Blake, Rachel and Ali on Receiving Death Threats

Bachelor Nation

Bachelor Nation

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    1. Beverly Angermeier

      That's is terrible that people are making death treats against Blake and his family people are crazy

    2. G•DéSiReÉ

      Seriously people? Death threats? Over a dating show. Come on. Stop being idol and go read a book

    3. Egyptian Princess

      People are NUTS!!! The fact that there are so many miserable people out there threatening people’s lives over a TV show...... I can’t.

    4. Jen Spencer

      Blake is a POS, Sorry Rachel your Gorgeous, your Amazing, and one of thee best Bachelorettes Ever!!

      1. Jen Spencer

        @Hector Rodriguez Yes!!! And Caitlyn deserves Deanies Babies and Hannah is a good Match with Dylan!! I'm stoked for Peter's Season Now ⚘⚘⚘

      2. Hector Rodriguez

        Blank is a turd first he fought with Dylan for Hannah G and now Blake was texting message and Kailyn saying awful stuff

    5. pfl mob

      television really brainwashes people

      1. Ashley Scott

        Very much so

    6. Kayla Frazier

      When you back a person in the corner! Blake came out fighting with his truth, not necessary thinking about the consquences. Lesson learned. It's a shame people choose to be involved with other people business without being asked to participate.

    7. JuLayLee Bee

      I love Rachel!

    8. Sharri Garvin

      That's too much. Death threats over a dating show ridiculous.

      1. D B

        Sharri Garvin very

    9. Hector Rodriguez

      Death threats?....meaning what?