Joe Rogan Breaksdown Jon Jones vs. Dominick Reyes w/Rashad Evans

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JRE Clips

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    Taken from JRE MMA Show #90 w/Rashad Evans:

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    1. Matheus Gaeski

      Joe Rogan is such a fucking shill. God damn. You can only get an honest opinion out of him of he is talking about some underrated fighter, because if it is a champ he will twist everything to favor Dana's shiny boys.

    2. C 7

      Its hard to judge against JJ because he never looks uncomfortable in a fight no matter whats going on, always composed , doesn’t look tired or show weakness

    3. Chad Carroll

      No, Joe. I agree with you most of the time. But if Jones had won the first three rounds, and Reyes came on strong in the last two...we'd be saying Reyes didn't do enough to beat the champion. Jon is great, but the sport is scored round by round, not just who won the last few minutes.

    4. Murad Pervez

      Dana called Rogan and told him to fix his tone. When the decision was announced Joe was pissed and confused. He literally said "oh no we have bad news". He did a 180 and landed right back on Jon's lap with his head in Dana's crotch. Rashad, as far as I'm concerned is Riding Jon because he lost to Jon so hey everyone lost to Jon. Rogan you lost a lot of respect here man.

    5. A. SwampMan

      So this sport is really about who could survive extreme real violence like a civil war? My grandfather is the light heavyweight champion then.

    6. Juan Garza

      Why are the last two more important? because you said so?? A knockout in the first is just as good as a knockout in the fifth.

    7. Ale 805

      He took the shots well.. Hell of a chin... he was pressing Reyes in the last round.. what the fook kinda conclusions are these.. Reyes fucking beat him.. simple..

    8. Noor Ul Arfeen

      Big drama show

    9. retsub k.

      How stupid is Joe? If it was a fight to the death, or a school yard fight, Dom wouldn't have spent 3 rounds out pointing Jon, they would have been trying to kill each other from the start. Joe was bias af during the fight as well, as Dom won round after round with Jones chasing him all over the place, all Joe could say was "eventually Dom is gonna get tired."

    10. Louis Jenkins

      When we would watch fights after school most of them were under 5 min and you could always tell who won...

    11. naz mzd

      That's not true. Jones was scared

    12. dan the man

      Not much happened in the fight but what little did happen, Reyes was doing it. Hell, even when Jones took Reyes down, the story was how easily Reyes got back to his feet without taking damage.

    13. J Xavier

      Reyes had the right idea.. But he aint in the WBO.. that running shit worked against him in the end.. Great fight nonetheless! Jon jones had extreme discipline and showed he is a pure mentalist.. I think he Proved why he is the GOAT. However a rematch is in order; this fight was a DRAW at best!

    14. Tango Bang

      You gotta ask yourself why that judge was put on this fight and the answer is money, greed, corruption. In reality, Jon Jones lost the first 4 rounds.

    15. abbey alabi

      Dominick reyes won the fight.

    16. Tony Olise

      Jon Jones did not win any round, you guys should go research that fight. Dominick Reyes dominated Jones in all the 5 rounds. Jones did not land any thing on Dominick but Dominick had a knock down on him and scored some clear landed punches and kicks on Jones... Jones had to run back from Dominick... There's no debate about 3rd or 4th. Jones was sloppy, slow and not in that fight. He was outclassed. Dominick won!!! Jones clearly lost!!!

    17. Jon Jim

      Too bad Corey just got knocked the fuck out

    18. billy gats

      How many times as Joe Rogan,experts,mma fighters said you can't leave it up to the judges! Rashad said exactly right to be the champion you have to beat the champion! Nobody knows if Reyes is destined for greatness! You can't predict greatness. Jones Bones Jones is greatness! Reyes isn't great. When he is champ for Jones years! Eventually Jones will lose!

    19. James Fanning

      Dana always says don’t leave it in the hands of the judges. It is what it is.

    20. Mark Maccormak


    21. Hayden Brown

      It was close but I think jones won just

    22. cats gaming 4

      Show me the figt !🤔

    23. DropSixteenTV Tv

      Jon won that fight, but not overwhelmingly how we're used to seeing him doing. I feel like he wasn't inspired in training, but he'll probably go back to KO ppl because of these doubts to Reyes lol.

    24. AhloIAmDutch

      I'd like to hear more about this Corey Anderson hype lolol🤣😂😂

      1. A Simpson

        That is too bad because you're not going to. At least not for another year or so. Poor Corey lol.

    25. vinny webb

    26. Tshallrise

      Lmao people think they’re smarter than professionals y’all need to shut the fuck up and worry about your job lmao the judges know what they’re doing

    27. David Haddad

      Now all that makes sense is JJ vs Blachowicz, and Reyes vs Santos for the next shot since both those guys came extremely close to beating Jon. I'd have said immediate rematch for Reyes but the dynamics have changed after that brutal ko of Corey Anderson.

    28. robonguitarnz

      Welcome to boxing judges.

    29. Eda Zagnut

      Rounds 1 & 2, Reyes. Rounds 4 & 5, Jones. Round 3 gets tricky. The part of judging that I have yet to hear anyone anywhere discuss is momentum. Reyes owned round 1. Jones was more competitive in round 2, but still Reyes' round. Round 3, Reyes may have thrown more strikes, but Jones controlled the octogen & pressed the action, while not being visibly damaged. Watching in real time & judging, you cannot ignore rounds 1 & 2 in judging round 3. It is not like vetting potential jurors, they are aware, or at least should be, of fighters histories. Jones has 1 loss but has never actually been defeated. Jones has more championship title defense victories than Reyes has fights, period!! Reyes was as close of a fight as I have ever seen, yet I awarded Jones 3-2. Round 3 featured a shift in momentum. Reyes was a car running out of gas & Jones was a train that was chug-a-chug-a-choo-choo about to depart the station. Jones knew what he was doing, he was in control of the fight by the end of the round. The car that ran out of gas inevitably got ran over by the train that was just getting started. Unfortunately we can't judge UFC fights like this, but in real life, if after 25 minutes, you would never say that the dude dominating at the end without a scratch on him lost to the dude who started hot for the first 15 minutes before getting his ass kicked. If there was another round, little doubt Jones finishes him. No disrespect at all to Reyes, he went the distance & fought to pretty much to a draw with the best ever. P.S.- I don't even like Jon Jones, but must give credit where credit is due!! Helluva fight, much respect to both fighters!! Rematch has been earned & is deserved by both the fighters as well as us fans!! :)

    30. dave cloutier

      I think dominick reyes win but, that fight was tight im happy im not a judges, but that moron with 4-1 XD

    31. The Tachmonite/ Adino Jashobeam 'Ebed Servant

      I totally agree with their commentary on the fight.

    32. Nova Scotian BoxingFan

      "He didn't beat the champ. After I seen the shots Jon was taking without getting ko'd" how the fuck can you give Jon the win for taking shots without getting ko'd. To the death?!????????? This is fucking bullshit conversation. Also Joe Rogan and UFC commentary went downhill fast. OHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH HE GOT HIM OHHHHHHHHHHHH HE'S HURT OHHHHHH OHHHH OHHHH. They just sound like every other fan watching. I wish I could get paid to say ohhhh after every shot with front row seats to boot.

    33. Robert lee Bedingfield

      🤣🤣You can't run for 5 rounds and beat a champion Jones put all the pressure all 5 rounds and three takedowns throughout the fight, they both took some good shots but Jones controlled the whole fight period......

    34. ant man

      Hes right whatever kid was winning before the teacher pulled you off so the victor lol

    35. Christopher Fisher

      Joe "Yasss" Rogan

    36. J Carroll

      Lol Jon took down Reyes twice and had him down for like 3 seconds total. Reyes looked fine while Jones face was busted to shit.

    37. J Carroll

      Joe is such a corporate shill the most obvious bad decision was the Reyes fight to pretend he didn't dominate the 3rd in hilarious. The only round up for grabs is the 4th and Reyes won that round. The fact that Jon took him down for a split second before Reyes popped right up doesn't mean shit. Reyes dominated Jon in the first 2 rounds more than Jon won any round. Joe is gonna say whatever he is payed to. Jon literally ran away from Reyes for the first 2 and half rounds

    38. blagdomj

      Some judges put more weight into controlling the octagon and forward pressure. Simple as that. There’s something to be said about getting your shot and walking backwards around the octagon firing shots off your heals. It isn’t a good look and some judges score that way

    39. Brandon Larranaga

      How does this have so many likes?? What kind of bullshit is this? Joe: the last 2 rounds should count more, if it was a fight to the death, school yard rules, you got to beat the champ to beat the champ... Well guess what Joe it’s a 5 round bout and you score each round individually and whoever won the most rounds wins. This shit was the dumbest take on mma I’ve ever heard. Thank god dude isn’t a judge

    40. Letrano

      So by Joe's logic then let's just make the main event 3 rounds then reyes def would of won......that schoolyard shit was a dumb comparison

    41. Letrano

      What the fuck was that sound in the beginning of the video??!!? Sounds like someone was swallowing cock

    42. Dustin Hehmann

      I think there's a stronger argument for Jones winning round 2 than 3 but feel he lost both and honestly round 4 too. If you really watch the rounds to score, scoring each round individually and not comparing to reach other, its hard to give Jones anything but round 5.

    43. MrEanthori9012 Undizputedundadog

      Corey Anderson just got ko'd by Jan blachowich !!😀😀😀😀

    44. MrEanthori9012 Undizputedundadog

      Hon jones will run as long as he has feet

    45. MrEanthori9012 Undizputedundadog

      Rogan clearly saud jon Jones lost !!!!!

    46. MrEanthori9012 Undizputedundadog

      Bad judges Too coincidental to just be that for washed up ass jon jones benefited Immensely

    47. sukisuzuki10

      Well Corey Anderson comments haven’t aged well 😂😂

    48. BC Paletta

      Jones was fighting that way early because he had the upper hand with that juice box! He's still a great fighter but now he doesn't have that extra juice to dominate. Facts: Since testing positive he hasn't been the same. Chael, Vitor, Silva, the snake etc. Never looked the same after testing positive! I'm a fan of a lot of these guys but rules are rules for a reason. On a level playing field these greats start to fall!

    49. dk

      Hey joe, the fights 5 fuckin rounds. Not a fight to the death. Case and point. Reyes one

    50. who's who

      I think John was a heavy weight fighting light heavy weight that was his money maker John would not have been so successful he had that heavy weight power

    51. who's who

      Why you just said that a dude that got his back took for 4 out of 5 minutes so he should have won guess what that judge saw it the same way

    52. Erica Coles

      U have to really hurt the champion to take his championship. Getting in a few more hits just isn't good enough

    53. john huges

      Jones a cheater

    54. Sky Beard

      If the later rounds were worth more, the fighters would not go for it in the first rounds. No thanks.

    55. Kobra Kung Fu

      The "What if" arguments are completely stupid. "If they fought another 5 rounds, Jones would've won" - How the hell can you be absolutely sure about that? It's just as plausible to say that Reyes was taking a couple rounds off and in the 6th round he would've come back and starched Jon Jones..... Would've Could've Should've. They had 5 rounds to do what they needed to do, and Reyes won 3 out of 5. BOTTOM LINE!

    56. Jessie Joy

      When there is a fight as close as this one was it’s always gonna go to the champ and it probably should. Like Evans said if you wanna be the champ you GOTTA BEAT DOWN the champ

    57. Michael Tabor

      It’s why you need to finish the guy Keep it of the judges hands List like boxing for years

    58. APM M

      Joe is dana whites yes boy ! Grow a spine joe ufc judges are corrupt!

    59. Josh Nolan

      I wonder what Stephen A. Smith’s opinion of the fight is?

    60. Will Mundy

      Dude it’s asinine to count the last two rounds more all that is going to do is to completely disincentivize fighting at a high clip in the first few rounds. It’s so ridiculous