Can Clive Bucher Find His True Love? | The Bachelor Switzerland

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19 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    Clive Bucher is the Swiss Bachelor and he's ready to find love. 26 year old Clive will be putting his financial consultancy firm on hold and embarking on the biggest adventure of his life in Thailand. What do you think of Clive? Let us know what you think in the comments. 👇
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    Der Bachelor 7 Episode: 1
    Bachelor: Clive Bucher
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    күнү жарыяланды 6 ай мурун


    1. lorraine ravn

      Failing/ poverty in life have nothing to do with the past,,,. He is the proof. I hope he finds the woman of his dreams.

    2. Su Steger

      ??? Hallo? Was soll den der Schwachsinn?! Das ganze ist schon 1 Jahr her, dass er der Bachelor war! Viel Glück wünschen, dass er seine Traumfrau findet nützt also nichts mehr.🙈😂😂😂

    3. Paa Nii Edward

      I understand French but boy you are HOT HOT HOT. Vèry cute. Marry my daughter.

    4. Paa Nii Edward

      Clive I understand French but are hot hot hot hot

    5. Valerie Selau

      Looks like Switzerland is joined the Bachelor World!! 😲😱

    6. bri anna

      hes so cute..

    7. Perla Serrano

      I am not surprised he had colon cancer. He looks like a guy who only eats chicken breast and no fiber at all.

      1. Paa Nii Edward

        Wish people well sickness is unpredictable. You 've to pray for him if its true. No haters.

    8. mama tamumaki

      Let's see if he has a lot to offer by lowering the camera in the shower 😂😂

    9. True 4

      Rubbish I doubt he is looking for love

      1. Yellowrose Kiwi

        He and Sanja have long broken up!

    10. Denise Williams

      He's hot though 👌👌I hope he find what his looking for

    11. LifeAffairs with Devota


    12. Taxson Keja

      I can wait to see the new bechelor😍🥰and that guy is so hot 🥵

    13. Sexyna Camara

      So sorrowful story😢💔

    14. Sexyna Camara

      If u wanna fine true love never show a woman u are rich I am a woman and I know all women behavior😏

    15. Sexyna Camara

      This guy so sexy and handsome😘

    16. Karissa Trotman


    17. Sexyna Camara

      First to watch😊