Can an Average Guy Beat NBA Star Joe Harris in a 3-Point Contest? | Above Average Joe | GQ Sports

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    GQ Staff Writer Clay Skipper played some high school basketball, but 3-pointers were never really his forte. Brooklyn Nets star Joe Harris, on the other hand, is the reigning 3-point champion of the NBA and it really can't be overstated how amazingly good of a shooter he is. So, naturally we wondered if Clay, our Above Average Joe, could beat this NBA sharpshooter in a 3-point contest. Seems reasonable, right?
    Starring: Clay Skipper, Joe Harris, Etienne Brower, Ray Salnave.
    Special thanks to the NBPA and the Manny Cantor Center.
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    Can an Average Guy Beat NBA Star Joe Harris in a 3-Point Contest? | Above Average Joe | GQ Sports

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    1. ABU KHALID20

      Looks like you couldn't beat mj

    2. patweck

      1:14 Pornhub drums

    3. Ronald San Jose

      I think he's more of a below average guy ... I think I can beat him 99 time out of 100.

    4. sPoOkY bOi

      Joe looks and sounds like an average....Joe

    5. Canadaisfat


    6. Je nsz

      They overthink this.

    7. iiMortar

      Its sad how im a better shot than him and i never play basketball and im 14

    8. No Name

      So no. 20 minutes to conclude they been not. Though to be fair he seemed Below average lol. I think I could beat the gq guy right now with no warm up.

    9. JubThe Crafter

      your coach = white kobe

    10. Glen K.

      Joe made every money ball that’s crazy

    11. Alex Lees

      he stepped on the line every shot

    12. Hybrid stomper

      The shooting coach is dumb, he should’ve helped him with his form and changed it a little bit to a 1motion shot also, he should have told him to stop fading so much

    13. Jacob Selander

      i got 25 in wii basketball

    14. Cad Chamberlain

      thats why hes only at monmouth

    15. iDeveloper92

      What make/model of the shoes Clay wearing?

    16. Abdulla Masud

      I feel like his footings off. His feet are close together and he bends his knees slightly inwards. Don't know if that contributes much though

    17. Kyle G

      Jesus loves you! Read the Gospel of John. There‘s nothing more important than your eternal salvation.

    18. Doctor Catnip

      Joe Harris keeps on overstepping ... so does the other guy ....

    19. DryGod

      He kept stepping into his shot, dont

    20. NormMacdonald Clips

      An average Joe vs a professional Joe.

    21. lil Bougie

      he needs to take his time when shooting

    22. Mr. Big Squid

      Should’ve picked a guy with a semblance of a decent outside shot

    23. TheCategor

      I like how you shot the ball, despite your low % ..

    24. Kyese Aziz

      U trash

    25. Afreen

      Above average??

    26. A P

      Ur face at thumbnail like alessandro del piero

    27. white nigger

      Did yall call JOE HARRIS A STAR

    28. EpicLA

      He leans his body to the left which may distinguish his shot

    29. Marco H

      coach is white jayson tatum

    30. AlwaysUp Gaming

      My pet peeve : Too much use of camera switching

    31. The magna Carta

      no way he played basketball before this, foot is on the line every shot

    32. Ivrsyn Oof

      I was expecting big things with the shoes...

    33. yougotservedyo

      legit none counted, below average joe

    34. Fame Phantom

      And I been out of the gym for 4 years

    35. Fame Phantom

      3 point is easy asf. I would definitely get over 15 points😂

    36. Jah_Quelle

      Nba star joe harris I think not nba player joe Harris sounds more like it or 3 point specialist

    37. Jeremiah Chapman

      fix that manz form😂

    38. lew judah

      I rather see the trainer go up against him

    39. Batmann29

      I’ve seen middle school girls with a cleaner jump shot than that Clay. Get yo form down my dude

    40. J K

      I would have loved to see how you do with each challenge both before and after getting the coaching and strategies. The first would truly be Average Joe and then the final challenge would be your Slightly Above Average Joe.

    41. Marked Men Films

      No way he played high school basketball.

    42. Baba Diabor


    43. My3dviews

      Joe did better here than in the NBA 3 point contest.

    44. Mat Stepis


    45. The YYZ Flyer

      This guy is like if Klay Thompson was Gucci then this clay was dollar tree

    46. CrownOfJewels

      What is the music at 6:00

    47. Ali Amran

      You can if you like Chris Paul

    48. Tor Torsson

      This dude was so disgustingly bad that i just wanna punch him in the face.

    49. chanel09

      16:46 guy: that was unbelievable! joe: my bad :) LOL

      1. Rmaqiツ_10

        he said not bad

    50. Lucid blxnd-_-

      i’ve never seen someone miss that much ever

    51. M H

      Missed opportunity. Title should have been: Can an Average Joe Beat NBA Star Joe Harris in a 3-Point Contest?

      1. Maximus Faggotus

        Giv me da beans

    52. Van Waiters

      ngl i had to dislike for that terrible performance

    53. Isaiah Carlen

      Joe Harris seems like a good guy

    54. Devinhoopsdaily

      Ray just made his draft stock go. Down

    55. chofong

      You are not dealing with the American average Joe anymore

    56. Adam Fares

      Why did he keep hitting the side of the backboard 😂

    57. Nathan X.

      His foot was on the line the entire time

    58. George Huf

      Should have counted the air balls lol😂😂

    59. Midorima Shintaro

      Next: Joe Harris vs Jonathan Joestar

    60. rik t

      no strength