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    An emotional John Paul Jones tries to clear the air with Tayshia, but things start to get a bit too much as he breaks down in tears.
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    Season: 6 Episode: 5A

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    John Paul Jones Breaks Down | Bachelor In Paradise

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    1. Fatima Villena

      The end of the video was so ewww!🙄

    2. perl man

      A platform for wanna-be actors & actresses.

    3. Black Panther

      OMG ......How embarrassing!! Dude....noooo......stop!!


      Didn't anybody ever teach John Paul Jones how to blow his nose?

    5. Linda Thetford


    6. AFGThugonomics9

      He is a good looking guy. Surely JPJ could do better than this sun burned banana peel.

    7. Tracey McNeel

      The inside is not an easy place to remain. And all the screwed up mentality that the inner world is takes a toll on everyone is various ways. The inner world and more so. The upper income class folk are not so kind and accepting of their 'neighbors'.

    8. Dutch0524

      Good lord...1) She pursued John Krazinski...2) Spiccoli violated all kinds of Bro Code and had no evidence THEN sabotaged Derek at a wedding with rumors and never let Derek defend himself. 3) When Jim Halpern/Jack Ryan did get the opportunity to defend himself all the busy bodies that can't stop ginning up drama were blaming him for the fight 4) Everyone knows that the smokeshow loved every bit of Spiccoli and Jim Halpern fighting over her

    9. cable wire

      improv theatre: Hello this is my impression of a surfer having a mental breakdown <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="242">4:02</a>

    10. SuperCHERISHED

      I appreciate JPJ being authentic with his feelings. He is overflowing with fear of losing Tayshia after the confrontation he had with Derek. People in love sometimes don't make the best decisions when fear is ruling their emotions.

    11. Wanny

      I cried for him at first, and laughed when he blew his snot out right on the floor.

    12. farhio abdalla

      JPJ: crying Me mimicking him: sksksksks **vsco girl activated**

    13. song yardbird

      He is not immature he is honest in a charming child like way. He is real! This guy is special. He couldn't lie if he tried and you paid him.

    14. Mary Magdala Bernard

      Do I think John Paul Jones handled the situation with him and Derrick the best, no but I do think that he’s crazy in love with Tayshia to the point that he can actually going crazy over her. He was definitely acting irrational and immature at times. But the way that he pursues her and loves her is absolutely beautiful, his super genuinely in love with her and it’s been such beautiful journey to watch. I think Tay Tay recognizes that in this clip, I sure would have.

    15. none business

      i think he is just darling. very passionate for the woman he loves. romantic. i feel very effected by his pain, until he starts blowing his snots out which somehow makes me laugh cuz he always burping, vomiting or blowing his snots in some emotional moment.

    16. Farrell Deebach-Carpenter

      He's so immature and I see him looking for a mother figure. The way he talks and his body language is like a little boy thing to get his way with her. She let him know she wasn't cool with it so he starts acting manipulative. I don't see him really crying. Man, she's got to leave him alone.

    17. manisch kreativ

      I thought he was twenty🤣🤣

    18. your majesty

      what is he apologizing for. i cant remember what happened snd this clip has no explanation

    19. TT Namrfur

      I think he is truly head over heels & it’s so sweet & pure but I swear if I see him blow a snot rocket again. That’s just too much.

    20. Dounia D

      I want someone to cry for me

    21. Dawn Qianer

      After all I just wish they made it after bachelor in paradise. We couldnt know who is right and wrong between JPJ and Derek, but one thing for sure JPJ really care for Tayshia and obviously he really likes her.

    22. italiana bambina

      John paul jones...hes named after led zeppelin band member. Hes a horrible actor at crying

    23. Merelisa Denhart

      Why is everyone so upset about him bowing his nose. We all do it, just not to that extent Hahahaha and maybe not on camera 💀😂😂💀💀💀

    24. Karen van der Heyden

      Am I the only one who sees every time JPJ has a crying jag he blows his nose in the sand? GROSS!!!

    25. Diane McCloud

      JPJ is being very honest and I do believe that Tayshaia, cares for him, but, she is not going to jump into anything with a hint of un-certainty, hence her ex-husband and have to weigh it out, Tayshaia, is wifey material, but these guys, these guys...

    26. ngnguyen8

      He was laughing not crying

    27. Jacki H

      He is such a bone headed nitwit! You can do better tayshia!

    28. Korad Said

      Is he okay? Hhhhhh.

    29. Kate Z

      Somebody please give him a tissue,; at the end .

    30. zzstarfish

      They should have edited out the snot rocket! Nobody wanted to see that!!!

    31. d t

      this makes me so uncomfortable. tayshia RUN

    32. therealshannypoo

      He sounds exactly like a cicada when he cries 😂

    33. Kamila M.

      His temper did it for me. Too immature. Sigh this is why I prefer older men and not frat boys

    34. Aga Dorset

      J. P.J. is my favoured person. I hope that she does not break his heart.

    35. Lance Mannion

      This guy is like a train wreck in slow motion. I was rooting for him back in the beginning, seemed like a straight shooter and life of the party, but it's clear he's far too immature for Tayshia. Even if they end up together somehow, this would never last. She's a catch that she deserves better. Sorry frat boy. And yeah, about the nose purge....🤮

    36. James Patrick Rabbitt

      He’s always up. Then he finally crashes and becomes weak. And girl is laughing

    37. E M

      He is super wierd but I like wierd guys. And not to mention he's hot. Yeah....Id bang the hell out of JpJ.

    38. T Murray

      He is so gross

    39. carol rajkumar

      Blowing his nose an then they walking on it.

    40. FANguyen

      Yes, I disliked this. It is never acceptable to push someone down with fabricated, distorted stories to get what you want. It's not acceptable John!!

    41. Mariah Mclean

      I feel like JPJ has a mild form of autism or something...

    42. AmandaJL WedRide

      Tayshia is so beyond this this childish adolescent. I see her pain in trying to have a descent repore with this child. Tayshia deserves only the very best man and or friends .

    43. Malinda Livingstone

      JPJ is uh, you uh...snot, vomit and tears! Go home JPJ!

    44. Annie Banana

      Oh my gawwd, can you imagine if she had chosen him and then ended up watching this after the fact? Honestly, that nose bit at the end was a real impression changer. He blew it right where people could potentially be stepping in the future. At the very least he should've taken that off camera. Why is everything to do with JPJ always involving some gross (snot)/problematic (cough attack) bodily function. Somethin' ain't right with that boy, LOL.

      1. Vicki Jones

        The people who run the show put it on camera for ratings, not JPJ!!

    45. K Dubbs

      Wow so she who is 28, would rather date a 24 yr old immature dude than a 32 yr old nice, considerate gentleman?? Was never a fan of Taysha. She has that "im the smartest and prettiest person in the room" attitude.. i see right thru it

    46. BPT 1501 Being a professional teacher

      Jpj is just way too immature.

    47. Hillary

      He seems very immature, he has temper tantrums and he was disrespectful do Derek in such a childish way, a foreshadow of how he will handle things in the future

      1. Peace and Love

        Yes, like I was finally happy Derek was going to settle with Tayshia, but JP came and ruined it. Also, I feel bad for him because initially he was a good person and was invested into his relationship and didn't get in the drama.

    48. Connie Barnes

      Does JPJ remind anyone else of Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemout High?

      1. MsAquablue

        Connie Barnes YES he is real too..JPJ IS sincere he fell in love and its hit him hard.

    49. Andrea Lim

      Oh no he is crying Why am I laughing 😂

    50. Coffee Lover

      And everyone thought Luke P was a least he could keep his emotions in check with out emotional/angry outbursts. Just my opinion though....

    51. Adam Binyamin

      stop hating.. the boy is in-love, so yes he's emotional, I admire it about him, showing his emotions and being very vulnerable. a REAL man.

      1. Scars Stitches

        a REAL American. Big difference.

    52. Spl Heart

      Tayshia is wrong for not letting JPJ know earlier that she’s just NOT that into him. But instead she jumps into things with Derek & doesn’t even address anything with JPJ then acts like they never really had a thing smh. Could’ve avoided a lot of drama by being up front 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. none business

        she let him know she wasn't that into him all along, she doesn't have to say it. but jpj persisted, which is very attractive to a woman if she likes the guy. the whole thing is romantic. maybe his tears worked. look she offs derek right after this and they go on to have flirty fun on the island. i think his tears worked for him, and i think he was genuine. fighting for his woman all along . very romantic. i love jpj. the poetry, the persistence, the romance, the prom all of it makes me love him. i hope he gets acting gigs. he could be a hugh grant type guy if he could capture what he did on reality tv into a character the woman would eat him up on screen.

    53. Mariamyupperz

      I like that he shows his emotions and isnt to Macho to show them. Nothing wrong with men crying. His temper tantrum with Derek though wasnt cute so hopefully he can get that together

    54. Rita Roessler

      It's a miss match !!! Rita

    55. Paa Nii Edward

      Tashia are you so much in need of a man. Let him grow up and behave well. He should go and say sorry to Derek.Take him to see a doctor too😂😂😃

    56. mia center

      jpj is Val Kilmer son

    57. Susan Lahti

      John Paul is a such a loud mouth, he is annoying

    58. Christian Gray

      Can I have JPJ? I volunteer as tribute.

    59. Mo Dabdoub

      J P J Look like a woman

    60. Saamiya Mohiuddin

      the dude just said “dis-ease” DID U MEAN UNEASE ?

    61. Charles Ritter

      Note to my fellow brothers: if you ever want to turn a girl off, just start crying for no apparent reason. It works every time, not that I've ever tried it.

      1. christie bowman

        Charles Ritter 😂

    62. Kasuga Pachaka

      Awwww only man inlove shows emotions like that

    63. KriStanna

      Bottom line is that JPJ is authentic and I adore him for that! ❤️

    64. Nick Plumb

      what a crackhead

    65. Elizabeth Phill

      His crying sounds like “SKSKSKSKSKS”

      1. Just Another Person

        Elizabeth Phill 😐 And I oop-

    66. tina 101

      I would love to see Tayshia as the bachelorette!!!!😍

    67. Alexe G

      I went from aww😢 to eww🤢 watching this.

    68. Abria Clark

      Need to calm down-Taylor Swift

    69. Melissa Sigua

      I really I think she’s playing the innocent card She was with jpg and got his hopes up Then she literally started pursuing After Demi left him while also being cuddly with jpj Then jpj attacked Derek! But it’s not derricks fault she went for him. He did nothing wrong. She went to him first. And jpj got jealous . Are we just going to over look that she was pursuing two relationship !!! Then is trying to act like the drama is too much. New guys come in, and she’s liek now I want to go on date with them.... like dude your doing drama to yourself

      1. Gracie G

        What bothers me about Tayshia is that she’s a hypocrite. She gave Hannah G. a hard time because she was trying to sort out her feelings between Dylan and Blake. ( yes it took 2 episodes) Tayshia called Hannah ........“ a player, manipulative, and shady “.........all untrue. No wonder Hannah stays away from Tayshia. I think Tayshia is the one that’s shady. I also think Tayshia was jealous and pissed at Hannah G. because of all the attention she was getting from Dylan ,Blake ,and some of the other men. Tayshia tends to go after the “it girls” or “front runners” like on Colton’s season........Cassie and Caelynn.

      2. Spl Heart

        Melissa Sigua Omg exactly! Plus she didn’t even tell him straight up that she wasn’t interested anymore although its obvious the way she’s not even considering his feelings as much as she is with Derek in this ep. I wish she’d be more upfront with JPJ since he clearly has way more feelings for her.

      3. Nadia Pacheco

        I am like you, I really don't understand why people are thrashing derek when it was Taysha approaching him in the first place while she was still giving hopes to Jpj, she was the one suggesting Jpj to go test the waters so she could pursue derek but when everything went wrong, and jpj started inciting derek to verbally fight she just acted ike the mature one saying she was not going to deal with those two anymore. I wonder if she gets a pass only because she's a pretty woman.

    70. melanieinhobson

      24 yr old love stricken by a beautiful woman. I like the funny side of him though.

    71. The Annorator

      JPJ is such a "Tarzan", I can see him playing that role easy. I was hoping he'd stick with Haley, her tears were a real downer for me. I like Tayshia but she just seems too way out of his league, he's a "surfer-guy" and she seems more like the "rich girl" type, way sophisticated and unimpressed by the country boy mode of JPJ blowing his nose with his finger. C'mon guys never do that around ladies or in public or in camera, carry a hanky or kleenex. He's cute his affection for Taysh, but c'mon can it go the distance? Men today are so low of self confidence, once they've been hurt by their own, they rather venture to the unknown. I'm so glad Luke is back, Caelyn, ugh stop gettin laid! I love clay n nicole. Demi already had what the others are looking for, go home. Dean? c'mon. The rest i'm neutral about, some of it is producers edits. I love how they encourage and support each other, and console the one's who are hurting.

    72. Don Hunt

      Uhm Yeah you know. I just wanted to let you like you know uhm yeah you know.

      1. Don Hunt

        So am I to understand that he went to college?

    73. Lucy Peters

      the fall of jpj...what tf is going on

    74. Lois Kerr

      What's wrong with Tasha? JPJ is all wrong for her! When someone comes along that is more her type, she's going to drop him!

    75. jenna maria

      i still really like him & i think he deserves happiness just like everyone else.

    76. Jay Jay

      And the academy award for best actor goes to... 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 *John Paul Jones*

    77. noorah nn

      The end🤢

    78. john duran

      Taysha looks just like jasmine from Aladdin

    79. Orange Juice

      His laugh sounds like a car engine not starting

    80. Naiah Fe Paglinawan

      When KARMA strikes.