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    FightHype.com was on hand in Flint, Michigan where world champion Claressa Shields and challenger Ivana Habazin held the weigh-in leading up to their anticipated showdown. You don't want to miss how the fighters looked and what those in attendance had to say. Check it out!

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    1. Bruce Jenner

      Talking with your hands like a female........gets you knocked out.

    2. Mick Clarke

      All talk by the looks of him

    3. Glaithius

      Damn did he get punched by Hercules?

    4. Kieran Beynon

      Guessing he didn’t “knock that bitch out then” 😂

    5. ryan mo

      Scumbag bastard

    6. umesh subba

      Where is the SUCKER PUNCH?????

    7. leopldo alvarez

      so you stop recording when the best part started wtf

    8. Ruben Cruz


    9. Mark Herron

      Yep always comes down to piting us against each other. Nutball has a lawsuit now for assault. Lost money and reputation. Damm fool.

    10. daniel Webster

      How you know it was a sucker punch if it was not on video?

    11. Dour Boy

      U get a dislike just for recording the dumb shit but not the knock out

    12. Dour Boy

      He was talking mad shit to a girl I don't feel bad for him at all stay in a old mans place lol

    13. Chris Rivers

      That's weak bro GTFOH. So she acting like a man and you acting like a bitch. No need for this shit...

    14. Naveen Kumar

      I feel embarrassed for people in their 40s and 50s still acting like they are in high school.

    15. Bos-Kan Gaming


    16. Boy Vasquez

      I said it once I'll say it again u could b the tuffets MF. on the planet . Cause now a days everybody's a gangster n a killer . BUT NO MATTER HOW BAD U R THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEBODY FOR SOMEBODY 💯 u don't hear me. 🤔✌️

    17. James Brown

      Talking all that shit for cameras and left himself open to get put to sleep, smfh.. The least you can do is be on point when talking big shit about slapping somebody...

    18. Benny Benitez

      Dude got knocked out by butch!!😀😀

    19. Ethan Sennett

      Talk shit get banged 😂

    20. Marlon Browne

      Can train but cannot defend his own ass. Would not want him to train me

    21. thebernism1

      We don't know who's hit him, what with or even why. Nobody actually knows what's happened because there's no footage. Y'all jus exited!

    22. Victor Ramirez

      So, who's the one that got knocked out? That's why is so much better to just back off and keep our mouth shut. It is never worth making a stupid choice

    23. admiral \m/

      Lol big mouth got shut down....😜😜😜 talking shit and instead got shit out of his mouth. MORAL- if you cant fight then shut the fuck up nd go watch netlfix....😜😜😜

    24. Caribbean Home

      All fights are HYPE this channel promotes it lmao no real footage of the actual “KNOCKOUT” I’ll say it again GTFOH

    25. Caribbean Home

      GWOAT? I’d say GTFOH all that bs to hype up a trash ass fight

    26. Chris K

      Lesson of the day....don’t go running your mouth if you ain’t back it up!! 🥊

    27. Will Taylor

      Who knocked him out

    28. 185jonesy

      Don king on the Zimmer frame in the background there being a nosey cunt as usual

    29. Herbert Longdick

      I know he's a woman beater!!!! and that day karma got his ass. I'm happy to see his ass knocked out!!!!!

    30. Andrew Stewart

      That's so dumb. I hope it wasnt that girl that he was arguing with. If it was, it just shows you how cowardly she really is. I hate people that sucker punch, to scared to confront. Pretty sure they could have gotten into the ring and slugged it out. Makes me sick.

    31. Trick Trick

      Guaranteed that was a sucker punch he didn’t see comeing that’s how they roll we call them (bitches)

    32. Kenneth Moulton

      Click bait

    33. B Chaiynz

      Title says "sucker-punch" yet yall don't have proof? Get the fuck outta here!!

    34. cool cat

      That's funny

    35. Drew Phillip

      Can't wait to hear about the brother going back to prison for 10 years. Yeah real tough guy sucker punching someone. He cost his sister $350k and he gets a free ride back to prison and waste more of his life. Good riddance.

    36. Ron Whitehorse

      Wheres the punch

    37. Gavin1130

      This description was definitely clickbait, it should’ve read..... “ ppl argue, man talks shit, and shortly there after, was found bleeding on the ground!” Just sayin We know the “Who” ✅ We know the “What”✅ We know the “When”✅ We know the “Where”✅ We know the “Why”✅ and don’t forget sometimes We don’t know the “How”❎ JK, BOL

    38. Scott Byrne

      Young disrespectful punks chicken shit punch then run out the door.. Typical of today's weak gutless youth

    39. Keith Nowak

      Only pussies sucker punch.

    40. REC it Pete

      You cant talk to a woman like that!! Props to whoever knocked this prick out.

    41. Thayne

      Hahahaha old bitch

    42. Nick Rosmini

      Chat shit, get banged...

    43. Dee Sanchez

      Ran his mouth he should of ran his feet!

    44. Kevin Cruz

      Why he hit that old man. Straight up pussy.

    45. Schäfer G.

      All those cameras and not one on the KO. All those people and no one thought to chase the man. Wtf is the security???

    46. mrswolls

      So who hit him?

    47. cabadman1

      Whack ass security wearing 3d world flaks with rhinestones in it 😂😂 and fucking apple caps hahah I swear only black people wear shit like this 😂😂

    48. Craig Caldwell

      Did he steal his dirty ass dodgers hat 🧢

    49. Erik Andersen

      So she got one of her guy friends to sucker punch him? Wow...

      1. Erik Andersen

        Drew Phillip Jesus...

      2. Drew Phillip

        Her brother punched the dude, cost her $350k for the cancelled fight and he's looking at 10 years for assault.

    50. Oscar Face


    51. Mere Arihi Pipi-Takoko

      Let yo guard down fool

    52. Sammy Garcia

      Talking shit one minute latyed out the next😮

    53. Greg Maddux

      How does this video not have more dislikes?

    54. Anthony Price

      Run the mouth and get delt with

    55. Mr. Natural

      Shouldn’t have talked all that shit

    56. Clutch Player #2

      Bitches want a equal world. Talk shit get hit. Wannabe a man then get ready to live our code.

    57. duane jessup

      You the sucker for sitting rite there and recording everything but the punch. Terrrrrrible

    58. Ray A

      Sometimes when you talk shit... shit happens

    59. SoulJAH JustICE

      Old or young, once you off that stoop ...it's through. I was taught...act like that, I better scrap like that and no matter how tough you are... remain humble.

    60. zed 502

      Sees man bleeding from head: "Hold on I have training. Did he hit his head?"