Dog Kissing Booth



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    1. zuzu's petals

      The pet adoption center in Sonoma County uses a kissing booth with the Ugliest Dog in the World winner who is from Sebastapol to raise money for their adoptions. There was an article about the dog in the Press Democrat from Petaluma this last week.

    2. James Prestopino

      Anyone know where the “peach owes me money,” joke comes from?

    3. Woodcarve

      jenna: marbles can i have a kiss? marble: 👁👄👁

    4. Miranda Rose

      Are people gonna come here & complain that Jenna is sexually harassing/abusing her dogs since she's "making" them kiss her. 🙄 Ya know, since she "abused" her dogs by testing out a carseat for 30 seconds.

    5. Kelsey J. W.

      Marble did such a good job 😭

    6. Bean Bean

      Marbles looks soooooo small and cute in the booth :'(

    7. Sly to Fly

      I bet if you stick your tongue out they’ll kiss you 🤣

    8. Sarah g.

      Omg so cute I can’t even...🥰🤗😘❤️

    9. Samantha Holz

      "'re too tall" 😢 Me too, Bunny

    10. Savannah

      every time julien talks to kermit or focuses the camera on him i am floored. he literally looks like that. why does he look like that.

    11. cara lollo


    12. Legit Random Person

      New title: Julian being jealous of his dogs for 12 minutes

    13. Emily Geier

      Jenna found her niche and she is THRIVING

    14. /-\

      8:57 lol Marbles

    15. Hannah Grrreen

      Does he know where he is? Hahahahahahah

    16. Alina Hart

      You should make a vegan version of the smooth peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    17. Unl34shed B34st

      Who wants to give me a kiss? *Dogs all run for their lives*

    18. CharliePlayz

      Those dogs are living the best life-

    19. CharliePlayz

      4:18 *such a cute doggo-*

    20. DJ Shark

      Love how the dogs have lipstick marks it so funny 😂

    21. jasmin wilcox

      who ships jenna julien?? I do...

    22. Ava Brumett

      Did you know that January 11th is national houseplant appreciation day and the 12th is make up your own holiday day

    23. Makara Anne

      Going off size, let’s say that there’s 3 different levels of size and four dogs. So 4x3=12. Two of the same medium size, one big and one little. So with three sizes, biggest is 4 and the other two need to add to 8 with two of the same and one smaller. So biggest 4, two medium 3s and one small 2. So basically what I’m saying is that bunny is 4/12 of the doggies, peach is 3/12, Kermit is 3/12 and marbles is 2/12. That’s all I have to say thank you for coming to my ted talk.

    24. SquidGirl379

      Kermet be like: *U CHEATED ON ME NOW IMA CHEAT ON U*

    25. Shelby

      marble 🥺

    26. ꧁uncommon trash꧂

      kermit : jenna : jenna's lipstick : *exists * kermit : * LICKING INTENSIFIES *

    27. Danica Dell

      6:45 the start of peach the tantrum

    28. Evie Thompson

      What did she do to owe her money?

    29. Snarkyy

      Jacksfilms is better

    30. Katrina hecker

      They are all just SOOO PRRREEEECIOUS!

    31. Lucifronz

      3:58 OH MY FUCKING GOD. STOP BEING SO GOD DAMN ADORABLE, MARBLES. I'm sorry, I just can't. His cuteness could solve the energy crisis.

    32. April_Lynn1999

      That google ad with the old man and remembering Loretta has me in tearsssss😭😭

    33. someone

      I knew Gargle was small.. But my *dog* is he smol

    34. someone

      Beach is usually praised as the angel of the dogroup I guess it's Pea's rebel age

    35. someone

      Peach Punch Pooth

    36. Cathrine Holst

      Peach has the sugardating world figured out tbh

    37. Mandy


    38. Iron Bars Jack

      “Unless my friend wants to give me a friend kiss” Rip

    39. Aila GH

      I bet no one searched for this

    40. Nathan Worthington

      I wouldn't kiss that dog. Her hat's ugly

    41. thegaycryptid

      seeing marble's little baby ears go down and his tail wag so fast every time jenna gives him attention and love makes me sob a river

    42. Emily Stone

      *why did 1.9k dislike this? this is art*

    43. Meegi Osmani

      How did almost 2000 people dislike this video? I would really want to know from a person who felt the need to dislike this tell me why? Please let me know, someone who actually disliked it

    44. Kay_Tee

      Peachy kissed you twice!!!

    45. danika M

      marble never being unaware of his surroundings and also being dead is a joke that'll *never* end.

    46. THEM

      Why do you put blush on your nose?

    47. soy boy

      jenna n julien just be platonic kissin. best bros who smooch sometimes

    48. Vilde Ugland

      Cement and banana is the best dogs in the world

    49. Chris. r

      "Although Julian and I do enjoy kissing each other. Except we don't because we're friends." LMFAO I love the running joke about Julian being her friend. Even tho this reminds me a lot of all my girlfriends being called my friend by family members because we are LGBT and they don't want to acknowledge our relationship. I still think this is hilarious

    50. radnukespeoplesminds

      bunny is tall gorl

    51. cee Jay

      When Jenna says she doesn’t cut things and asks Julian to do it I immediately picture him standing full frame with sharp objects, throwing them in the air trying to juggle them while accidentally slicing the electrical wires to the entire state of California and Jenna being like (gasp) “JULIAAAAANNN”. They are the bestest friends.

    52. Simply Random

      Kermit: The child everyone hates, forgets about, and also loves at the same time Peach: The poor broke collage student who spend all their money on useless stuff and takes advantage of parents Marble: The little brother everyone loves!

    53. Copperflash

      “She’s such a good girlllll! Awwww yes! *now gimme my money.*”

    54. Patricia Couch

      Your dogs are ugly

      1. soy boy

        Patricia Couch they try hard just to live... no energy to be beautiful

    55. Lorna Hanlon

      Me asking my dog for a kiss is just him staring at any food close by, a fast sudden kiss before he makes sad eyes at the treat as if I never feed him

    56. Rebecca Mackay

      Pray that Jenna washed her mouth with soap after this

    57. Lorna Hanlon

      The next time some one says on her new video that she is being mean to her dogs I will refer them here

    58. Alexandra Glowa


    59. Russell DoFrane

      Marble needs to stand on a phone book.


      Is Marbles dead in dog years? Jokes aside, I worry for them when he passes.