Distance Took a Toll on Tayshia & JPJ

Bachelor Nation

Bachelor Nation

20 миӊ. көрүүлөр14

    John Paul Jones “got a new phone so he could FaceTime” Tayshia Adams right after they left “Bachelor in Paradise.” However, long distance, the time difference, and hectic work schedules took a toll on their relationship.

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    1. Vanessa Lynn

      A 9-5 is “grueling”??? I guess it’s harder than IG posting.

    2. Ashley George

      where is the rest of this podcast?

    3. fourcakers

      What does JPJ do for a living?

      1. Franziska Maria

        Lucy Mwangi he moved to LA to pursue acting

      2. Lucy Mwangi

        He's a financial analyst

    4. botaique dream

      Tayshia is so right and real ! I wish you the best !

    5. Diane McCloud

      I guess having active lives, and soooo much going on, can be hard....we can only see what the future holds...if each of them are in each others heart...they will figure it out....

      1. Diane McCloud

        @Veronica Hercules , Of course the did or should of....it is the one thing that irks me about these shows and one reason I watch them some, but not continuously...and yes , time will tell if they truly want to be together...agreed...

      2. Veronica Hercules

        Diane McCloud l want to agree; not wanting to sound harsh did they not know some of these things before? I'll just say: "If their love is *real* they will find a (their) way" God bless you both John Paul Jones & Tayshia Adams❤❤

      3. love m

        If it is app to me I will love them in the future back to gather I hope they worked out my be .

    6. Utsav Chauhan

      What's the problem with Android

      1. Denisa Anthony