Lil Huddy Asks Charli D'Amelio to Be His Valentine

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    Lil Huddy Asks Charli D'Amelio to Be His Valentine
    Lil Huddy (Chase Hudson) and Charli D'Amelio stop by Flighthouse to play Suggestion Box. They prank call someone from the Hype House, play the "Climb Your Partner" Challenge and maybe give a cheek kiss or two.
    Comment your future suggestions below to be picked for the next Suggestion Box!
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    1. It's Me Diana

      2:01 she has to tippy toe to hug him💙😂

    2. emma swann

      Lol when she was doing renegade

    3. Skittles

      Yes FBI this man right here

    4. maryroseraine briones


    5. maryroseraine briones

      how is charli stronger than him chase is like 18 and charli is 15 and she can pick her up

    6. Gachaa Girl

      "Ewwww" chase said

    7. Sophie Hull

      get off your phone and concerntrate no hate love u both

    8. Kelly L

      i just watched the video that she stole the renegade from someone else. just because she is what people call ''pretty'' doesn't mean she shouldn't give the creator any credit. she just wants the moneyand fame

    9. Yadira Vera

      I saw the bloopers on tik tok to

    10. Fjbkkffc Guhdyb

      Chase: we haven’t done this on camera me: what do you do off camera Then🤭

    11. Bella Slay

      * Me trying 1 billion times to screenshot them kissing*

    12. prosketch OFW

      Zoom zoom *zoomers*

    13. NASA_ naya

      Me towards my crush: 2:22 (In my mind)

    14. Ellie’s Vlogs

      They. Are. So. Cute. ❤️

    15. Chubby Chibsott

      (This has nothing to do with this video) Everyone on this really know what to put in the comment section... they have so many likes! Then there’s me ;(

    16. Ernests Lenss

      Why the hell that nigga paints his nails?

    17. Anouk Plooijer

      Chase: do you wa- Charlie: go chase: okay

    18. Nicholas Markatos

      You guys are always together so why not Charli Damelio be your Valentine

    19. GlassicalAce

      Wait a minute....... she’s only 15? Dude, soon 9 year olds will look like they’re 30 wtf

    20. Laura Reina

      Soy la única española xddd :')

    21. سانان Kajumi

      Chase: Your too tall. Charli: ......................

    22. Tahliya Parker

      Aww this is so swwet xxxx

    23. Elli and James Châteaux-Glackin

      I know everyone says hes cheating on charli but they look sooo cute maybe hes not cheating on her?

    24. Athba Saeed


    25. Elias Berdiyev

      So cringe when kids think its weird and akward when a kissing on the cheek. Bitch please

    26. Joelie Havey

      Charli is wearing a ballet leotard hahaahah

    27. Diamondz

      2:00 lol

    28. Guess who I am

      Award goes to Charli d amelio for trying doing renegade while chase is asking her out on valentine

    29. Guess who I am

      She is exposing him so hard lol😂

    30. Guess who I am

      He is so adorable I ship so hard😂 Charli was act like you like me and shooing him away Chase moood😂 what did I do wrong😂😂😂

    31. Maddison Cowell

      I love you Charli and chase

      1. Maddison Cowell


      2. Maddison Cowell

        How agrees with me

    32. Nightcore Asylum

      “This will be so cringy” Dude have you ever seen your tiktoks

    33. Editsbykekeシ

      ... Go 🤣🤣

    34. julia stephens

      MY MATCHUPS *DONT COPY ME* Addison + Mikey charli+josh chase+dixie *closer in age* Anthony + daisy

    35. Hailey Le

      Charlie and li Huddy are dating look it up!

      1. gtoss chddy

        nobody: charli: 😄😁

    36. Hailey Le

      Boyfriend and girlfriend search up

    37. Gavin Macknovitz

      1 min 2mil views

      1. gtoss chddy

        1:14 chase hhhh😥😥😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

    38. ItsJust Maggie

      Who loves Charlie

    39. sonya ohnevuk


    40. Devin Devin

      They actually are so precious

    41. gtoss chddy

      Chase: “Kiss on the cheek.” Also Chase: “eW cOoTiEs”

    42. Isabel Leanne

      😂 I love this

    43. You need to toucha My spaghet

      The only talent charli has is the renegade

    44. Jana Moheeb

      2:22 “ act like you like me “😂😂

    45. Originally Rahdeera

    46. Gacha Cookie Yummy

      Charli:Act like you like me

    47. Kim JongDae

      they are stupid youngsters

    48. Ivan Casas


    49. Merve

      How come they were embarrassed to kiss when they are already dating ?

    50. Pqssive

      Ok but who the fuck even cares about tiktok anymore.

    51. Cyrine Dhib

      1:14 chase hhhh😥😥😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

    52. M R

      nobody: charli: 😄😁

    53. stranger consss

      Remember when flighthouse posted important things

    54. Mia Playz

      Is it true that chase cheated on Charli with Vanessa?

    55. huttio srreu

      Charlie: ACT LIKE U LIKE ME! Chase: but crying Me: try’s crush “act like u like me Crush: wat no

    56. Brooke Britt

      They are so cute

    57. Sayli Sandoval

      Why would he say Addison first ??

    58. Joshcrafer


      1. huttio srreu

        Chase: “Kiss on the cheek.” Also Chase: “eW cOoTiEs”

    59. Rusol Abed

      i love the guy he so cuet caharli is uh

    60. CookieDi Wolf

      Who came here just cuz u saw this on tik tok?