Karmann Ghia Conversion to Electric (The Process)

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    Converting a Volkswagon Karmann Ghia from gasoline to electric. This video shows most of the process, sped up.

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    1. Carlos Martin Malaga Ortega


    2. Love Wisdom

      Well done, amazing

    3. Thor V.

      So it is street-legal. Try that in the EU (or the Netherlands, to be more specific). Brussel doesn't like 'their' people deploying things like this, on their own.

    4. Seattle Solar Supply

      Absolutely phenomenal. Creativity beyond belief.

    5. Derek Lamar

      You should be a millionaire 👍🏾💯

    6. JOE 90

      in america you can pass a car on the right and then go back to the lane .... what a style

    7. Tommi Davidson

      Love what you’ve done could not have imagined that. Just wow 😎🥰

    8. Tommy P. Naknakorn

      เจ๋งมากเลยครับ รถสวยมาก และสมรรถนะดีด้วย

    9. JAH

      what would it cost to convert a 2007 Nissan 350Z. I really want to have it done....

      1. Tommi Davidson

        80k minimum.

    10. George Rmz

      Amazing work, this is the only way i would NEVER get mad at someone for modifying and cutting up a VW. Thought id never say that. Great work 👏

    11. codemiesterbeats

      Pretty cool man... I am an auto tech and recently been getting into EV stuff. Debating about becoming a Tesla tech.

    12. WildFlashback

      this is why I love EV's I can't wait to see what others do with Ev conversions

    13. Ben Haynes

      What a great pair!

    14. mercurywoodrose

      wow, VW was not a very forward thinking company back then. imagine not anticipating that botts fine vids, not yet born, was going to install batteries in this karmann ghia. i know I WAS expecting this, have been waiting for this video since i was 13 years old, back in 74. where were YOU VW????? ANSWER ME!!!!

    15. Maxwell Borges

      Ficou muito show 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    16. Brian Elsen

      Amazing work

    17. Ritmo8

      Nice job Bott!

    18. Valentin Nicoara

      Cool project! How much did you spend in total?

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Around 16k for the conversion and 3k for the restoration.

    19. SvartSol

      You're cool.

      1. Botts Fine Vids


    20. Edinburgh Tumuran


      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Glad you liked it!



    22. Christopher Morin

      Beautiful little VOLTSwagon.

    23. hazzard1983

      Interior is excellent like the lighting airbrush

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Thank you very much!

    24. calutzubv

      I just say... WOW!

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        That's kinda what everyone says when they ride in it!

    25. Makki K

      great job man. amazing work

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        I appreciate that!

    26. Martin Misener

      Very Cool ! Whats your source for the electronics such and the motor and controllers ?

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Mostly EVWEST. The controller was from ZEVA in Australia. I'm doing another video that's going to answer those questions and a parts list.

    27. Leo Machado

      Well done😁

      1. Botts Fine Vids


    28. Kenneth Meldgaard Larsen

      Nice 👍

    29. gabriel mayorquin

      wow Great Job

    30. Big L Smack

      This man just changed the whole game

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        That's my goal!

    31. Big L Smack

      Excellent work

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Thanks, I appreciate that!

    32. John Ehmer

      what is the range of this vehicle?

    33. DH Febich

      I wish you were from where i live so i could give you my 1303s beetle so that you could change it to electric. I would gladly pay you for your amazing work.

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Thanks for the compliment, but I only do it for personal use, not as a business. But I would encourage you to try it yourself. It's not as hard as you think once you get started.

    34. Anthony Munn

      I am buying to Chevy Corvairs and plan to do the same thing.

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        That would be a good car, except that swing axle wheel tuck rollover thing!

    35. Rimmer D

      You are one seriously talented man ;o.

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Wow, thanks for the compliment!

    36. Nintendork

      You should add some insulation so passengers only hear a bit of road noise.

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        I did, but the road noise is still a bit it loud.

    37. Digi tal

      I want to convert my 91 MR2 to EV... Have no clue where to start.

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        I'm making a new video that will have a parts list. That should help.

    38. Adam Konnertz

      really cool

      1. Botts Fine Vids


    39. Adam Konnertz

      really cool

    40. Ene Ion


    41. BeauBeau Kitty

      Not a fan of the electric lightning bolts on the hood it makes it Look like a remote control car paint job

    42. thingks

      Great job and a good video. Would have been nice to keep the volume low of the actual footage to eliminate the wind and the power tool noise which drowns the voiceover. Awesome work. 👍🏽

    43. What's Your Fuel

      Very cool brother

    44. Todd Hall

      What did it cost you?

    45. jb Yesterday

      Phenomenal job sir. And that color blue sparkles !

    46. hun peryskop

      Tragedy !!!!!!!! How can you do that? This is a crime This is a cult car

      1. Thijs Schnater


      2. Big Burt

        I think it's fantastic, breathes new life in to a classic!

      3. Thijs Schnater

        This is the only way of being able to drive a car like this in the future. Would you rather keep the original ICE and not be able to drive it? Besides, it's his car, he can do what he wants with it.

    47. A.E. W.

      God how I wish I had your skillset and expertise. Instead, I have to patiently wait for the vanderhall electric 3-wheeler for $50k to come to market next year to get my electric toy fix. Well done on your project!

      1. A.E. W.

        @Botts Fine Vids i know what you mean, been driving electric since 2014. I can't stand gas and oil cars now. So inefficient.

      2. Botts Fine Vids

        Thank you very much! Once you get the feeling of electric, you'll never want to drive an ice again!

    48. ki0ng

      Dude did you mill a special adapter for the motor, it looks like straight bolt on to the bell housing. How do you arrange the Regen braking?

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        No, I bought an adapter from evwest. I was considering milling my own, but it needs to be so exact I figured I'd screw up a few times and wind up spending even more money!

    49. Khari Mateen

      amazing work

    50. Fred McLaughlin

      I heard a buzzing crackling sound as you drew the electric bolts on the hood

    51. Nick Jones

      That was amazing!! Great job!!

    52. Jeremy Atkins

      Wow ...dude nice job , you clever boy very impressive 👍

    53. MuscleRN


    54. SooperToober

      Wow! That was a lot of work on the conversion...how much did it cost in parts alone. Brilliant! Very Inspiring!

    55. Ahmed Aldarmaki

      You can make charge on the tair pot dainmo in charge will be rasaicl pawar

    56. laurent Setzer

      Beau travail !!!

    57. Thomas Brustad

      Awesome build

    58. Karl 6String

      Hi, very interesting. Did you use some sort of conversion kit, for all the electric power and control components seemed to work together real fine from the very beginning. I own an MGF I'd loved to convert to electric drive.

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        No, this was not from a kit. Any DC motor of your choice will work with any brand of DC motor controller. I would just pick a controller that is at least a thousand amps. The kits at EVWEST are very nice, but I wanted mine to be faster and more powerful. Good luck!

    59. Roy George

      I looking for in wheel hub drive car

    60. Nic Gan


      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Thanks, glad you liked it!

    61. Iggy Ward

      This is fabulous!!

      1. Botts Fine Vids


    62. gypsycruiser

      You are so skilled and knowledgeable, fantastic presentation; thank you

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Thanks, I really appreciate that!

    63. asim sherzai

      Man you are a genius

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        I don't know about that, but thanks anyway!

    64. Brian Bateman

      I've been saving my 94 Camaro with a great body but blown motor for an electric conversion ... someday. Google says I only drove 22 miles last month during the quarantine, and that's actually only about half of what I normally drive, so an electric would be perfect for me.

      1. David Lopez

        Does google know how much i drove , How do i ask

    65. Juan R. Rodriguez

      Freaking amazing. Great job. I love that VW more than the beetle.

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Thank you very much!

    66. lightspeed HENSLEY

      nice cars and tech etc. but unless you are using total solar cells to recharge it or electricity from a water dam generator you are using fossil fuels making electricity from somewhere else . otherwise a great video !!

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        I have a homemade heater that works amazingly well. I simply removed the heating element from a 15 dollar Walmart space heater and put it inside a duct with a blower. Instant heat! The heating element is simply a resistor that doesn't care if its hooked to 120 volts AC or 150 volts DC.

      2. Peter DeGraff

        @Botts Fine Vids Which begs the question: What do you use to heat the interior?

      3. Botts Fine Vids

        I am using total solar. Even if I wasn't, electric cars are still far more efficient, as are power plants. With electrical motors, almost 90%of the energy used is converted to mechanical motion, whereas an internal combustion engine is lucky to get 30%. The rest is just waste heat.

    67. Mermete8

      press 9 to see the completed car and a beautiful lady

    68. Mick Carson

      Actually the Ghia has always been a great car. Why I say it? Because I had one. It had a beautifully aerodynamically efficient body. Good effort at having done that. 🙂👍 Can you help me doing the same on my 1965 Chrysler? All I need it remove the 340 v8 and replace it with an electric motor kit like yours? The car body is still like new.

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

    69. Ambakisye Isiyoshindika

      Awesome!! Idea 💡

    70. Agothos

      This is INSANELY amazing! Do you have an email? I have SO MANY questions!

    71. Van's Best Friend

      Duuuuuuude.... In close to 15 years of watching KGsel videos, THIS was easily one of the 3 best videos I've - EVER - seen! I always liked the idea of electric cars, but I utterly despise how and why Elon Musk perverted and corrupted the electric car by making it a high-priced, low quality, disposable POS. You, on the other hand have spun GOLD from nothing (true alchemy)! Your thought, quality, care, and no nonsense approach is simply awesome! If anyone says you killed a classic car, F 'em! Not only are Karman Ghia's worthless pieces of forgettable crap (a 1970 Big Block LS6 Chevelle or Hemi 'Cuda it AIN'T!), you gave this thing a new lease on life and made it actually EXTREMELY interesting in the process! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Botts Fine Vids

        Wow what a nice compliment! Thanks!

    72. Jazzbuff13

      Really nice work, very impressed.

    73. William McKenna

      You shouldn't drive around without a hood. In the event of a collision, you need all the front end protection you can get.

      1. Van's Best Friend

        That's why they call them test drives for Christ's sake!

    74. Adventures of an old Seadog

      Killed a classic car.

      1. Cris94z

        working and driving, better looking that before. idk, maybe it was given a second chance to shine

      2. Van's Best Friend

        You mean, revived a true limp-wristed forgettable POS!

    75. Dimitri Cecil

      Excellent sequential ICE conversion to EV LiFePo4 systems. Send your business contacto data Sales@KUBT.US

    76. Paul Mott

      Love your work!

    77. Timescratch1

      Great quality build, but ruined a classic car.

      1. Van's Best Friend

        You mean, revived a true limp-wristed forgettable POS!

    78. Oscar Aquino


    79. Ramon Cardona

      I wonder as to a “death wish” of anyone driving a, shall we say, non protective body like any old VW, at over 60 mph let alone 95 mph specially with less than optimum brakes, no ABS, old suspension, etc. on a public road and, did I notice no seat belt/shoulder harness? I realize u wish to show off the magnificent conversion job, performance, etc. but, please, the risk of a crash are very high. Be safe. Thanks

      1. Van's Best Friend

        Maybe he should have a part 2 where he adds all the safety features to appease you... he he he he he. Unbelieveable!

      2. Aquatic Llamas

        Ramon Cardona There is definitely a seat belt.

    80. Geo Alka

      Just a bold sweet transformation to keep those memories alive. You nailed it.

      1. Van's Best Friend