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    Introducing Demi's EXTREME Pillow Fight Club! It's the chance for the Bachelorette's to fight for Peter's heart and let out all their pent up tension. Pillow fighting legend Fred Willard is here alongside Chris Harrison to guide you through it. Do you think the right girl won?

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    Season: 24 Episode: 3
    Bachelor: Peter Weber

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    1. Mia Isabella Bustillos

      RIP FRED

    2. John Flynn

      RIP Fred Willard

    3. Mhk_ No

      “elephant sitting on a RAT” well said sydney 😂😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="300">5:00</a>

    4. LangBellsChannel

      Where are the socks from?

    5. Arshia Asif

      demi honestly makes the show

    6. I speak My mind

      Alayah is so pretty what happened to the evil nurse and the Chase rise ex

    7. Vax Not

      Come on producers. Get Fred some better material. Or, why not just retire him and get someone younger... like Casey Kasem!

    8. olivia alexa

      Would not do this for a man... maybe for a million dollars

    9. B. N.

      When Sydney started pulling Alayah’s hair omg, girl CHILL ISSA PILLOWFIGHT NOT THE HUNGER GAMES JFC.

      1. James

        B. N. Sydney is a Career Tribute


      And then I saw Sir Bear Bear Jr! 😁

    11. Keilani ❣️

      That one girl can’t get anymore jealous of Aalayah always tearing her down like that. What for

    12. Molly Rose

      I’m here for Alayah’s victory

    13. Flower Power

      Demi is so last year !

      1. LangBellsChannel

        More interesting than Hannah.

    14. Del Ag

      I would never do this for a man

      1. Diane McCloud

        @James , as a girl I agree,

      2. James

        This is so degrading. Who thought of these contests this year?

      3. Diane McCloud

        @ Del Ag, Never....maybe a swim race or run pillow fight....

    15. Luc Bordage

      How come the winner in these events doesn' t automatically get the Rose? In this pillow fight, the winner got sent home later on that show, go figure. Demi for president! Love Queen Demi!

    16. ChumChums

      -Diabolical. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣 They should’ve done rugby like Hannah’s bachelorette. THEY ARE SOFT

    17. Stacy Mathew

      These girls are just ridiculous 😒

    18. Kristine S

      Sydney's just jealous of Alayah...she needs to grow up...🙇‍♀️

      1. Christina Nicole

        Lol Sydney is also a pageant queen too lol

      2. rice and potatos


    19. Molar Bear

      i love alaya's move of just sitting on her lol

    20. Sandyyyangg

      So why did they eliminate Tammy but not Alaya? She did the same thing. 😬

      1. v

        Sandyyyangg so what’s the point then ??

      2. Sandyyyangg

        v That’s not the point 😂😂 Tweak

      3. v

        Did you not see Sydney pulling her hair and hitting her while she was down ??? Why bring up Alayah

    21. Itry2belogic 4

      I hope Alaya wacks the crap out of hater Sidney.......... and she did Yay😀

      1. Itry2belogic 4

        rice and potatos no she was definitely a hater right there did you here her comment after she lost,Sidney comes across as a jealous,dramatic person she never smiles she always looking like something stinks,she’s annoying and I don’t like how she did Alaya

      2. rice and potatos

        this was before she was a "hater"