Coronavirus whistle-blower doctor Li Wenliang dies from the disease

South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post

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    Li Wenliang, the doctor who tried to blow the whistle about the coronavirus outbreak, died on February 6. His hospital confirmed his death after conflicting reports on his condition. Li had tried to warn fellow medics about the new virus in late December but was silenced and detained by local Wuhan authorities who accused him of “spreading rumours”. He contracted the infection from a patient after returning to work.
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    1. Mujeeb U

      China is hiding the Actual death toll.

    2. Degii

      r.i.p :( we wish to have you here to help us out, you were a true hero, we are in this together!

    3. zakia nasir 50pcs in 10dollars

    4. Craig Buckley 29

      Such a shame to see this mans loss of life for helping others dying yet in the UK no one thinks Its real and everyone is living like its non existent. Really do hope everyone who contracts this does indeed recover 100% risk free as this is a traumatic situation for all, I almost had a panic attack last night thinking about it all

    5. Jason Samuel

      your blood is on china

    6. FloridaRaider

      he was killed by his government, and we "Essential Workers" are killed by our employer



    8. Creative Videography

      Died from disease? I Doubt it?

    9. ffannatikk


    10. Qazi Bilal


    11. Frosted Felony

      May our hero rest in peace.

    12. Speak Your TRUTH

      He was murdered

    13. Deva Kumar Nath

      He did not die of corona virus, many researchers think he was killed.

    14. Shady Gaming

      A real life hero. Salute you sir

    15. Atish Kumar Mishra

      Doctor I love you Jai Jagannath

    16. The Boss Tex 117

      Is everyone here ready to finish what he started?

    17. Saranya Sivashanmugam

      RIP sir ...real hero..guys im having one doubt...anybody here from China..can u pls tell the exact number of people those who are died by this corona..

    18. Aro O

      Instead of worrying we should all be praying! Trusting and believing in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. He has the final say. Pray! Read your bible, Psalm 91 & 27! Blessings to you all.

    19. kiko Palomo-casem

      Now I understand all along because That's why everyone around the world didn't get the warning from him because he was trying to warn us but tje govstopped him.

    20. Manger Daddy

      without him the world would be doomed thank you so much for everything

    21. asatru-ash

      Rest in peace Li wenliang my thoughts go out to his family and friends. And to everyone else stay strong we will all get through this your not alone x

    22. Jime Samdrup

      If that times someone believes his words then today we will live happily

    23. Spurgeon Issac


    24. Morgan Leon

      never trust comunist country !!!

    25. Morgan Leon

      never trust comunist country !!!

    26. STRANGE AND SHOCKING FACTS लाख बोलने के बाद भी लोग नहीं मान रहे हैँ, यह दिल्ली में रहने वाली एक फैमिली के छोटे बच्चे का वीडियो है - जो कि कोरोना से प्रभावित है - जो के सेकेंडरी स्टेज से प्रभावित है। यानी इनकी फैमिली में कोई विदेश यात्री नही था, ये लोग कोरोना प्रभावित व्यक्ति से प्रभावित हुए हैं, 🙏🏻🌺 जितना संभव हो घर मे रहें।

    27. Naveen Thilina


    28. Travel Technology cars Innovations Channel

      May Allah save this world and save people in trouble

    29. Monster Gaming

      he was killed 😪

    30. Days Kay


    31. Chinese Hitler

      This is the same one the CCP arrested for blowing the whistle

    32. daniel perez

      China should be responsible for every person dying because of covid 19 coronavirus also economy in country

      1. Days Kay


    33. Atti Vamp


    34. Vinayak Kadam

      Yes he was hero and died. But you bat eaters are still alive.

    35. Venu Joseph

      You Are Real Hero to the world Sir.

    36. Pete

      RIP Hero!🙏🙏🙏

    37. Safraz Abba

      Soldier rip you did great work and gave your life for it. I respect you.

    38. Cat Rei

      we all should sue cina for all is more than a hero..he risk his life for telling the truth..sure they led him die cause he saud the truth

    39. Vinod Naidu

      China cheated world and spread virus to all countries, worse government by jimping , RIP LI you have saved many people by telling information, you will be remained in our hearts

    40. tarun kumar

      china hiding the death he actually naows the virus .....its man made virus he already knows about bio war ....and chinese now killed him ....wantedly bcz he knws the vaccine may be

    41. Adolf Hitler

      If it's like their so called space travel, He might very well be on some kind of space station right now.

    42. Vaishnav Kannan

      China wantedly killed him...they didn't treat him properly

    43. Harika Manukonda

      Real hero

    44. j buta

      34 years old, healthy doctor, what??!!

      1. The Boss Tex 117

        The Chinese government probably killed him, and are probably covering it up

    45. Blanca Rugerio

      .56 min “ Many died in the winter if 2020 because some people ‘s incompetence and negligence .... ...????THAT DATE IS WRONG 🤔 Maybe they were trying to say 2019 ????

    46. Ramalingeswara Rao Bhavaraju

      great service

    47. Carmen betts

      R.i.p a true hero he died for his people

    48. Adi Adrian

      Doctor Li , we will not forget you.

    49. Will Chill

      china hiding the real death #'s

    50. Danish Jolly

      Doctors what are doing about cronavirus 💊

    51. Victory

      The perfect virus, if you say anything at this point, you died from Covid 19! Welcome to NWO. You wanted it, now you're going to get it. Buckle up, or not.

    52. befrank befrank

      Bless his soul lord. Rest In Peace

    53. Loony Glitch

      Go on Netflix... Search for My Secret Terrius, go to Season 1, episode 10 and skip to 53 minutes and watch whatever they are saying.. you will be shocked!

      1. Giovanni Martinez

        Coronavirus has been around since the 70's

    54. Miryam Hernandez

      He warned people but just like those idiots in Florida....they (government) didn’t listen.

    55. orestes vega


    56. Nazanin Parsian

      He try’s his best to tell the world how danger this disease is .if at the first place everyone takes his word seriously now the numbers of Coronavirus it’s shouldn’t be at high in some countries.

    57. tbone smalling

      this needs to blown up and explained so his soul can rest in peace

    58. nora sea

      Why not unforget U!

    59. Rj paul

      *We Respect U Sir❤*

    60. Ripudaman Verma

      When your government starts killing those who speak the truth remember your country is being run by criminals! CCP is a blot on humanity & that despot XI


      🙏🙏😔😔😔RIP sir

    62. EsotericOccultist

      Black people protest in America but not the country where you can get arrested for spreading rumors because they only care about themselves and what goes on in their immediate vacinity.

    63. E’s Enjoyment channel Yay!

      He reminds me of Stan lee passionate courageous, loving and caring R.I.P Dr. Li 🙏

    64. Sareo Yiseo

      He was killed

    65. Viviana Guzman

      That's really sad. :(

    66. Glam by Jack m

      He should be praised as a hero, he tried warning us but we didnt believe him, and now we're suffering the consequences

    67. World Real Facts

      Chinese govt has killed 1 crore people in his country..

    68. World Real Facts

      Chinese govt has killed the doctor..

    69. Nikhil Barad

      I would like to ask the people of China, how long will you accept such administration

    70. james brown

      international hero

    71. raymond o sullivan

      Rip to him. China responded too late to this outbreak and because of this it is now a pandemic.

    72. nirud Gogoi

      china is most worst country.. there is no humanities..

    73. d h


    74. naveen1971 Master

      True hero of world salute

    75. monika singh

      Rest in peace Hero

    76. William Harley

      I wish there would be a movie again about thia kind of desease like the movie " the flu".. Then this hero will be the protagonist. 👍

    77. dhan chhetri

      Really appreciated whatever he had done for those patients I would call him a Real HERO....RIP

    78. No Vlogs

      Allah Save The World And Forgive Us

    79. Tania Mans

      Dr Li 's face will go down in history as the face of the doctor who was treated inhumane by people and not the virus... Rest in Peace Doctor Li... You did your profession justice... An example of do no harm... You life stand for something most people can not say... We lost a honest soul...

    80. Mynameisthis LOL

      I am so angry about Cronavirus 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒🤒,NHS I can't do it anymore Boris Johnson I can't do it anymore