Coronavirus patient in Wuhan expected to leave hospital after ECMO support



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    A 53-year-old male patient is now on the path of recovery after receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) support, local authorities said in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province. The news comes as a ray of hope for hundreds of coronavirus patients currently undergoing treatment. CGTN visited Wuhan's Zhongnan Hospital for more on the story.
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      Corona treatment by Indian way

    7. Vic Damon

      what happens in the hospital during quarantine how do they treat you what are they using?

    8. Steve Regutis

      I like how everybody always says the new coronavirus this is been around for years it just never has been as active as it is now or has caused a major outbreak

    9. Lakhan Sukheeja

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    10. Lakhan Sukheeja

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    11. Desi Engineer official

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    12. mel sm

      Stop lying about new cases

    13. mel sm

      China is killing the world saying it’s over for them

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    15. mel sm

      Still lying because they’re stopping testing a letting people die

    16. Lethalogic

      *There is coming back if you are infected with the coronavirus. They say you can cure the virus but its just to let the public from going havoc with the fact that you will die no matter what.* *Please click the link below to know the truth. Please read it I'm begging you. Everyone deserves the truth.*

    17. Chris garlick

      Something really doesn't add up with all this virus nonsense. It always looks staged.

    18. Suresh Behera

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    19. Anthony Richards

      Brilliant recovery. Thumbs up Doctors nurses etc

    20. narcisse Cardinal

      canada we dont get this China is better all the say is if u have the virus stay home lol thats all what about the symptoms

    21. Justin Parker

      Anyone else get the bioengineering feeling here?

    22. Joseph Vega

      My prayers go out to everyone in the world. Please look up son of god ending ( can’t post link on a phone ) - Joseph


      This was introduced into the general population. It was an act of Terrorism. This virus was created in a laboratory, for use as a weapon. Completely intentional....

    24. kuldeep vaish

      Can this virus survive in sahara desert?

    25. Roni Krasniqi

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    26. InfiniteBeast

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    27. jasmine

      All for fear. Just please please cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing and everyone keep your hands and self clean We’ll be fine Also if your sick stay home I know these are common sense things but just thought I’d remind because that’s the way we’ll stay safe Sorry if I sound stupid for reminding you guys things you already know but better be safe than sorry 👍🏽🙂

    28. Generation Sensitive

      I heard there are some long term effects after getting the disease. I guess its different for people

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    33. Danny Sun

      The problem is, in China, Gov covered all cost for the treatment for COVID-19 patients even if they don't have healthcare, so they use ECMO quite frequently for critical cases. However, in the US, for regular citizens or even poor people, can they afford the full-time ICU or ECMO? The machine cost million and a single usage will be really costly. For the single test kits in the US they can charge you 3000 dollars, think about the treatments. Not everyone can afford it, not to mention millions of people are under poverty in the US.

    34. psychotic kittykat

      How about he gets reinfected?

    35. daichai

      The gov had an easy job riling up sheeple for war with just a newspapers. Now with tv they have no trouble at all creating panic chaos out of the disease. Sheeples reaction is never by happenstance but calculated in advance by the owners of the sheeples zombie brains, aka media

    36. 100k Subscribers without any videos

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    37. Ehsan UL Haq

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    38. Rehma Mah

      I am glad that he is doing well. Lets not forget to separate his story from the Chinese government propaganda. Any Chinese who shares material related to the corona virus online gets an instant 7 years prison sentence. So if this man is talking freely as he seems to be, then the Chinese government must have told him what to say.

    39. Aramis3737

      Guys, everything from CGTN is Chinese government propaganda. FYI.

    40. Yara Tv

      These people are heroes for thinking about others before themselves ✨

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    42. Adrian Bez

      So long so good but I hope this virus is not the "plague Inc" type 😁

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    47. Night Walker

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    48. King Saphars

      Coronavirus is a low case of flu people are scared of it because it’s a new disease we had many diseases like these but were not close as flu

    49. K

      Encourage all countries to make hospitals.

    50. Sucdi Queen

      Does this disease have treatment

    51. sreerag kj

      Caution ....... Even if the drug is not detected, there is a way to prevent it. Mix turmeric with salt and lemon and rub it on the body.. Take turmeric powder three times a day or two or three tablespoons each. Please share this knowledge ...

    52. IQ naat Sharif

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    53. Gavin WJ

      I think the best thing to do here is nuke wuhan and kill everyone in the area

    54. John Evans

      Every CGTN video is propaganda

    55. Robert Lozier

      See if it wasn't called Corona virus and something like Kitty disease we would be less scarred

    56. king kooner

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    57. dukhru luck

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    58. dukhru luck

      Doc n nurses I salute u not chinese govt

    59. problem solve

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    60. miguel perez

      I have a question, so how long the coronavirus has now removed?

    61. Minh Hieu

      This is a bs channel! Liar! Run by cccp. Who never yet mentioned about recovery!!!!

    62. Reign

      NOT everyone will get this care so a few patients get better from intensive care. While it still spreads and kills people , how ya going to do that with 20,000 + people and why him, where are all the other patients on this care if it helps???bit confusing if ya ask me just saying

    63. FrozenYogurtDANIMATION

      Ok guys, I'm having cough and runny nose now, is there a chance that it could be coronavirus? Or is it just common flu?

    64. Dragonplayz .

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      1. Dragonhead Horror FZ

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      2. War Machine

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      3. War Machine

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    65. 自称 犬HKの調教師

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    66. S. Haider

      Prayers from 🇺🇸

    67. villa villanueva

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    71. phi golden

      So is he going to pay for the treatments? Like the cost of the mandatory cremations?

      1. phi golden

        @For Sure wasn't meant to be funny. U right, american. The comment was more targeted for more information on those who cant pay for care or how the health system worked.

      2. For Sure

        Funny.. You are probably an american.. no man.. chinese have public healthcare.. and about the cremations.. well, cremation is the cheapest....So even if they pay (which i doubt) it is still the most economical way...

    72. lara ta

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    73. Zahraa Albash

      That sucks but wish you luck

    74. Aju Nayak

      All the Christian community are requested to pray for Chinese to immediately recover from this epidmic.

    75. Aju Nayak

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    77. Edward SB

      In one day it went from 17,000 to over 20,000 - thats aproxima 18% gain daily Lets project that out 10 days Multiple 20,000 * 1.2 = 24,000 - now keep multiple the results 10 times = 104,568 in 10 days Mortality rate of %3

    78. Yhair Herrera

      Vídeos como estos tienen pocas visitas, pero con una buena información.

    79. Ohyeahyeah

      Next time dont eat snakes and bats

    80. James Barratt

      Now why do I believe this is just propaganda. Probably because I have seen videos inside the hospitals and the places are over tun. All those infected people in one place just increases the power of the virus. He has a face mask which is useless, and this was uploaded on 24th Jan. we know everyone is dying and at that time especially we know they were over run. Nope this is bollox. Also theres no cure. If its takes the lungs we also no the virus has infected deeply and theres no coming back.