Doctor, nurse describe treating first U.S. coronavirus patient

Washington Post

Washington Post

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    Medical staff described treating the first United States citizen diagnosed with coronavirus at Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Wash., on Jan. 23. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on KGsel:
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    1. World Travel Sisters

      Wear masks!

    2. Carrow Xhex

      I took care of a Coronavirus positive patient last week, I got a twenty minute inservice on the PAPR one hour before my patient arrived. The hospital I work at is considered one of the best in the nation, 1000+ beds in a major metropolitan city and we are not prepared. We have maybe enough N95 mask to last a week, wipes are difficult to find. They want us to reuse the same N95 mask all shift on TB patients and put it in a paper bag with our name on it. I told my manager to demonstrate first what she means. Go in the room and let him cough on you and then set that nasty mask in a bag and then put it back on your face. She got the point. The people spraying the streets in China have better PPE than the hospital staff that works in US hospitals. The US healthcare system is a facade and it’s going to crumble. Prepare better USA!

    3. b duddy

      And now the world centralized media networks bring the coronavirus in epic portions!!! WAFJ!! It’s all just a show. that’s all folks This is how they will pillage the wealth from the little guy and buy back once the market crashes. 🤣🤪😂

    4. J W

      Today that person is cured of the virus and returned home.

    5. Gina M

      Working in the hospital and talking about this virus when there are hundreds of other viruses in the hospitals and doctors not wearing a mask. Hmm, this raises a lot of questions. Or they want to look good on-camera...

    6. Adriana Ramirez

      If this virus exists since long ago..why not vaccine for must be something that can found naturally think and research what is a killer for bats obviously the bats are the most dangerous species that affect this Chinese people are so sick eating this crazy things....but this is more a situation not taking seriously and preventing....Government neglect!!!

    7. Jhumpu Hait

      Can this corona virus survive in warmer climates?

    8. qυєєи ɨռֆǟռɨtʏ

      Well I have a sore throat....Soo

    9. Jimmy Rodas Molestina

      She's happy about it

    10. Minerva TWD

      Tell me, why didnt the docter wear plauge docter suit?

    11. Sonic & Bendy YT Productions

      I am scared

    12. Symple HoneY

      No cure = no earth

    13. J Cart

      Even if more people got infected this nurse still did good

    14. Matt M

      How is the patient doing ?

      1. Lawrence Mason


    15. Lopez1989

      World War 3 vs Mother Nature!

      1. Mrs. S

        I think this virus was man made. What if this was another way to get rid of many unwanted people. Basically the rich will have the money to survive.

    16. Simple Truth

      Crap I still pick my nose I need to get rid of that habit or else I'm doomed

      1. Simple Truth

        @Susana Vicente Rodriguez as if u never did YAS QUEEN

      2. Susana Vicente Rodriguez


    17. Parham Ansaripour

      See this is the exact time where I wish I could just have a house in a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and unlimited foot and entertainment and just chill there

      1. Yes Sure

        unlimited foot???

      2. FrenzoBlox Roblox

        I would ho for unlimited hand instead of foot honestly

      3. Jimmy Platt

        Well we all need at least one unlimited foot

      4. some random guy on the internet

        man do i love foot

    18. MrSpeedyAce

      Madagascar is always the safest spot. We better get there quick before they close down their ports.

      1. Algeo Libonatti

        *laughs in greenland*

      2. Enhbayr Bilegt

        Plague Inc player? Btw Greenland is a good place to go too. Whenever i play the game, Greenland, some country in africa, and Canada was the hardest place to make disease spread

    19. Joe Monroe

      Lancet says 15% deathrate. 84% infection rate.

      1. Joe Monroe

        @Hydra Dude Lancet showed 15% death rate 6/41 admitted died. Others had heart damage.

      2. Hydra Dude

        Yeah: the WHO says it’s a 3% mortality rate. And even that’s an overestimation

    20. Deniz Efe Aydin

      If this becomes a pandemic, it is better going to countryside

      1. BlacklistedPyro

        @Deniz Efe Aydin I live in the country. I grew up here, and I'm telling you in order to limit contact with people you might as well move to Canada, buy yourself 1000+ acres, crops, ammo, and tools. Then you will be right in that regard. In the south you're no different than in the north, there are going to be people here just like everywhere else, just not like the city. Just do like the rich and go in a bunker somewhere that's nowhere

      2. Deniz Efe Aydin

        @BlacklistedPyro actually it lowers your contact with people.

      3. Linn Silverwolf

        Being down here in the lowest part of Arkansas helps somewhat. Doesn't mean it won't get in our town, but everyone down here ought to be used to social distancing anyway.

      4. BlacklistedPyro

        Technically that doesn't help very much. Just makes it more potential and less treatable.

      5. Amelia rose

        Good idea

    21. Lamar F.

      But the patient went through the airport tho!

    22. Drop_Rbx

      I am having a common cold I am scared idk if it corona virus but I hope and wish it isn't. Also I live in Cambodia.

      1. Mrs. S

        How are you doing? Hope you are okay.

      2. Drop_Rbx

        @Preston Hanson i am not dead now i am out of the cold i am cured

      3. Preston Hanson

        Well your dead for sure their. Even if it's just a cold

      4. Ethan Yang

        asap go to a church expel that thing

      5. Robin

        I hope you don't have it ☹️...

    23. Riya And Ray Play

      I'm telling you they all know that's it's coming. They cant stop it. They didnt know about it in time. Probably many people had in the US already and have been either sent home for a cold or diagnosed for pneumonia. You don't build a 1000 person hospital in 7 days for an issue they think they can contain at all.

      1. just perpetually bothered

        @Kyle Degraw ask for a test IMMEDIATELY

      2. Riya And Ray Play

        @Kyle Degraw Drink orange juice lots of it and take vitamin c lots

      3. Dior Bifocals

        Kyle Degraw keep Me updated

      4. Kyle Degraw

        ive been sick for 2 1/2 weeks, coughing up so much flem over 20 oz, while at work and i had to call out a day because i was puking up acid, my whole family is sick here in UT, my lips bleeding, dehydrated and my face has a rash, im still coughing up but i hope i dont have the virus, i went to the doctor and got antibiotics for an ear infection, but they didnt even swab me, or take blood

      5. Mr Papagiorgio

        Riya And Ray Play that’s China dumbass when you have that many ppl in one area herpes could be an epidemic lol

    24. Saeyoung

      Im wearing a mask to school

      1. Diana Romero

        @Yotimus where are you located.? What is the name of your school? Thanks for sharing this info.

      2. Yotimus

        If it makes you feel better there was a confirmed case at my school a few days ago and I didn't find out until today

      3. NuNu

        Saeyoung oof I’m sick and scaring myself 🥺 but hope you don’t get sick

      4. Saeyoung

        @NuNu my parents still won't let me stay home

      5. NuNu

        Saeyoung just don’t go boo


      i from SINGAPORE.. yeah right... than what after this virus? got another virus? the virus keep on and on if u dont stop EATING DISGUSTING ANIMAL BAT AND SNAKE AND DOG AND POOR BABY!!!!!!! NOT ALL ANIMAL U CAN EAT NOT ALL FRUITS U CAN EAT NOT ALL VEGETABLE U CAN EAT CHECK FIRST BEFORE U EAT

      1. Coraline A.

        @Enhbayr Bilegt .... and everyone else here: I think the "poor baby" comment was meant to express concern and consolation, not to suggest that anything was eaten other than bats or snakes. But of course that's bad enough. I'm revolted by the idea of eating *any* wild game and I'm just inches away from becoming vegan. But now that this novel coronavirus has jumped the species barrier, our greatest challenge is to fight fear with information. And stay calm, everybody!

      2. Enhbayr Bilegt

        You mean Chinese people ate bat, snake, dog and a BABY???

      3. Jesus is my God & Saviour Soldier for Jesus Christ

        I totally agree.👍

    26. Isabelle Aguilar

      My dad works 5 minutes away from that hospital

      1. Ccop Adonis

        I live In alameda county

      2. Every Knee Should Bow

        redburningfires I bought masks but I don’t know if they’re N95. Hopefully they were good because they were expensive and cover the whole face. I also have gas masks. Stay safe! It’s truly getting crazy out there!

      3. redburningfires

        @Every Knee Should Bow Oh, that is surreal. Does your family have N95 masks yet? Wouldn't hurt to have some on hand. I bought 2 yesterday at a local hardware store for $8 each. Bought 1 pair protective goggles for $13. Small investment just incase.

      4. Every Knee Should Bow

        redburningfires I was at one mall Friday night where I heard that confirmed patient has been, and another mall Saturday a block or so from the hospital I believe they are at. One of the children in Kobe’s helicopter went to my child’s school and many of the others on that helicopter were intertwined in acquaintance from many angles. It’s been a surreal couple of days! My middle child is getting ready for Winter Formal this Friday. I don’t like it!

      5. redburningfires

        @Every Knee Should Bow I'm so sorry, it sounds bad. I'm in Vancouver, WA, just north of Portland. I've seen a few people fighting what seems to be flu, but not like what you're experiencing.

    27. Open Eye

      coronavirus will be a total party when arrives at the guetto LMAO

      1. Mrs. S

        You mean anarchy!

    28. luvsilly60

      Just got over the Budweiser virus

      1. Mrs. S

        Not a good time to joke around. This is serious.

      2. Andres

        lol but not a good time man. its all good haha

    29. md alamin

      +8801768557368 please my imo namber Jones

    30. Amber Lamanna

      I just read an article saying it can spread before symptoms show and it can spread through the eyes. Don’t trust what anyone says at this point. Just stay away from others, especially anyone coughing or sneezing. Wear masks and protect your eyes. Buy hand sanitizer and carry disinfecting wipes. Wash your hands constantly and don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.

      1. Leggo

        @John Friday Not with this one

      2. Nevin Caulfield

        Amber Lamanna it’s the Flu... there’s different types of flus and this one’s new. That’s as bad as it gets if you’re under 60!

      3. vyas jwalit

        Avoid touching anybody. Namaste is enough.

      4. SMG Scorpion

        Due to its long arse 14-day incubation period.

      5. some random guy on the internet

        @MeatBeatElite you heard him

    31. Chitter & Chadder

      This is worse than they saying.. contagious before symptoms show ! Schools need to be closed

      1. Ariel Rivas

        Mr Papagiorgio the flu isn’t more dangerous because there’s a vaccine

      2. Ariel Rivas

        Open Eye a disease ?

      3. Amar Abdulhamid

        my school closed down for 2 days cause of the virus

      4. Username601

        Enrico, it’s been 4 years...

      5. Preston Hanson

        Your hot

    32. av3maria

      We need an update!

      1. Jesus is my God & Saviour Soldier for Jesus Christ

        I don't understand why they are allowing flight from China into the country. I'm from Australia and we have five flights a day from China and the government still let's theme in. It has made me absolutely sick to my stomach. May my lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us all.

      2. Maneesh

        We are all going to die just a matter of time 😂

    33. consulting stayoutoftrouble

      this sickness it's not created for business purpose? the time will come the truth will be revealed , the same like other decease HIV God help

      1. Caprisun 0

        @Happy Sloth that makes sense

      2. Happy Sloth

        It’s caused from people eating random bushmeat same thing with HIV. There is no conspiracy.

      3. Jacob Walther

        Please say that again but with grammar that is expectable in the English language

    34. Sean Henderson

      I kinda feel bad for him/her. Probably feels unwanted. I hope they make this situation solved in making a vaccine as quickly as possible.

    35. KenDBerryMD

      If this CoV becomes pandemic, the only safe way to go into public will be with wrap-around safety glasses, the proper type of mask covering mouth & nose, disposable gloves and perhaps even a disposable gown, among other precautions...

      1. av3maria

        Casey McKinney I guess he won’t help us. ☹️

      2. Casey McKinney

        KenDBerryMD please list all specific items we would need to be prepared

      3. av3maria

        KenDBerryMD will you please list your favorites? I’m trying to order stuff right now to keep my family safe when it does happen.

    36. dELETeD

      you are forgetting you can catch it through your eyes dummies

      1. birbo

        Nathan Uebelher definitely airborne

      2. Nathan Uebelher

        eyes? I dont understand how that would work.

      3. Nemo O

        teabag your such a virgin lol

    37. Damon Schouw

      Some are suggesting NOW this is Airborne, not droplet. Video being snuck out of China suggests this as well along with people dropping in the streets. As a nurse, forget TB precautions or contact, I wouldn’t be in a room in a bio suit with an infected patient. Some European Countries have set the standard of care for infected is to lock them in isolation, not to treat them at all. The numbers and severity from this climb by the minutes. Twitter China, Coronavirus. This May become Biblical. I suggest washing hands N5 respirators and getting right with Christ. But I may be jumping the gun. 🧐🤔

      1. Branka Korman

        Damon Schouw ml pl plan

      2. Silver Jay

        Mrs. S Same as Jashua Tabujara Main Account.(comment above you).

      3. Mrs. S

        @Silver Jay what city or state?

      4. Joshua Tabujara Main Account

        @hyggu bjhj I live in California. I'm worried of I should go to school or not.

      5. Silver Jay


    38. Dave Foreman

      Treat them how? No vaccine is

      1. Kberiotwhn

        They mean supportive care like fluids, temperature/humidity control, etc.

      2. ꧁Twilight UnderSky꧂

        Enenra Kage glad to know that there are treatments to help the virus, but I should still like the cure to come sooner and actually works

      3. zblot641


      4. Enenra Kage

        good question, I get why you would think there's no way to treat people without a cure but they use symptomatic treatment where they help minimize the severity of the symptoms to help them recover from the illness, but no there isn't a direct cure also i'm pretty sure vaccines are used to prevent someone from getting the illness, but don't normally help someone when they have the virus, as it gives them an immobilized small concentration of the virus to help the body's immune system to get used to the virus and learn how to deal with it when it next enters the body without actually harming the patient, giving them immunity to virus. anyway hope I helped, have a nice day :)

    39. Laurier

      The paper for the Deep State criminals having a great video bout a virus.

      1. Actual Factual

        @Flying With-Sharks So your state is so deep that sharks can litteraly fly?

      2. Flying With-Sharks

        More shallow state crazies, you wish your state was as deep as ours.