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    FightHype.com was on hand in Flint, Michigan where world champion Claressa Shields and challenger Ivana Habazin held the weigh-in leading up to their anticipated showdown. You don't want to miss how the fighters looked and what those in attendance had to say. Check it out!

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    1. B- Head

      Sucker punching is weak no matter how u wanna look at it

    2. Eric Calderon Guzman

      When talking shit you better known you can back it up lol

    3. C

      He shut up real quick loud mouths drop quick the quiet ones is who u gotta watch out for

    4. Varan S

      This cameraman sucks. Give it up Gump.

    5. Eduardo Guerrero

      All that shit he was talking and knocked the fuck out , fkn big mouth couldnt back it up Lol 😂🤣

    6. Shanetta Cane

      Damm come on people

    7. justblaze2323

      Sucka ass shit, even if he was running his mouth, still some sucka ass shit.

    8. Bruce Buckley

      I liked at fisrt, but i disapprove of Pops being sucker punched in secret. Handle ya biz, when it's in front of you.

    9. Classic Man Expressions CMX

      Keepin it classy!

    10. rileemunoz00

      He gives boxing(and REAL men)a bad name. Boxing gave him that shit back! Sleeeeeeep...😴

    11. Jacob Hill

      And I though the guy that doing all the talking was the tough guy. What a turn of events. Why wasn't that paper view??

    12. EvoSGooD

      He was acting like a gangster, he got his G card Revoked. 🤦🏻‍♂️ he kept at it, shouldn’t run your mouth like that, wrong person could end up dead real quick. I’ve seen people get shot for looking at a guy the wrong way 🤷🏻‍♂️.

    13. Johnny O

      Where the fuck is the cut man 🤔

    14. Johnny O

      Can't take black ppl no place

    15. Tomasincea Newring

      His last famous words I’ll knock that bitch out 😂😂

    16. Tomasincea Newring

      His last famous words I’ll knock that bitch out 😂😂

    17. Alex Reci

      Well he won't be trash talking anytime soon.

    18. zeke c

      Clarissa please surround yourself around classy people

    19. scott perry

      I guess I’d be pissed to , if I woke up with pubic hair growing all over my body

    20. Eric Warren

      Nigga got slept and bleeding. Don't run your mouth

    21. kenneth hurst

      Whoa!!! the same dude that was talking about knocking somebody out is now laid out...ain't that something???

    22. Jonathan Pabon

      It was truly as sucker punch!!! Because we didn’t even see it!!!!

    23. WD Tripps

      Where Tyrone Woodley at

    24. Berj Cherkezian


    25. Jowy Jozef

      Knock out is @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> (but no footage is available) *Waist of time*

    26. Michael Freeman

      Goofy bitch literally didnt have the balls to do it herself. Her and the nigga she had do that shit is straight pussy. Had to sneak an old man. Just sucker shit.

    27. Ravot JAE

      Woof woof barking all that shit ☠

    28. Eric B. NoRakim

      The guy who sucker punched him is a bitch! He should have squared up, like a man! When you have to suck a bunch of old man, to be tough, you're just a straight b****!

    29. Vania Rouleau

      It is still an assault!

    30. Jon Doe

      They faking it

    31. Aaron hampton

      That Humble Pie is a Mf!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    32. james baraht

      He a old man...

    33. Dontay sumo

      When a woman has more testosterone then you do makes you sleepy I guess because I never seen her hit him just him napping

    34. Staccs3 Mobile Gaming

      That’s what happens to niggas who talk shit and can’t fight

    35. Lorie Ford

      That old man with the walker needs a hair cut. Shit look like a Brillo.

    36. Lorie Ford

      This isnt his first time. Nor his last, he'll still be that hard headed fool getting knocked out at 80.

    37. James Moore

      How’s the dudes jacket GWOAT. Is that greatest wanker of all time?

    38. black duel


    39. Matthew

      Shields is so ghetto. Her team has to sucker punch old people and run


      When are we going to stop treating each other this way crabs 🦀 in a barrel. They were both dead wrong for speaking to one another that way and then physically taking it to the next level. The elder wasn’t acting like one wise and patient like he should have been and I’m sure the person who physically assaulted him was more than likely half his age didn’t show any respect for an elder even when the elder is wrong.

    41. Paul Kim

      Cameraman can’t even do his job filming and didn’t even get it on camera. Your fired wack ass

    42. Steven Means

      Who hit him

    43. Bam Bam

      Lol aye you aight OG?

    44. Vasage X

      Am I the only one that had to watch this shit 3 times to figure out the person in the GWOAT jacket a girl haha. I know this is old now but it’s bullshit for the actual fighters cause they suffer for entourages bullshit foolishness.

    45. WhatThaFlocka

      You don't actually see the knock out punches hit. Just him laid out. Leave that thumbs down and save yourself the time

    46. jadcock1023

      She went and got some men to jump him dirty know way in hell she got him

      1. Marion Jones

        She could have snuck him, js🤷

    47. Ayo Saint Love

      Talk Shit ... Get Split

    48. Suzanne Young

      Pops did too damn much and got knocked

    49. Kunoyed Warner

      That dude with the Walker think he SLICK!

    50. sour airhead

      This video is lame

    51. Gary Johnson

      Click bait shit!!

    52. andre phillips

      I don’t give a damn what he said sucker punches are WRONG, if it were some others the person who knocked him out should look over their shoulder for ever

    53. IHateOff WhiteS

      Look at all those stupid mayo maggots taking pics. I wish it was a drive by. Bury all those stupid with the camera.

    54. Mitch Addams

      I mean was it a cheap shot or a good shot ..any footage

    55. BeaverSharkGaming

      Anyone who sucker punches someone is a bitch. Straight up. No question about it.

    56. brandon belk

      When keeping it real goes wrong.

    57. Buckbennyrides

      Who were the guys with the bullet proof vests and black berets lol.

    58. Albert Herrera

      Ppl on this comments is trash he a old man

    59. oisteen loken

      Where’s the real video that shows what really happened

    60. Geran Wilson

      He should have kicked that b****** ass the first time she got out of place that's what happens when you leave your b****** unchecked

    61. RONNIE

      More info who hit him????

    62. Kleo

      Thumbnail thought was jadakiss

    63. Jason Sotomayor

      Maybe he deserved it. Lol

    64. Michael Patricio

      Blah! blah! blah! Boom! Wasted... 😂

    65. jesse perez

      Real nigga shit

    66. renee griffin

      That’s what the fuk he get talking to a black female like that. That’s good for him.

    67. stocktonx4

      I love all these people in the comments actin like sucker punchin a shit talking old man is cool. Fuck everybody that thinks it's alright cuz he ran his mouth. Respect the og no matter what shit like that will get you killed where I come from bitchmade punk

    68. camo jorel

      No punch=no like

    69. Latawnnie Garris

      Please, it don't look good hitting old people, trash talking with him was a waste of time. So getting mad because he wouldn't back down, this didn't make sense at ALL

    70. Mario Meza

      What you mean keeping it real?!! Everyone always runs their mouth!! Fight it out then!

    71. mark penny

      He told the truth she not a man she a woman she want to act like a man should get knocked like a man just saying Whoever has sucker punch him as a damn coward all these studs want to run up on a real man but find out quickly they don't have the strength

    72. mark penny

      Only cowards sucker punch people

    73. Kings County

      He got dope fiend though..Lol.Who slept him?Let me find out that AG put his lights out.lol.

    74. Mr Dallas12

      Ohh no a black sucker punched someone no it cant be.

    75. Steven Ramos

      Easy to take jabs at a man who was having an argument With someone when a grown ass man sucker punches his while he was sitting down. Sure he was being an ahole but what started the issue in the first place? Any grown man that would sucker punch and old man like that is a bitch. Couldnt you be a man and do it fairly, just because the guy isnt acting like a man himself doesnt mean you get to sucker punch him. man enough to sucker punch should havr bean man enough to square up, he was in the wrong already no need to speed past him. I bet you would have challenged him he would have backed down and then only he looks like shit. The guy that cheap shotted wouldn't have to run, the ahole would have remained an ahole and have to shut up at that point, no charges pressed, no hiding out, just let the ahole show how much of a bit## he is for trying to act like a bully.

    76. KING YETI

      Damn dude did donnell Rawlings bad didn’t he?!

    77. Bdnic Fwpat

      The dude hit him and ran haha

    78. stalag Alter Egos

      When it goes bad, it's really bad.

    79. DavieBoy248

      He needs to put his mouth into retirement now.

    80. Mike Kay

      Only cowards sucker punches. Real people will face you one on one.