How China Built a Hospital in 10 Days

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Wendover Productions

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    Animation by Josh Sherrington
    Sound by Graham Haerther (
    Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster
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    Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
    Select Footage courtesy 大紀元新聞網 and
    中国新闻网 under creative commons licenses

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    1. Jackie Scum

      It doesn’t mean anything if it’s a pos. The hospital is leaking badly already.

    2. anastasiagirl1342

      They should have stopped the flights.

    3. Slick Pickle

      now it's leaking lmao, epic fail

    4. Sarukh Khan King of The World

      I am building garden shed in my back yard. It took more than a month and I m still building. I dont know when this is going to end.

    5. man wah

      How China Built a Hospital in 10 Days AND Falling Apart Due to Winds and Snow in 3 days lul

    6. Jose antonio Paul

      That's how it get it done.god bless China .

    7. CurtisCT

      All the juvenile comments aside, there are very good reasons why it would be impossible to duplicate such a feat in western countries and why medical facilities in the West take years to build, and it has nothing to do with incompetence or red tape. There's a very long list of safety measures and preconditions, like environmental impact studies, fire protection measures, logistics studies, etc., that must be met before construction can even begin. These measures might slow down a building project and they might cost a lot of money, but hundreds of years of experience has shown that this is the best and safest way to avoid structural failures as well as survive unforeseen catastrophes. Yes, China has without a doubt accomplished a very remarkable task, but it would surprise no one if the building structures begin to fail after a few short years or if contaminants begin polluting the environment thereby causing another epidemic in the local population. Which is precisely the reason why Western journalists were specifically excluded from reporting on the building process: they would have undoubtedly introduced an unwanted measure of scrutiny and uncovered any substandard building practices.

    8. Jame Htoo

      Is not hospital 🏥 bro is empty room to put people 😫

    9. Zevip

      well, thats why china is number 1. And almost 45 to 60% of things we have is made from china.

    10. 陈思羽

      we don't know if the first person who got it from eating or contacting wild animals... most likely contacting since contacting is a much bigger risk...

    11. ZekE DaK

      They ate a bat that's how they did it

    12. Robin Lamott

      UMM People have been eating the weirdest wild animals since the beginning of time, that's just BS. This came from a US lab, to destroy China

    13. blattimus

      There are a lot of people on this forum fondly praising the efficiency at construction - of mass detention facilities for those suspected of having the virus, not hospitals - of this evil mass-murdering human rights-abusing dictatorship. Nazi Germany was also very efficient at organizing the labor of unwilling people for media-friendly public works projects. Are you people also going to wax on about how much speedy construction they achieved while working these political prisoners to death?

    14. Gechu ZHAO

      Meanwhile in France, it took years for sncf to decide to buy some new train, cost a few billion, then took a long time shipping the trains, and turned out those trains were wider than the platforms....

    15. csont tót

      Not hospital, dying place

    16. Trials and Tribulations

      Kind of odd how he doesn't mention how China denied and covered up the Corona Virus, declined CDC support, or how China manipulated WHO to exclude Taiwan even after China exported the Corona Virus to Taiwan. China also arrested doctors and journalists who had the audacity to broadcast the existence of the Corona Virus. Any bets on how long the hospital will stand before collapsing?

    17. Rabia -

      This is how they probably build their concentration camps too

    18. Mesin Foe

      This is chinese speed

    19. Sâm Nguyễn Thị

      At first, Goverment wanted to build in 3 days

    20. Mios Novos

      Minecraft 2.0

    21. Yuan Tronz

      The buildings are already leaking...

    22. xmodmodifier

      This is a Wendover channel, I clicked to see this 9:58. My day is now complete.

    23. Kofi Annan

      This virus was spread by sexual contact with bats. Nice.

    24. Yi Yun

      Lol nope not a wild animal.its an escaped bio weapon. Moron fake news. Also this hospital is falling apart and the roof is pouring water down on the sick. They burning more bodies then reported deathes. Nice Chinese propaganda on your channel. Get bent asshole.

    25. elcup31

      no mention of the bars on the windows or the fact that the place leaks like a sieve:

    26. Leftiesrlosers

      They build hospitals as quick as they spread the virus 🦠

    27. SSGTWinters

      yeah this aint a hospital its a crematorium center

    28. Goj Ira

      Someone ate a wild animals ass?

    29. Randy Marsh

      It's funny how they try to put a positive spin on this. How about a video where China was responsible for this whole shitshow?

    30. vonshango

      4:55 world's largest construction co. 5:43 layered foundation. 7:15 prefab skeleton. 8:50 outfitting rooms into quarantine hospital incl special uncentralized auto-ventilation in each room. 9:58 8 plane loads of military medical staff arrived. on the 10th day patients arrived. 10:38 3 days later a 600 bed hospital opened.

    31. Partha Dey

      No other country on Earth could've done this, they're on another level

    32. Syntax Error

      WHY do you lower the quality of your own videos by adding annoying, distracting, tiring noise? A basic rule of a video that people can enjoy is to NEVER add noise when someone talks.

    33. chocoluver18

      There is no toilet and water omg

    34. Golden

      China: I made a hospital in 10 days Madrid: I've been building a cathedral since 1882

    35. shantanu jain

      China built hospital in 10 days. Indian politicians: let's keep the money to ourselves

    36. TJP projects


    37. Mike Smith


    38. عبدالله الزهراني


    39. 🍅

      Well, they didn’t FYI

    40. Clare Degroff

      They didn't build a hospital in 10 days, they built a housing car for dying people to keep them away from non infected people. PERIOD

    41. Brian 520

      In Tucson Az it takes 3 to 4 years just to lay a road

    42. Steven Chau

      Lmao here in el salvador it takes a decade just to paint the road.

    43. Saeed

      Moral of the story: My Chineese friends stop eating bats 🦇

    44. Mars Upial

      Too bad they didn't incorporate indoor plumbing into their flat-pak hospital. Contagious patients have to walk 200 mtrs outside the hospital to an old toilet block - WHICH HAS NO HAND-WASHING FACILITIES. Patients not able to walk are lying in their own waste and dying of gastroenteritis, not the coronavirus

    45. The Guy Nobody Really Likes

      Soon they'll be building hospitals faster than I can take a dump.

    46. josh fritz

      It didn't help that China tried to cover up the existence of the virus for a full month before actually taking action to stop it.

    47. Tymek Paulo

      I swear every wendover vid i watch he has a different voice

    48. Wooddog Shiba Inu

      They manufactured and assembled the hospitals.

    49. Marvin Duster

      Is nobody gonna praise Sam, that he put up this quality video in 9 Days? Great job

    50. Shaun Burns

      When you have an iron grip on your country you can do anything. Just look at what soviet Russia did

    51. Luigi's Product Reviews

      How China Built a Hopsital in 10 Days? Answer: They drank a lot of Coffee. The same way I studied final exams in one night.


        Luigi's Product Reviews Lol

    52. বসন্ত হসন্ত

      Wendovers think everyone is USA's slave

    53. Ullas

      MineCraft mode activated

    54. Jack Herne

      This whole clip is full of bullshit , they are probably owned by a chinese company. Nobody knows exactly how the virus came into contact of human beings , the bat eating bullshit was dismissed quickly , there is some evidence that the virus might have been engineered . There were doctors who tried to whistle blow about the Corona virus but they were arrested and silenced . The so called "hospital" is actually a quarantine center , where lots of people enter or are brought in by force but they don't leave , some of the doctors that managed to blow the whistle said they were burning around 100 bodies a day , victims which weren't reported as deaths. You should be ashamed , you are contributing to the cover-up of crimes against humanity and for what , money? This message will probably get deleted ...

    55. Cicada Smasher

      And they built a concentration camp in only 5.

    56. Mahesh Sharma

      and here i'm living my life in nepal

    57. The Last

      Communism is a human cancer as is China!

    58. George Holmes

      The hospital is completely falling apart. Look it up

    59. Gaming Hq

      And it's last for 3 months...Make in China

    60. Lying Eyes