Eminem Performs 'Lose Yourself' at Oscars 2020


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    Eminem performs his Oscar winning song, 'Lose Yourself,' from the film 8 MILE. This is the first time Eminem has performed the song live on the Oscars stage. See more performances and highlights at Oscar.com and in the ABC app!

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    1. Reflexzy

      He OWNED the oscars

    2. alex bessarabov

      I had front row tickets to that shit

    3. Doxx Box

      Bille needs to be punished for her reaction Jesus Christ

    4. LÜG The Verified Loser

      He’ll always be the best

    5. Constellations

      Perfect. What an amazing rapper. The crowd should have been more enthusiastic though.

    6. Joe Shmo

      Haha he's a hipster now with that beard.

    7. Adelaide Groves

      Wow just wow he still dose this stuf


      M&m loved him some under age girls. Sick perverted fuck like most in the entertainment industry.

    9. Shabana Gonzales

      I love how Bille Ellish was like why him I didn't like his performance

    10. Chris K

      Now that was pretty impressive......

    11. Oscar Padron

      The only good thing at the Oscar's

    12. enjoyitbro

      Oscars: Kevin Hart can no longer host due to homophobic comments in his past. Also Oscars: Here is Eminem to perform

    13. Anime Glass

      I bet you Endgame's box office that Scorcese never listened to Eminem before

    14. Anime Glass

      Turn the freaking mic up.

    15. Derris Bynum

      When Eminem came out I started jumping outta my seat at the Oscar's and started recording on my Instagram stories. Eminem has been my favorite, since 2000's from my childhood days when I was 8 years old I loved his albums, and movie 8 mile. One of the best moments ever on the Oscar's 2020 ever, he reminds me of my cousin David who almost looks like him.

    16. Movies For Adults Music

      It’s like performing at a golf course banquet.

    17. Black Bayani

      The white people have no idea what is going on at this moment 😂😂😂😂

    18. Jason Murphy

      So much just old money enjoy your time little puppet for profit lol so sad u this man now have a great day

    19. Debbie Jolley

      Fuck yeah

    20. Edison Shields

      What a fuckin waste. You take the best rapper of all time with one of the most get hyped rap songs ever and give it to THIS crowd? It's like putting Rage Against The Machine in a yoga/meditation class. Makes no god damn sense.

    21. Steppin

      What people don’t realize is, it’s the oscars an upstanding day of celebration for those who make millions. Yes it’s a classy event. M out here making millions why people sleep on him

    22. jacoob ramsay

      He's 47

    23. Christine McDaniels

      The best part of the Oscar's!

    24. meskin1081984

      The fool got a beard transplant.. Fake ass foo

    25. stud man

      TRUMP 2020 FUK U M&M

    26. stud man

      Wigger. Pull your pants up you are like 50 you loser.

    27. Nima shre

      For the record , Eminem's performance had 23 million views on Fox Netherland's channel ! And got deleted...

    28. Eternaldarkness3166

      I want him for the next Super Bowl Half Time Show.

    29. Music Laboratory

      "he got a weird beard" MGK aka he lost

    30. Blair Coombs

      Why am I crying

    31. David cool

      No question the very best at this type of music ! No one comes close

    32. LJ 8

      Eminem deserved much more than that caugh Billy eilish

    33. china#1 v

      We was awesome,

    34. Randy farm and lifecraft

      Eminem is back, and let's hope he doesn't go back into politics. Best music is the kind that you can relate, and tells a story. If not, then the kind that makes you want to work.

    35. Gretchen Sterba

      Who else has watched this like 100 times

    36. Exoress Delivers

      He stills sounds like he is in his late teens even though he is almost 50 years old with grandchildren.

    37. Xander Patterson

      Loll 0:40 is that Billie eilish

    38. Lordkey51

      Is this really Eminem? He looks different

    39. Clark Kent

      Maybe if he wouldn’t of gained that gut he wouldn’t of been out of breath😱😂😂

    40. Melissa Fuentes

      You hear that !!! You can actually hear what he is saying 🙌🏼 Back in tha day Rap actually told stories you could understand ✌🏼🎶 Not this mumble nonsense

    41. Destinee De

      Everybody is probably trying to be classy by being calm😆

    42. Mariana L

      What happened to the video that had hit 19 million views of Eminem at the Oscars 2020.

    43. Andrew Barron

      Guess who’s back?!? Back again...

      1. Pacman 408

        Shady's back , tell a friend

    44. Crystal A

      This sucked.

    45. Edy Lorraine

      I wonder if they told the audience to not get up and stay in their seats bc I know half of them wanted to get up and go off

    46. Josh Fox

      All I can hear is Mom's Spaghetti...

    47. Suzanna C.

      Eminem looking _good..._ 😉 And of course, sounding good!

    48. Lesion Albania

      Why does Billie Eilish look in disgust she is dawg shit compared to the rap god

    49. Crypton GeckoBoy

      Must see moment at the oscars 1:23 wait for it.....

    50. Cobra


    51. Rebel0nAMission

      Seeing Zazie jamming out to Eminem was great

    52. Martha Wallace

      Another good example why men should sport a beard. It just works. You look good Em.

    53. Luis F

      Man the oscars lame af I’d be coming outta my seat in that mf 🔥😤

    54. Lesbia Rodriguez

      The best presentation of the night!!!!

    55. J Rock

      Are you freaking kidding me that’s a weak ass crowd!!!!

    56. Jason Kay II

      My dude gained some weight

    57. 转眼十年未谋面


    58. fresh nikar

      why were his pants hanging down like this ?

    59. Toni' Mo

      Awesomely Great!!

    60. Jg Films

      It was a pleasure to watch this live on tv