Drunk People Vs. Stoners Challenge (Mario Kart, IKEA, Building, Riddles)



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    This is the Drunk vs. Stoned Challenge. Watch to see who wins!
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    Drunk People Vs. Stoners Challenge (Mario Kart, IKEA, Building, Riddles)

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    1. REACT

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      1. Arashii

        Are they really drunk or stoned?

      2. ch0c0 m0nkey

        You guys should react to Mother 'reunites' with dead daughter using virtual reality

      3. Pinglord

        I might be in a minority here, but if you have an audience that consists of a lot of underage people, putting out videos of how "fun" getting drunk and stoned is might not be the best route to take.

      4. Shreya Samanta

        @REACT pls react to bollywood songs or Indian Festivals pls pls pls pls pls

    2. m o n k e y

      How is this not age restricted 🤣

    3. Bluebird Animations

      Holy shit they’re fun

    4. Dez Personality

      the way Ed was scolded for trying to unscrew the cabinet was TOO funny 😭😂

    5. Blackjack Player

      Kendelle and Erin are hot

      1. Bluebird Animations

        What useful information

    6. Truthful Opinion

      There was no way that they were drunk. :/ I can tell the stoners were somewhat stoned though.

    7. Shane Sweetman

      They weren't drunk tell the truth! Shame on you for lying!

      1. D4nK

        Preach Brother, Preach

    8. laerry1

      How is it ok to show people under influence like it's something cool? These videos are watched by children and they can see that using drugs is fun... what a fucked up society.

      1. BananaRhino12

        They are literally just using alcohol in a controlled environment doing harmless stuff. The most dangerous thing they did was drink water fast. It’s quite obvious that they weren’t even that drunk. Just let these people have some fun

      2. Unicornette Love

        They were not drunk I think that react was lying

      3. JUAN Rosello


    9. Jijo George Rajan


    10. Stubborn Taurus

      They dont look stoned

    11. Nymh Carrera

      I love the fact that they thought they lost in Mario kart

    12. kperrr

      this is really funny

    13. Dimitra Gianniotis

      “i didn’t go to COLLEGE” lmao

    14. V0ID L0CU5

      Hold up... how do y’all stone the contesters? Do y’all legit give them weed or some shit? Like...

      1. raserianfald

        You dont think they all come smoked up and liquored up to the show?

      2. Ebony Rose

        Biblically of course

    15. SakuMayb

      Kids dont do drugs

      1. SakuMayb

        @Ebony Rose dont do drugs or drink, all bad.. absolutist life style 4 ever

      2. Ebony Rose

        But didn't this video teach us that it's better than drinking?

    16. [TGT] Happy stalker [Falcore]

      didn't even know there was a difference between drunk and stoned

      1. D4nK

        when you're drunk you don't know what you're doing but when you're stoned you feel this calm peaceful feeling and you know what you're doing say otherwise than you don't know shit from a cupcake

      2. [TGT] Happy stalker [Falcore]

        @BRIEFER I'm almost 16

      3. BRIEFER

        Are you like 10?

    17. Thomas Uniat

      What have we learned? It's scientifically better to drive high than drunk. You drive better high and if you get pulled over you're more likely to get away with it.

      1. Ten13Grl

        @Moises Which is why I included it in my comment. Sleep deprivation is literally deadly.

      2. Moises

        @Ten13Grl Funny thing is driving sleep deprived is worse than driving stoned. It's a lot easier to zone out at a stop light while you're sitting down and doze off because you're so sleepy.

      3. Ten13Grl

        Don't drive impaired in any way. This includes being sleep deprived.

      4. Thomas Uniat

        @͢¢͝ å̴ř ҉i̷͘ и͞å̴ ͟ ҉ I agree. It's a logical conclusion derived from the available data but intended in humor.

      5. ͢¢͝ å̴ř ҉i̷͘ и͞å̴ ͟ ҉

        doesn't make it safe :( I agree that it's better than drinking but don't do either and drive.

    18. Whychou

      14:06 bruh she said “P” instead of “T”

      1. ͢¢͝ å̴ř ҉i̷͘ и͞å̴ ͟ ҉

        bruh I heard T lol

      2. illuminatiboi

        Bruh. 🧏🏾‍♂️ LISTEN.

      3. Izham Sham

        Hush. Kendall can do no wrong; our ears don't deserve her gorgeousness 😍



    19. Y-sterben-Y


    20. Laura S

      I've never been drunk nor stoned and I can't recite the alphabet backwards either.

    21. S W

      The drunk people were just tired half way through

    22. Sketch

      The older lady was throwing me off she kept saying R when they were doing the alphabet

    23. Kaladelia

      It is nice to know that Rainbow Road is just as frustrating on the switch as it was in N64

    24. Vanilla _ Milk

      What are stoners

      1. kitkat84

        People who smoke a lot of weed

      2. Delirious Spider

        People who are high lol

      3. gabol

        People who are stoned

    25. The Max Stevenson

      I absolutely love this video.

      1. D4nK

        what a fuckin imbecile

    26. Dasyah Siller

      12:56 got me the way she was looking at her 😂

    27. Mariah Murray

      Wait are they really drunk

    28. Pete ASMR

      I learned the alphabet backwards years ago just to see if I could. Never thought that would actually come in handy. Just sing it like we did in school but backwards with the melody. That kinda helped lol.

    29. Sedrice S

      when she flipped the cup the wrong way i diedddd💀

    30. xX_Spook.Flipz_Xx

      That white girl man😑😒

      1. D4nK

        Haa Haaa! I get it oh man this dude just got on this guys fuckin head about comin out the closet :)

      2. Sedrice S

        xX_Spook.Flipz_Xx ?

    31. haudace

      Fuck... This is a bad day now that I know drunk/stoned people are better at riddles than I am sober.

    32. Homero Archundia

      Dang it, that Mario Kart race was intense

      1. D4nK

        The only good part of the video

    33. Jennifer westbrooks

      How do I get this job?😩

    34. AdamRock

      You gave stoners WATER to drink?! Also, the other team didn't seem that drunk...

      1. haudace

        Are you sure? That lady on the drunk team was putting the cup down wrong multiple times. Rofl

    35. Afridi Hassan

      Yay go stoners!! ❤️❤️

      1. D4nK

        Too bad they weren't really stoned. :(

    36. Unicorn Blood

      Awww ive been hating on Sharon in other videos but i lowkey love her in this one

    37. Jose Lopez

      Please do a Reaction video to !!!!!!!Dimash Kudaibergen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    38. Eldina

      are you guys hiring?

    39. Jack Percy

      10:30 lol she fell asleep😂

    40. Rahma Ashraf

      :we got a system here : What is the system : Winning 😂 That's me everyday 😂😂😎

    41. Mikail Alkan

      Not impressed, they should've been as stoned as the "shazam" guy :D

      1. D4nK

        exactly dude you understand it plus you could tell with 1 second of looking at his eye that he wasn't stoned at all

    42. Oscar Arias

      She cheated on got he walked it faster

    43. Nehama W

      😂 Can u imagine coming into work and this was it?

    44. Cristian Valderrama Godoy


      1. Cristian Valderrama Godoy

        @D4nK I know I am

      2. D4nK

        they're not stoned

    45. Sinsanatis

      wth i cant even do the backwards alphabet sober.

    46. Djaney White

      Peep the dolan twins merch💜!

    47. Technization

      ngl the way toad dropped on yoshi the final lap was pretty scuffed.

    48. Leyton Spence

      That last test is not a true sobriety test because they took the backwards alphabet out because some people that are sober can't say it backwards

    49. Jaypee Sia


      1. D4nK

        what are you talking about soy boy the only thing intense was the damn Mario Kart match

    50. Toby

      Next time get them to verse eachother when the stoned team is at there peak and the “drunk” are actually drunk

    51. Hailee Kluskowski


      1. D4nK

        FBE paid you didn't they don't lie

    52. Bugzpudding

      We need more of THIS content

      1. D4nK

        FBE paid you

    53. Ira Ford


      1. D4nK

        Either you're stupid or FBE paid you

    54. SpiderSparta56

      GREATEST challenge EVER!!!!!

    55. RioluGaming 50

      Dolan twins If you see it you know

      1. Nani

        Im the new Mei stop promoting stupid

      2. Im the new Mei

        RioluGaming 50 subscribe to me

    56. Chantal Ward

      lolol both teams had a person i adore: sharon and danny. ugh i had to remain neutral lol.

      1. Nani

        Im the new Mei no one is going to subscribe to you you loser stop promoting yourself

      2. Im the new Mei

        Subscribe to me

      3. Elizabeth Gomez

        Same 🤣

      4. Gabriel Tayeh

        Chantal Ward exactly

    57. A Mon Tage

      trust me, they are not that drunk neither not that stoned to complete these that simple, without seeing any difference .....

      1. D4nK

        @DiegoMoreno I agree but if you looked at the eyes instead of the challenge like they're trying to make you do you would know straight out of the gate they weren't stoned

      2. D4nK

        @Decyfer did you see the eyes on the stoned team you fucking toy of a person

      3. DiegoMoreno

        People like them have actual common sense when they're drunk or stoned. they still feel weird but they aint like movie stereotype

      4. Decyfer

        not everyone acts like a complete idiot when they are stoned or drunk lol. are you 15?

    58. mattsmith1318

      How did no one notice on the second Riddle That the drunk team answered, the stoned team didn't and then the drunk team answered again. When they explained the rules, once you answered the other individual/team had the chance to answer or ask for it to be repeated...

    59. Homer S.

      Aint gonna lie, only here cause Kendell is lookin 🔥 🔥 🔥

      1. D4nK

        You can say it THICCCCCCCCCC

    60. Ryaan Sabooni

      Idea for a drunk vs stoned: driving!

      1. Kammy B

        Ryaan Sabooni 🤣

      2. RugGames

        great idea