First look at the 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette


8 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    A first look at the free 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette
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    1. norbkowa

      I have a 2004 Silhouette Final 500 edition with every option it had dvd, heated seats, tri zone climate, 6 cd changer that now its been upgraded to original GM GPS radio, both power sliding doors, etc. It now has little over 170k miles on it and only things i changed were front bearings, starter and thermostat otherwise its been trouble free van. Hope will last long time since its good for family and 2 kids.

    2. Richardo Bervel

      pobre oldsmobile silhouette la tienen muy amolada

    3. william mize

      its,not a Ford wind crap duh

    4. Aaron Aaron

      take it to the junkyard

    5. gilliland426

      if you scrape it out i would like to have the front and rear olds emblems, the premiere emblems off the doors and the radio if you don't mind my friend!

      1. bah53

        +gilliland426 Not sure if it will be scrapped or sold at this point.

    6. Ben's Variety Channel

      See I've been wondering where your uploads were because I thought I subscribed to you, didn't take but a couple months to figure out otherwise lol, so much for watching videos at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="750">12:30</a>AM being a good plan

    7. lawnmowerrock

      Hey man I really like your videos I've been watching for about 2 months I'm 12 years old and me and my dad collect cars one day I'll have to send you an email. If you want may you please give me your email I would love to show you all our cars and maybe start them up for you

    8. lindell inspetion

      We have a car like that old mold bel

    9. vortec mob

      I got a 1989 camaro for free a while back. it drives but smokes like crazy gonna put in a new head gasket

      1. bah53

        @Indiana Jones Nice

    10. craig1974

      Those beasts are pretty rust prone

      1. bah53

        @craig1974 Yeah this one has a good bit of rust on it.

    11. FordTower97

      Good enough to go pick the kids up from soccer practice, Right Brett? lol

      1. FordTower97

        Lol that also sounds good

      2. bah53

        @FordTower97 Or good enough to load scrap in lol

    12. cutemike39

      chevy had the uplander i think

    13. cutemike39

    14. BossKarp

      I think ive seen maybe one of these whales, it being uncommon got my attention as I drove past it.

    15. honda guy 89

      not bad pain in the ass van to work on I tell u that and they rust like crazy to

    16. cutemike39

      no pontiac made the montana

    17. RomneyGack

      Can you show the van morley?

      1. bah53

        @RomneyGack I will show more of the van.

    18. ARednecksLife

      Question for you, on your last video at the very end you showed 3 preview videos, in those 3 videos was the video of this van how did you do that, since the video of this van was not uploaded yet??

      1. bah53

        @redneckbryon I already shot the video, just hadn't uploaded it. I edit that end part into the video before I upload it.

    19. discoveryman59

      New toys!!!

    20. NeverA DamnDullMoment

      Free - you bet, I'll make it work, love all your posts!

    21. randomrazr

      i knew chevy made the montannas, didnt know olds had something on the same body

    22. klc317

      When the price is right you can't go wrong.

    23. Corvettefan

      So if you get the van running what is your plan to do with it?

      1. bah53

        @Steven Lebbing I'm honestly not sure yet. I just couldn't pass up a free vehicle.

    24. cbr10

      wonderful for free