I thought it would be cool to know how you pack, since you travel so much.

    47. sumara aron

      happy bday for tomorrow 🎂🍰

    48. Charlotte Clay

      A great idea for your shadows would be to release them as quads! So “poet” as a quad so maybe if people want a specific shade but not the whole palette, that would be cool!! X

    49. Paige fisher(:

      8 minutes of product promo at the beginning 🙄

    50. Brandi Nicole

      We LOVE YOU TATI!!

    51. Enrique Rendon

      Where’s the Blood Lust review?!

    52. Gabriella flores-jay

      Happy Belated Birthday Tati!!! Looking forward to My Husband and I’s vitamins💕

    53. Martha Flores Medina

      What brand is your lipstick ? Looks very pretty on you!

    54. Kristina Dineva

      I know she has her products and everything but I am kind of tired listening about them. Since the pallete launched we've mainly seen only that palette and no experiments, colors and etc. as she used to do before. It's like watching 10 minutes of adds and I really don't enjoy that.

    55. sj1605

      The fact that she doesn’t talk about ingredients makes it difficult to make decisions unless I go and search ingredients.

    56. M. Slippers

      "please feel free to skip the promo to go straight to the review at 9:00 minute mark. xo's ~ Tati" - she clearly stated it in the description box so why people still complain about it? It's her channel she could do whatever she likes, she doesn't require you to watch the whole thing.

    57. Sarah Pasik

      I wasn’t gonna get the blendiful at all, it just didn’t seem like it was for me, but then everyone was reviewing and saying such positive things so I snagged one and honestly it took a lot of experimenting, and I don’t use it for everything, but it makes the foundation on my nose look so much better. My nose foundation always separates but not when I press it in with this! I love it for that and under my eyes and pressing in powder!

    58. PoundKey

      I have Tati's Pallet!

    59. Jessica Walton

      I used to look forward to Tati's videos. Now I don't pounce on them as much because it know it's mostly going to be self promotion...

    60. Michelle Huff

      Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈