Coronavirus medical staff dance with quarantined patients in Wuhan

South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post

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    Coronavirus medical staff in protective clothing danced with quarantined patients in a temporary hospital in Wuhan, China.
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    1. voiceless glottal fricative

      we gonna ignore the USSR flag

    2. herman Bendol

      Cina harus menghancurkan kota wuhan dengan rudal

    3. Aқcaқaл

      They look so happy that they finally infected the entire world

      1. Lyn Charles

        That's the ccp for you

    4. d00dmchc

      I’m getting a “dance for the camera or they’ll shoot us” kinda vibe.

    5. ???Q

      If anyone were to do what these staff did, they would already get in trouble for gathering more than 10 people. I would guess that this rule was ok in Feb 11, 2020, but in this current time, this gathering may not be allowed. Does not change the fact that this is still a social gathering. I take it that this social gathering was legal because it was only 1 country that was infected.

      1. Siyang Li

        They don't need social distancing as they are all COVID-19 patients. This is a quarantined hospital.

    6. Kissi Nadia

      J'adore ses nems elles sont délicieuses

    7. Kissi Nadia

      Au marché ya plus le chinois qu'est ce que je suis triste

    8. Kissi Nadia


    9. Kissi Nadia

      Bravo les chinetok

    10. Kissi Nadia

      Bravo les chinois vous dansez mieux que moi

    11. beatsfromchicago


      1. wyh ily

    12. Judiel Sabang

      Its making me cry and I dont know why 😭

    13. glowlexi Ps

      This broke my heart all these patients have probably died until now


      Anyone else the the hammer and sickle

    15. Ty Lee

      well done....!

    16. puglian0

      Keep deleting my messages admin lol. Cant handle that I an speaking truth about china ?

    17. MobFiga4eva

      What is the Name of the Song?

      1. Doris J 火红的萨日朗

    18. fenix gaming

      Mayor:I TOLD YOU TO MAKE A CuRE AD ALL THE TIME YOU WASTED Doctors:yeah but the sing is holy

    19. kaiwuling nianlafa

      To stimulate Dopamine,so u wont get depressed in the hospital.

    20. 19 Mariam Barakat


    21. K.Lascot Bean

      노래도 슬프고 저 상황도 슬프네요...

    22. Dude

      Fun fact Dancing is fun

    23. Gerardo Tellez

      When the whole schools finds out they'll have the next month off

    24. chagiRenee

      My mom is a nurse, so I know how tiring this job could do. May ppl learn and gain more than lose through this epidemic

    25. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



      Aww so sweet 😄

    27. {AHMED} 0 Corona Virus

    28. aRcHsWoRd


    29. Merslin Younis

      Who are these 195 dislikers 🤦‍♀️

    30. raveglory300

      All medical workers in China deserve a big fat raise for trying to contain something that the CCP failed to do.

      1. windwarden

        You might be “surprised” to learn that among those over 40,000 doctors and nurses coming in aid for Wuhan, there is a high majority of CCP members who volunteered. And in the meantime, there are around 1 million ccp members delivering food for the communities in lockdown. I am not a CCP member, but these are facts that you can easily verify by yourself. When crisis came, the CCP prioritise human life above anything, even if it means economic setback, because we know that we are a hard-working population. We also understand that while facing a common enemy that is the covid-19, human race need solidarity, that is why Chinese nurses and doctors volunteered to aid Italy __ Italy sent first aid in 2012 earthquake, and we Chinese know to pay back Italy's kindness.

    31. Meow Meow


    32. Aladeen Cuckdew

      The Dance of the living death 😂🤣👌

      1. Mitch

        They are all cured and went home safe

    33. molly drew

      What is the song 🥳😍😆

    34. William

      The Oriental people are more content and easily pleased.

    35. kgm2000

      this is great, let's get them up and moving to clear fluid from their lungs!!!

    36. Daniel Gonzalez

      Y este es inmune? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a>

    37. Tausif Khan

      I salute Doctors, nurses & medical staff.

    38. exposed

      they rlly be vibing doe 😳

    39. ChinaHemaa Matilda

      How i got to China || ended up in "Wuhan" Hey lovelies 🌷🌷new video out on my channel, updates on Wuhan city

    40. China Funny Video Line

      😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣funny video during time of New Pneumonia In China,welcome to subscribe @UCUmCKe8z-6C6mhOODxwMhZQ

    41. skinny penis

      Bet they gonna get massacred

    42. Andrei Braila

      Those nigas are dead by now.

    43. Yuphii

      Imagine our world is ending😭💔 and we are like:

      1. Andrei Braila

        Those nigas are dead by now.

    44. George Wilson

      Danse macabre.

    45. charllysa skw

      You Can China ! Jia You China ! Because I Know You can Do it!

    46. angel angel

      All is well 😊

    47. Ahmed AlAskalany

      Medical workers should make it to the Time Magazine Person of the year cover.

    48. Nurlinda F Sihotang

      It is for keeping fit and keep.mental health. Song and dancing will lighten up the mood and hence boost immune system. My symphaty China people! Keep fitghting. Jia you!!

    49. Appalachian 2018 not a vlogger

      All people are beautiful people it’s governments and systems that aren’t.

      1. 翟小航

        Noting is perfect ┑( ̄▽  ̄)┍

    50. Appalachian 2018 not a vlogger

      Propaganda anyone

    51. Recovery Konie

      You all are amazing!!! I love you!!!

    52. MateoMasterSTW

      Everybody stay strong and remember to have precautions. We will get through this

    53. A Heart For China

      Sometimes positive vibrations can ease the pain a little bit. Simple actions can have huge impacts.

    54. tank attack

      Sakay pud dayon mo sa jamming sa china govt.propaganda aron ingnon ok ra.

    55. jinke Wu

      Shame on hongkong medical staff,treating patients is a their job, is every doctor should abide by the medical ethics, even when the outbreak of war doctors can not refuse to treat criminals, these people are not qualified to be doctors, even the basic moral life are not

    56. Shakthi Priya


    57. Ajay Mane

      Lovely...with great spirits...heals lives..

    58. Holy Lion Of Judah

      I like the song

    59. Jyothi Barre

      In the name of Jesus everyone will be healed

    60. Juan Batista

      This is spreading the virus to people who may have only a slight infection but may get multiple doses of infection and get much sicker . This is not how medical isolation works . That whole room is infected now and they can still pick it up in their eyes . The whole idea of medical isolation is to keep the virus in check by keeping patients in a confined area that can be disinfected easier and isolated from others as much as possible and no gatherings . Ridiculous .

    61. Imran Mughal

      Corona virus treatment........take one onion cut it in small pieces and eat after eating dont drink water for two hours corona virus diseases are dead in 15 minutes INSHA ALLAH

    62. Jessica Emilia

      Whatever gets them through. I have no words for the admiration I have for the medical staff.

    63. gary oak

      animo wuhan

    64. Kate Nowicki

      Oh this hurts to see.

    65. Maroan Ouadi

      It's Just a flu broooh

    66. jinke Wu

      The evil us government is killing millions of innocent people in the Middle East and accusing China of not having human rights? Chinese restrictions on KGsel, facebook, Twitter, etc. those company is right, all these companies to work for the CIA, to subvert other countries regime, when America's invasion of the Middle East helped incite people to overthrow the government, the western media control of world opinion, play all kinds of tarnishing China's video and fake news. The Chinese people can at any time to check the number of virus infections and cure, American propaganda please stop lying! There is no real freedom of speech in the United States, as long as the speech against the United States and Google account will be deleted

    67. jinke Wu

      stay strong wuhan China

    68. K.Lascot Bean

      바이러스가 잘못이지 중국사람들이 먼죄냐 우한 짜요!!

    69. alpha beta

      The coronavirus outbreak may be nothing more than the usual flu season. It was planned without a doubt. The novel The Eyes of Darkness mentions a Wuhan 400 virus in the 2008 edition. The author Dean Koontz is most likely involved with the Illuminati or whatever you want to call them and he looks Jewish even if people claim he isn't.

    70. Batman Soup

      liveleak wuhan coronavirus wake up

    71. Alphonzoe Elrich

      So this is what a Corona Rave will look like!

    72. freekuwait1000

      Communist propaganda.

    73. Satanen Perkele

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">00:44</a> Communist flag in the background Roflmao!!

    74. God Bless

      Sure! The deadly viruse epidemic makes them dance! Strange Chinese propaganda!

    75. Angela Mu

      This is so beautiful, im actually in tears 🥰😭✨

    76. Nghia N

      Another CCP mouthpiece!

    77. Айт Смай

      This dance etnic kazakh dance qara zhorga

    78. Rancho Murrieta

      Last dance

    79. hedy lamarr

      wonderful,things are getting better finally

    80. fouhuntman

      no more words, but tears