Can Peter Convince Hannah B To Stay? | The Bachelor

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    After Hannah hosted the group date, her feelings for Peter flooded back! But after talking through their feelings will Peter leave the show, or will Hannah decide to stay in the mansion?

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    Season: 24 Episode: 2
    Bachelor: Peter Weber

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    1. Juliétte

      Wow, they really are both the same🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. Tïffäny Shavonə

      this is something that they both need to figure out before trying to move on to another relationship because it wont be fair to the other person as we all witnessed with Hannah A.

    3. Babygirl95

      The ad that pops up is how to train to become a pilot lol

    4. Cathy Schall

      Had she said i love you. Can we try this again. He would of left the show. She couldnt stay there. She was in dtws

    5. Dolly Hooks

      Too much dang drama! That's why I decided to stop watching.

    6. Alice Pahler

      So, we are half way through Peter's season, and he does not have the chemistry with ANY of those girls like he had with Hannah B. These two are not done with each other, they have to explore it further. Maybe in the end it won't work out, but at least they will know once and for all. I don't see how anyone can say that this was closure for them. It certainly isn't closure for tons of Bachelor fans!!!

    7. Diana Lastovska

      That windmill in tv right there was so funny 😀 lmfo

    8. John Ivan Taro

      Because of all this drama, I bet in the future Bachelor fanfics are gonna be a thing.

    9. Paa Nii Edward

      Hannah leave him in peace

    10. Sarah Gumball

      They're engaged now I know it

    11. DubsBrown

      Should’ve been a bachelor in paradise romance instead of dragging this whole season down


      Hanna go buy a PUPPY!!!!!!!

    13. Sarah Trieu

      The dramatic irony of the bachelor and the bachelorette always killlllllsss meeeee like i find myself yelling at the screen knowing that they cant hear me!!!!

    14. kris cosmiano


    15. Emily Marion-Walker

      I feel like they’re baiting him with Hannah for good content but they’re just playing with his emotions and that’s just not cool.

    16. Emily Marion-Walker

      They totally rushed him as the Bachelor. He’s too in love with her still and it seems like they have potential still.

    17. Emily Marion-Walker

      Girl, I have NEVER seen mascara run that bad. Just buy normal mascara.


      Why do that to him?! He has amazing girls with him...she's just back because it didn't work out with the other 2. He deserves much better. He is a wonderful guy ❤

    19. kfanzega

      Did she say selfishly “lets go catch a flight” ?

    20. Dejeanae Tomlinson

      Gurllllll use waterproof mascara hunny

    21. Andy Dibacco

      he is very "REAL" poor guy...We shall see..

    22. Trevor S

      Petey the weenie got dropped like a bad habit now he’s gonna give Hannah a second chance! What an effeminate weenie! Man up!

    23. Edm Lover

      The show bachelor or bachelorette it’s nothing but cheating and messing around how can someone kiss or make out with so many random people in reality would any of you people be ok if someone you care about that has kissed someone else even if you know they kissed someone else

    24. Luci and Lem Stabler

      No closure ...sooooo y’all need to court exclusively...and get married!!!!

    25. Brian Stevens

      Hannah should have stayed with Luke P.

    26. Nasma Abdul

      ABC rushed to make him the bachelor, and choose for her DWS. They needed more time to figure things out without busy schedule. If that happens, there is no doubt They will reignite their relationship. Please, fight for each other for the sake of love like Calton did.

    27. Araminta Williams

      This is the reason I will not mess with guys who have a huge thing for their ex’s!!!

    28. Aanchal Thakur

      what's best should happen but....secretly hoping that in the end if its possible in any way then they should end up together

    29. Angelika Weik

      He says he doesnt know

    30. Angelika Weik

      Another questión is how can you or can you fall in love with another person at the same time ?

    31. Lm T

      Imagine being the girl who he picks and watches all these videos and comments of everyone wanting him and hannah together. ABC good job ruining another relationship by bringing hannah back here.

    32. Marie Pierre

      Do not let her play you like foul.She is a crazy woman thinks she is the boss and have atout to do whatever she wants.She is the passed time she was enjoying but.She is not the one .She is not a good woman addicted about treachery.

    33. Sandra Toner

      Give the girl some make up remover at least...

    34. Madeline Tramantano


      1. Bobbie Sue Sanders

        Yea with mama's cookies

    35. Didso Lv

      get married already and have babies

    36. Izzy H

      and this is why someone else should have been the bachelor

      1. ghost wtm


      2. camille

        Like MIKE

      3. Julz

        For real. He wasn't charismatic last season. We didn't get to know his personality. We still don't know it. All we know is he's of Cuban descent, a pilot and a 4 times windmill fu*k. Yay. 👎🏽

    37. Trevor Michaud

      how cringe was that hannah scene from last night

    38. Mane Gt

      Hannah go home. you are a selfies .🤔😡🙉🙉

    39. Michelle Allen

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="120">2:00</a>.. the image of a windmill 😂

    40. Lila Morgan

      See, this is why having the runner up be the next Bachelor(ette) is a dumb idea. I get why they do it, but if someone really cared about the person who just rejected them, then they won't be in the right headspace to date 30 people.

      1. Julz

        This show should go back to how it used to be during the day. When they chose legit bachelors and bachelorettes. Now it's all cookie-cutters... one season after another.. with more and more corny antics. From someone who has watched the show since it's inception, I've been terribly disappointed in recent years. Smfh

    41. Love_Story

      My prediction: He will end up with this Hannah. Somehow. So I hope she is real about her tears...

      1. Ezekiel Dulay

        I do think it's real th.

    42. P B

      This is not a hug hannah. This is manipulative

    43. Anna D

      Well, if he really is still in love with her, he would've cancelled the show and left with Hannah B..

    44. Martha Mendoza

      I think they have been giving her way tooooo many chances. She made her bed and now she has to lye in It!!! She's selfish. Since it didn't work out with Jed, now she's trying to come back somehow!!!

    45. anitabreakone

      Why should he try to convince her to stay? It definitely wouldn’t be fair to the other girls. I think this was all for publicity but even if it wasn’t, it shouldn’t have been aired. It’s crazy.

    46. Donna Gulfan

      Can she just focus on her career instead? Rather than jumping from one man to another which she basically don't know what her true feelings are. It's like, confusing love to lust.

    47. Chels

      Watching this made me feel like I was back in my old toxic relationship. She only wants him cos it didn’t work out with Jed and Tyler. This is NOT COOL. both of them have amazing chemistry but both of them need to move on with other people and seriously stop this

      1. Coco channel


      2. Anne Lee

        I think it's because he ended up being the one that was the most real and genuine with her and shes realizing it a little late.

    48. b b

      Ok now I do feel like Hannah is being kind of selfish. He was about to just drop the whole friggin show for her if she just was ready to love him like he loved her. But she still said she wasn't sure. What the heck girl, what more do you want?? Lol

      1. Aaliyah M

        she’s in contract still.. I’m sure if she could she probably wouldn’t have turned up tbh

      2. Julz

        She wants the money and... she got it. Point blank period

    49. Abigail Owusu

      Good Lord ! She’s a mess smh!

    50. Rayso D

      This is not love but lust. Leave the man alone Hannah B. Or both of you finish the lust and move on with ur lives..

    51. Dieu GD


    52. Lujuana Hastings

      He is putting his feelings out there and all she says is I dont know!

      1. Asha Omar

        Wow I understand him bec when you someone than they break your heart and they keep coming back to hurt you more it’s hard to trust them again

      2. Coco channel

        She is ridiculous, doesn't know what th heck she wants.....only playing with Peter's feelings....,

    53. unclepatsy666

      I think the show kinda made her look like a fool again. Hannah have tons of gurlfriends so take my word....get out of l.A for a month or two, regroup and stay out of all media to get perspective.

      1. Jonathan Kitavi

        That's a good advice

    54. Jorge Torres

      Damn. He got over that quick. Lol

    55. Johnnyy Bravoo

      I know the feeling to have your heart broken on your birthday! Poor Hannah B! Hope she’ll recover from this! Breakups are hard!🍰 🎁 🎂 ❤️

    56. Chloe

      Like she’s always crying like jeez her fault, she shouldn’t even be on the show

    57. D. Sakuma

      She clearly doesn't know what she wants. Stop playing the man's heart...

      1. Coco channel


    58. Maryann Lee

      He’s confused because he’s not over her or can be. The chemistry between them is strong.

    59. Holly Hargreaves

      They're so cute together but she doesn't feel as strongly for him as he does for her. Hopefully he moves on💞

      1. YTFlove4ever

        Yeah i felt the same

    60. Let's dance the fandango de pokum

      I still don’t understand how she chose Tyler C. but immediately called it quits, and she still has feeling for this guy?

      1. Alice Pahler

        @kermitcyeh And now he is dating a friend of the Kardashian's, so I guess Tyler is kind of disappointing after all.

      2. kermitcyeh

        She didn't choose Tyler C. He was talking to her in her DMs and so she asked him for drinks. But after drinks he decided not to pursue her because he has an opportunity with Gigi Hadid.

    61. Jessica Lyngkhoi

      I heard that Hannah crying and talking with producers was about dancing with the stars

    62. Uhleeuh W

      Part of me wants them together but part of me is like WHY DOES SHE THINK SHE CAN DO THIS TO HIM AFTER ASKING TYLER FOR DRINKS AND THAT DOESNT WORK OUT

      1. Chels


      2. Kellin Alvarenga


      3. Fa Xoxo

        Uhleeuh W my thought exactly. Too much crying too

    63. Uhleeuh W

      They almost kiss then he just gets up and leaves? And you’re telling me that’s the last we see of them? 🤔 hmmm

      1. Harris Cluddy

        @Uhleeuh W 🤔 these people surely know how to get the audience attention

      2. Harris Cluddy

        @Liz Gray yup!!

      3. Harris Cluddy


      4. Julz

        She's probablythe surprise drama at the end..

      5. S C

        Chrys omg I hope so !

    64. Nathan York95

      It’s funny how ppl want them to be together . but you know, he was her 3rd option. So, obviously it won’t be a healthy long last relationship. Wish them the best though

      1. Lissy London

        @Michaela Caleb Luke got exposed for the narcissist he was. Jed did too- just too late. Had the show done their job both would have been eliminated sooner.

      2. Michaela Caleb

        Exactly!! Probably even her Fourth choice because we all know she wanted to pick Luke so badly he just ruined it for himself.

    65. Laurie Niedermeier

      Sorry but my heart hurts when Hannah B doesn’t come back

    66. Yurose Petion

      All of dis for ratings...I hope she got paid to

    67. PixieMermaid

      Lol. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a> the windmill silhouette

    68. Meghan Tomlinson

      Hannah you're kinda out of the picture by now ....Next .

    69. mikayla iovine


    70. hoda badri

      Can someone tells me What does she know??? She always says I DONT know 😏😏😏

      1. YTFlove4ever

        To say no. She can't say no easily she feels guilty so she's saying i don't know. She does it whenever she wants to say no

    71. TheMWord

      Man you cut out the best bit *stare bears*

    72. the ikeler life

      They definitely left us hanging tonight without much closure... he just says I can’t do this and walks away.... this conversation is far from over and I hope they take off together ✈️

      1. janet ndi


    73. Jerri Dombrowski

      He needs to stop with the show and just be with Hannah.

      1. Stęru Cęr

        He needs to fight for it, no matter what happen?! :-)

      2. Stęru Cęr

        I agree!

    74. Miss_christie1217

      I wouldn’t wanna be someone who ever considered me as their 3rd option, I’m sorry.

      1. Alice Pahler

        Then you might let pride keep you from the love of your life in the end. The amount of time they get to spend with each other is ridiculous. If at the end of Pete's season, he is without a co-pilot, I would hope he reaches out to Hannah to see what could happen. Date each other in the real world, and see where it goes. There is nothing worse than a life of what ifs...

      2. Coco channel

        Huum this is weird, hannah is selfish and i wish she did not come to th show

      3. Texan1836

        Miss_christie1217 As opposed to the 30th or 29th or 28th...Not sure anyone knows anyone after maybe one full date...

    75. Jukie Jukie

      Love is the most powerful on earth:)

    76. Brandon_4th Ave

      I hope that Hannah truly learns from her experience being the Bachelorette. She's not good at reading who's good for her and who's not so hopefully she'll work on that in the future. I wish her the best. Nothing but love. ❤

      1. lala yup


      2. Stęru Cęr


      3. Francesca Blanco

        You are so right

    77. Alice Pahler

      Seriously, What a crappy way to spend her 25th. birthday. I hope Hannah got paid big bucks for this appearance because I really think ABC put her in a bad spot.

      1. Kori Bwrs


      2. Mareia Cunningham

        She puts herself in bad spots continuously

      3. Dusten Pribble

        She got big bucks for this believe that 💰

      4. kissablestyles

        Alice Pahler she’s 25.....I’m 25 and I can’t even get the barista to write my name right 😐

    78. Lexie Spice

      omg Peters cute as smile and laugh at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="335">5:35</a> !! omggggggg dude is IN LOVE

    79. Colbert Massie

      I’d walk off this show in a hot second for Hannah!!

    80. Amazing Unicorn

      Hannah Brown you are prefect with Luke P, he is your true love

      1. Johnnyy Bravoo

        Jodie Torio Thank you for saying that! Both Luke P and Hannah Ann is indeed a good evil 🦹‍♀️ 😈 👿 couple! They both have something in common! Cause serious turmoil to everybody!

      2. Jodie Torio

        Honestly Hannah Ann is perfect for Luke P

      3. Johnnyy Bravoo

        Amazing Unicorn Screw Luke P.! Total cancer for Hannah B.! Don’t even go there!♋️

      4. Pooky J

        I agree

      5. Angelica Barraza

        Amazing Unicorn I disliked your comment .