How Peter Really Felt About Hannah Revealing Fantasy Suite Details

Bachelor Nation

Bachelor Nation

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    1. Heidi L

      I love Rachel's laugh 😁

    2. Maryellen O'Leary

      Why doesn’t she just go away???

    3. Little Missy

      Hannah should have kept her mouth shut. Maybe a little more self respect could have made that happen. What the hell??????

    4. Kristina LaRue

      I would love to see them together! I really hope Hannah goes after him so he can trust the relationship.

    5. Alice Pahler

      I think Hannah bringing up the truth--4 times in the windmill- sealed the deal with him becoming the Bachelor. But, I really want to see Hannah and him together...they were so good together, it was so easy, they live so close, she loves his family, they have chemistry, and sparks are still there. Forget where Pete ended up on Hannah's season--the important thing is where he ends up in life.

    6. Hoppie Grey

      Peter’s heart belongs to Hannah Brown and I’m really hoping that most of everyone’s guess as to them being together now is true! That will rock the Bachelor Nation like an earthquake!!! Oh, yeah!!!🤞

    7. Life With Lindsay

      lol no wonder why she didnt spice it up with tyler. she couldnt handle both.

    8. ayah marhoul

      i want them to be together!!

    9. Molar Bear

      i think that's it. he got through the whole season, and didn't choose anyone and went back for hannah brown whcih is when she would have finished dwts and they are now actually together

      1. Christina Nguyen

        RubiiRae I 100 percent agree he is soo over off Hannah brown

      2. Molar Bear

        @Sue Dalrymple i dont know i am guessing

      3. Sue Dalrymple

        RubiiRae I think she might be. Hannah Bama is gone thank God

      4. Sue Dalrymple

        Fresh Start that’s not even what happens...

      5. Minh Phung

        @RubiiRae there are people say he is with Hannah Ann now, i kinda dislike her after last night so ugh.... I wish he would be with hannah B but i don't think so,

    10. Lindsay Martin

      i hope they’re togetherrrrr EEKKKK

      1. Cookiemonster 101

        AruwakEM what

      2. AruwakEM

        She is expecting his baby.