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Bachelor Nation

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    Next week sees the return of Queen Demi! 👸🏼 We've also got a taste of the dramatic season ahead of us, including a SHOCKING season finale!
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    Season: 24 Episode: 2
    Bachelor: Peter Weber

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    1. Charity Johnson

      I don't get it can someone explain it to me, Demi wasn't even one of the contestants so what was she doing there???

    2. Tiffany Lueong

      Is this a clip from the movie GET OUT? “Don’t let her g o !”

    3. Meleya bortis

      This is so weird like women get there and they FALL IN LOVE forced

    4. LetsTalkAbout Trends

      Me: not watching this season Also me: let me check up on the bachelor.

    5. Zeyna Nd

      Does anyone know what happened to his forhead? I wouldn't be suprised if there was a fight

    6. Emily de Villiers

      The scene with his mom is straight out of a horror movie I swear

    7. Jessica Ribot

      Umm..Peter's mom is borderline scary! "Don't let her go, don't let her go, bring her home, bring her home to US".."Us"🤨 what in the Holly hell is that supposed to mean?!

    8. alejandra rivano

      They were in Chile 🥰 🇨🇱

    9. Stęru Cęr

      Ahh.. I'm crazy in LOVE with her and it's not OVER?! Ooooh.. my GOD! it's really HANNA BROWN, because it's not yet OVER! WOW!

      1. Kristina LaRue

        I think he is talking about Madison. I dont think she shows up at the final rose and he goes after her.

    10. Juresha Cholopray

      *Spoiler * Victoria had a before going on the show.

      1. 17M views

        Juresha Cholopray is that legit

    11. Emmanuel Wu

      I think he got one of the girls pregnant lol

    12. filipinobean

      One of the girls is a transgender.

    13. Nikita Nikita

      Let me guess someone got pregnant from that steamy tub!!

    14. Shawn Dougherty

      I think that maybe the thing that they just found is one of the girl’s is secretly in high school and has been lying about her age

    15. Luc Bordage

      Demi for president.

    16. lynn jones

      I watch this show for entertainment purposes only and the laughs

    17. Stephanie Charekian

      what the actaul f did i just watch IS HE ALREADY IN LOVE AND WHO IS HIS MOM CRYING ABOUT

      1. Stephanie Charekian

        Bachelorette* lol

      2. Stephanie Charekian

        and he was one of the men on Hannah's szn of the bachelor

      3. Stephanie Charekian

        tik tok spoiled the end of the szn for me

      4. Ezekiel Dulay

        Who did he inlove with?

      5. Kelly Kerr


    18. Pimple Popper

      Okay so here’s what I think: He got one of the girls pregnant.?

      1. Queen ELL


      2. Thai

        Really? That would be crazy...

      3. Kelly Kerr

        Hannah Brown

    19. L. S

      If i was one of those girls i would feel cheated on. No wonder they are all emotionally messed up.Even at the end of it one is chosen how do u trust the guy .

    20. Zainab Muhammad

      Too much kissing 😙🥴🥴

    21. mbuke tugutu

      Is someone pregnant?

    22. Iki n

      D o n 't l e t h e r g o 😧 😂

    23. Dee R

      Tbh this whole cast kinda sucks :/

    24. Thong Nguyen


      1. Margaret Wanjiru

        I wish too

      2. Lina Leväaho

        I wish😍

    25. Raquel Peralta

      who's crying at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="36">0:36</a>? could be Aalayah or sydney or... ? prediction: Hannah COULD be in the final 2 so MAYBE that's what we see her crying in this trailer? (<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="125">2:05</a>) and there's a pool party like previous seasons.

    26. Saman Tahir

      I feel like Peter's mom cries more than the girls on the show. This woman needs her own reality tv show omg

    27. katmanduxo 1991

      Or ffs😴🙄

    28. Jill Collins Brown

      I want a shirt that says I’m not a champagne stealer

    29. Amy & Teddy R

      I don’t see Demi?

    30. Hector Rodriguez

      Ohhhhh Myyyyyy goooood first Hannah B and now Demi who wreck Bachelor in paradise last season with her and her bisexual crap

      1. Hillary Soergel


    31. Colbert Massie

      Well we all know the sister ain’t gonna win

    32. Abby v

      Who’s Demi someone explain?

      1. Ciara Flores

        She’s from Coltons season

    33. Christina Nguyen

      I’m hoping jasmine nguyen gets to be the bachelorette.

    34. Mercurial Pierrot

      I watch this show for the cringe. All these women fool themselves into thinking that they are in love with this one guy. The levels of desperation are insane. Everything about this show is toxic for the participants.

      1. Meleya bortis

        Yes thank u

      2. Zeyna Nd

        Yes but job prospecrs aren't good might aswel try reality tv and as a way in to hollywood. I really think that's what this group of girls are thinking.

      3. LOADING...

        Mercurial Pierrot not just participants, viewers too. “You are what you attracted “

    35. Angelika Weik

      Guys....there has been a 'experiment' if a man and woman can fall in love just by asking eachother 36 questions , the result is it is possible! Now in thiese situacións of course maybe almost all these girls are falling in love !!! Thats what its about of course! But at the same time they should be aware of that. Feelings are important but a heart break is serious!

    36. katherine borchard

      We could all see Hannah walking there

      1. Queen Debbie

        katherine borchard nahhhh it’s Madison

    37. Digital Taye

      Hope he doesn't sleep with everyone 🤨

      1. Tracy Do

        Digital Taye hilarious comment 😂😂😂

      2. Hillary Soergel

        All of them? Lol

      3. maarchil vlogger

        He did😢

    38. Elisa Cason

      The champagne storyline 😂😂😭

    39. wendy C

      why is peters mom paet of wether he should not let someone go tooo close

    40. Emma Stoned


      1. Kelly Kerr

        Thats what i think...

      2. Kristina LaRue

        I hope it's Hannah B

      3. Queen Debbie

        Nope it Madison

      4. maarchil vlogger

        I hope so but in my head it's madison idk just a guess

    41. Cel Rampaul

      I see a lot of genuine girls here and if he leaves all 30 of them for Hannah Brown🤦🏽‍♀️well something definitely happened in that windmill 😭🤣🤣

    42. hmm hmm

      Yo i need the help of my fellow bachelor fans, what site can i watch the full episodes online? Pls hook me up

      1. dinah houze

        I watch on HULU, usually have to wait till Tuesday b4 it's on there. 💛👍😊 Its free too.

      2. Claudia Gomez


      3. Rowan Lovelies

        Just put in your tv provider and you’ll be set

      4. Rowan Lovelies

        hmm hmm ABC

    43. Shannon Harris

      Its definitely about Madison

    44. Hey

      So basically Madison pulled a Cassie?

      1. Lindsay Fortin

        Has to be

      2. lital pharan

        hahaha. maybe :)

    45. A O’Mahony

      Does anyone know of a website where you can watch it if you’re not in the us ???

      1. OyinSpeaks Speaks


    46. Mik K

      Let Demi make her money. Damn!

    47. Kristina LaRue

      It's really hard to see him with all these YOUNG girls.

      1. Meg Kampen

        @Kristina LaRue The are are all so immature!

      2. Kristina LaRue

        @plantec Smiths it's not really the age it's the maturity levels of these girls. I don't see one Lady in the bunch.

      3. plantec Smiths

        @Kristina LaRue what age do you find is too young for him?

      4. Kristina LaRue

        @plantec Smiths he is 28

      5. plantec Smiths

        Isn't he 26?

    48. Kristina LaRue

      It's not going to be Hannah B at the end like I was hoping for, it's going to be Madison.

      1. Kristina LaRue

        He was saying he has fallen in love with several woman. Im thinking he will be going after someone other than Hannah B

      2. Penina Hoch

        Madison is better than Hannah Anne

      3. Kristina LaRue

        @Mary Sierra I'll listen again.

      4. Mary Sierra

        Listen to how he's wording his words it's about hannah b

    49. Itry2belogic 4

      His mom is really rooting hard for one of those girls 😂 hope he chooses who HE wants

      1. Meg Kampen

        @Colbert Massie It's Hannah! She finds out that she came back and wanted him back but he left her go.

      2. Colbert Massie

        Ezekiel Dulay Brown

      3. Ezekiel Dulay

        @Colbert Massie Ann or Brown?

      4. Itry2belogic 4

        Kristina LaRue me too

      5. Itry2belogic 4

        Ashley Marie I’m thinking the same

    50. Dieu GD


      1. meme slut

        Yes.. devil in the flesh

    51. not you

      I like where this person cry,if I will be near to this I will always make him cry cos that looks nice to me.

    52. Sunday K

      Ahhh so Madison left. And he was going after her.


      Lol I'm not a champagne stealer? Is that a thing?

    54. Ashleystar

      Is Demi the one annoying girl that appeared on the last season of the bachelor

      1. Luc Bordage

        Demi is awesome. One of a kind.

      2. Ashleystar

        @Wing Penguin well at least I got the part where she appeared last season of the bachelor with Colton.

      3. Lena Marie

        I LOVE DEMI

      4. Wing Penguin

        She is Hannah Brown's friend from Colton's season. She was also in Bachelor in Paradise - but then left with a GIRL. I guess after Hannah Brown's confession, they decided to bring someone more neutral

    55. Tsering Dolma


      1. Priyanka Jaiswal

        Same feeling..🤣

      2. Queen Debbie

        He goes back and try’s to fight but she doesn’t want to aka his heart is broken he doesn’t know what to do. But no one know what happens next. We think it will all go down I’m atfr

      3. Queen Debbie

        Final 3 Hannah Ann, Victoria F and Madison

      4. Queen Debbie

        Final two Madison and Hannah ann

      5. Caro and Char


    56. Tsering Dolma

      did anyone else girl's underwear at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="58">0:58</a> are drawn on? or am I just going crazy? it looks like an edit someone made on picart

      1. L V

        HAHA! They could have just blurred it out and no one would care. But that’s super funny.

      2. Joanne Devine

        Good eye! Dawn on for sure. She probably had a butt out swimsuit on. Bad edit.

      3. TheCreativeMommy

        Definitely drawn on!

    57. raheem mcclashie

      the shy one who cried after the model thing is a beauty... she and alexa.

      1. Kristina LaRue


      2. noorah nn

        what’s her name?

      3. Mei Quinn

        You mean the dry one?

    58. Darlene Franco

      I can't believe that there is something in the season finale that people just found out. This is like Jed all over again.

      1. Darlene Franco

        @Queen Debbie they said in this trailer that they just found out something about a girl he might propose to and that is like Jed because he waited until after he proposed to Hannah that he has a girlfriend.

      2. Queen Debbie

        Whatrtttttt explain

    59. KriStanna

      Demi’s ego has gotten way out of control.

      1. Vishnu Chinni

        Have u seen paradise yet. Just wanna know.

      2. Lena Marie

        KriStanna I LOVE DEMI

    60. Victoria Heart

      Nobody wants to see Demi’s face. Go back to your Lover you mooch. 🤮

      1. Mari And Esthie

        Kelly Kerr you should ask the producers

      2. Kelly Kerr

        Whats up with theses previous peopls coming back? It sucks...

      3. Mari And Esthie

        Betty Motilal like I said if u have nothing nice to say don’t say it

      4. Betty Motilal

        What is she after a man or a woman? I cant stand her.

      5. Mari And Esthie

        Demi isn’t the one to decide if she goes on the show or not also if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all😒

    61. Lily Bell Lee

      Omg yes Demi