Blake Gets Emotional Discussing How Caelynn Likely Felt When He Released the Texts

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Bachelor Nation

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    1. Paa Nii Edward

      I hope Blake will grow from this and stop explaining why did those things.

    2. Beverly Angermeier

      Katelynn should accept Blake's apology he is really sincere about it .I mean come on if his apology than he would not of been so emotional when he was talking about when he was releasing the text messagea

    3. Annet Nabuyondo

      Ha,OK.. Let's learn and grow leave the past in the past,if we keep reliving it,it can only hurt us more because we are clearly giving it more power than it deserves,you are not perfect Blake and neither is caeyline miller,and all of us,so you deserve both a second, a third ,and a hundredth chance at life,non of us has it all together, we are just trying to figure things out,much love to the both of you,but seriously, at both your ages,nobody should be dating the other terming it as exclusive not exclusive, you only end up getting hurt,learn to not take each other for granted, you are all important

    4. Nicole Marie

      What a jetk

      1. cheriemoffatt

        Nicole Marie totally agree!

    5. Hector Rodriguez

      I'm not a Caitlin Miller fan when she was on Colton season The Bachelor but I'm happy for her that her and Dean on Bachelor paradise Who had a mustache in the beginning look like Tom Selleck of the 1980s is with Him. Blank should move on and forget about her