'Cheer up!' Medical staff in Hubei encourage coronavirus infected patients



1,5 млн көрүүлөр674

    As the novel coronavirus outbreak unfolds, medical staff from all over China have been coming out to support local hospitals. They are trying their best to treat patients and slow the increasing death toll.
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    1. Kumar Rishi Raj

      The world was hopful for all chinese people to recover, But what to saý.....

    2. Arztrekth1cal Gaming

      Hi pls help me my dads been having cold and he looks pale and has a bit of rashes in face.. i can't tell him to go to check up pls because he may refuse to go and maybe he will say it's nothing . I told my mom that he looks pale but she thinks he is not.. something is going on with him im crying right nowe i dont what todo

    3. Shannon Fairhurst

      Breaks me heart to see this

    4. Mekdes Gebretsadik

      This is sweet (not the virus but how the patients are being treated like normal people)

    5. happyishthreadsuwu owo

      I'm about to cry 😭

    6. Spellmaker Niar Official

      bravo China

    7. Dr dang Mbbs

      China you killed many people around the world

    8. Sarvesh Rajput

      H Bagwan please help us God bless you sir

    9. Ameer Abdullah

      Ya Mary rab raham farma tojy tary nabi ka wasta

    10. Sachin Mahajan

      शरीर के भिन्न भिन्न तापमान पर किसी दवाई का क्या असर होगा मै यह जानना चाहता हु कि यदि 'A' पेशेंट किसी बीमारी जैसे कैंसर , कोरोना , ऎड्स आदि से ग्रसित है एवं इसी प्रकार 'B' भी किसी बीमारी से ग्रसित है | अब Xyz दवाई दोनों पेशेंट को दी जाती है लेकिन दोनों पेशेंट के शरीर के तापमान भिन्न भिन्न है तो क्या दोनों पेशेंट पर दवाई का असर एक सामान होगा या अलग अलग होगा ? क्या मेडिकल साइंस किसी व्यक्ति को दवाई दे कर उसके शरीर के तापमान को काम या ज्यादा कर सकता है ? आयुर्वेद के अनुसार यदि कोई चीज़ का सेवन अलग अलग समय किया जाये तो उसका असर अलग अलग होता है | यदि आप किसी चीज़ का सेवन किसी और चीज़ के साथ करते है तो उसका भी असर अलग अलग होता है | अलग अलग समय मतलब सुबह दोपहर श्याम रात | क्या दिन और रात के अलग अलग समय शरीर का तापमान अलग अलग होता है ? क्या शरीर के अलग अलग तापमान पर किसी दवाई का असर अलग अलग होता है ? क्या यह संभव है कि किसी दवाई का असर अलग अलग मापदंडो अवं तापमान पर निर्भर करता है ? यदि ऐसा होता है तो हम कई लाइलाज बीमारियों का इलाज कर सकते है | आपका क्या विचार है कृपया मुझे लिखे या ईमेल करे sachinmahajanllb@gmail.com Effect of any medicine when body temperature is different : - I want to know If 'A' is a patient who is suffering from cancer and 'B' is also suffering from cancer. Xyz medicine to give both patients but body temperature of both patients are different. What effect of Xyz medicine on both patients. Will be effect of medicine same or different? As per Ayurveda if you are any thing eating different time have different effects. If you are any thing eating with some other thing have different effects. Different different time like morning noon evening night Are there any connection between effect of medicine and temperature of body Are their different time of day our body temperature is different It can be possible that effect of any medicine will depend on various parameters and one of them can be body temperature. What is your opinion please write me or email. sachinmahajanllb@gmail.com

    11. The Machine 3001

      My respects to all these doctors and doctors, nurses, assistants, Cna's, receptionists, fire fighters, police officers, security officers, mail carriers, delivery drivers , janitors all over the world you are all heroes and will always be heroes. You are very brave. Thank you for everything you guys are doing, God bless you all heroes 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    12. SADAM Hussain


    13. Duddu Himanayani

      Vidyonaraysno harihi

    14. Timothy amruthraj

      Big hatsoff to dear doctors and nurses fr risking their ...tq u dear ppl

    15. Tirthankar Sarkar

      This is China ok but what will happen in India? India has inadequate medical facilities unlike US and China. So how can India tackle this pandemic?

    16. Ruati Ruati

      Lungngaih thlak ee

    17. Salim Al-Jabry

      Show us the other side of treatment... Don't pretend ur all loving and nice

    18. Balbir Singh


    19. Royal jadeja

      lots of gratitude to the doctors, nurses and whole medic staff.. god bless you all .. you all 're real super heroes... Warmful Thank you !!!

    20. Ali Abbas

      Ppl lol l

    21. Moni S

      Entha mariyelam India la positive ah pwsuvangalanu theriyalaye

    22. Sava Vukasinovic

      l never would have think that virus is gonna come even to our country wow damn every day people die and more infected if this keeps this way l dont see hope for us l think its gonna spread 10 years and just disapear

    23. Muhammad Anas Irfan

      اللہ رب العزت سب کو شفإ کاملہ عطا فرماٸیں۔۔ آمین۔

    24. Maitreyee Priyadarshini


    25. jeel gaming


    26. Jyothsnadevi Avvaru

      Really hands off doctors

    27. Ying Shi

      Oh this is chinese i know 吗啊我怕了

    28. Decent girls Decent girls

      Yr toba kr lo please Allah sy

    29. هلاله الأهدل


    30. هلاله الأهدل

      🙏🏻🍃 Warning to every Muslim to not follow fatwa of the atheists by naming Allah’s chastisement with natural disasters, and I announce successive signs of chastisement to Muslims and disbelievers who turn away.. www.nasser-yamani.com/showthread.php?38610

    31. هلاله الأهدل

      🙏🏻🍃 O people, there has come to you indeed an admonition from your Lord and a healing for what is in the chests; and a guidance and a mercy for the believers.}Truthful Allah the Great [Younus] <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="657">10:57</a>.. Surely this is a chastisement admonition, a wisdom for the dutiful ones. www.nasser-yamani.com/showthread.php?39345

    32. هلاله الأهدل

      🙏🏻🍃 And Allah leads them on (to destruction) by means of His intelligent hidden way to get to whom Allah pleases of their elite from where they do not know. www.nasser-yamani.com/showthread.php?39345

    33. هلاله الأهدل

      🙏🏻🍃 And Allah leads them on (to destruction) by means of His intelligent hidden way to get to whom Allah pleases of their elite from where they do not know. www.nasser-yamani.com/showthread.php?39345

    34. هلاله الأهدل

      🙏🏻🍃 and i see international health organization do not consider it an international disease yet! For the fact with their claim they will control it yet they indeed are liars. How can they control Allah’s chastisement?! www.nasser-yamani.com/showthread.php?39345

    35. هلاله الأهدل

      🙏🏻🍃 Honorable Imam Nasser Mohammed Al-Yemeni: "it is a mere human virus", meaning; it has nothing to do with animal surely it began in human and transmitted from human to a human and there is no intervention for animal therein as they claimed that bats, ducks, and pigs yet they burned it and committed crimes therein.. www.nasser-yamani.com/showthread.php?39345

    36. Samuel Gebremeskel

      God safe to All of you

    37. Carlos Magno L Felicio Felicio

      Vai comer rato vai comer cachorro vai comer morcego suas pestes colheu Deus irou sobre vocês Cadê vocês todos estão pagando

    38. Desi Engineer official

      coronavirus patient video.. kgsel.info/video/video/fGSb2YSmg2WMmYI.html

    39. マグマチサキ


    40. Digital Guru


    41. wajeeha alam

      Jaeho, xie xie ni, China, Pakistan is affected alot now😢

    42. Esther Obadan

      This is heart breaking

    43. Itz Broly god

      Only way to get rid of the virus is just to be strong and fight it

    44. Sheikh rabia Haroon

      Best way of treatment 👏👏👏👏

    45. Don Chang

      Thank you doctors. You're amazing!

    46. One Malaysia


    47. Wakiden Dela Cruz

      Salute to All frontliners,doctors,nurses and medical staff.Thank you for all your sacrifices.

    48. vishvraj singh

      काश दुनिया इन अबोल पशु - पक्षियों को न मारती तो यह दिन नही देखने पङते |और आप सभी लोगो से यही अपील हैं कि खुद जियो और दुसरो को भी जीने दो और शाकाहारी आहार ही ले भोजन मे

    49. SK BaBa

      so impressing God be with you ( the supporters)

    50. Alineta Alina

      We are one. When people support people magic things happen.

    51. MasterGaming Nic

      Not the nurses and doctors we deserved but the nurses and doctors we needed.

    52. Babar Gulzar

      What world says I don't care but this is the reason why China is great and always be Hats off ... Lots of Love From Pakistan

    53. chemay lama Langtang

      This is so heartbreaking moments right now in world, I pray for speedy recover to all the patients. I really thank to all the doctors and nurses, staffs who are fighting with this monster corona virus and doing good job . Thank you for sharing with us.

    54. Golden age Classics

      I can’t watch this video without tearing up!! Stay strong china!!!

    55. Liverpool fc Fun

      We need to stop eating this weird stuff please. When one eat and contract strange virus, we all get affected. China please stop. let this be a lesson. Stop eating wild animals.

    56. Angel Pantaleon

      Thnk u for your check up people

    57. Ram Sirigiri

      S ram

    58. Jenny Halko

      I cried To this just the encouragement is so precious

    59. AMAN KUMAR

      When I am Watching this, I am in fear not to Spread on Me on this Video


      China=animal is yummy 😋 Corona virus = wait I am coming China= sorry sir Corona virus = 😁 yup China= ... Corona virus= OK I go back

    61. MrJakeJimmy

      'Cheer up' yeah that's gonna help them, what's next praying to god?

    62. Luthienx

      El corona virus llego a Argentina y ver este video de Medicos siendo tan amables con los pacientes me alivia un poco, da esperanzas de que la gente va a curarse y que la solucion existe y esta en nuestras manos.

    63. anusuya thevarasa

      When there is will there is a way. Dont give up. That is the most important thing. Nothing is possible in this world.

    64. J Crawford

      China we need you ❤ you will overcome this!! -love and prayers from the USA

    65. Muhammad Shahrukh Butt


    66. bright blue

      Im not touch, since i can feel i have it, im really pissed with them

    67. Whitehorse 99

      Still doesn’t negate the fact how I humane they are when it comes to eating everything that walks.... God did this

    68. Minder Rongpi

      Repeant your sin the end is near, repent it before it too late

    69. axel gabrielle f.masinsin

      in near year 2022 covid-19 will end, but in near between 2026 and 2031 covid-19 will end our life.

    70. New rhythm discoveries and nature.

      China has made mess on this planet many times, with its one and half billion ever growing popultion. kgsel.info/video/video/rGyb15OxhIOh1qg.html​

    71. Muhammad Bilal

      Dont be loss china peoples Allah with you this is little exam for your GOD sides dont be worry Allah help you and inshaAllah china will recover healthy Ameeen from pakistan.🙁🙁

    72. Muhamed Mustafic


    73. sky28 ZevLaG

      Very Happy now atleast I'm watching good done by the Chinese community most here in you tube i watched negative about them atleast people will know now how good they are ♥️

    74. Neil Tillapaugh


    75. تقی بلوچ خاشی

      ج چرا اینجوری شد چین بخاطر

    76. Ashley Shepherd

      Stay strong everyone! You've got this :) Love from the US 🇺🇸

    77. Sumera Kamran

      What a great nation on earth🙏😊

    78. Meat Burger

      Propaganda!! They do not usually treat patients this way. They shoot them.

      1. Meat Burger

        @gorgasyangguogui someone can't tell when jokes are being made lol

      2. gorgasyangguogui

        You Brainwashed

    79. ام محمد اللاميه

      كل من وراكم والله

    80. Arlene Gultiano

      im crying 😭