Matt Donald FINALLY Kisses Sydney! | Bachelor In Paradise

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    Old Matt Donald had a......few nerves about kissing Sydney. But after a pep talk from Chris Harrison and a few others, he FINALLY gets the courage to kiss her. 🥳
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    Season: 6 Episode: 5B

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    Matt Donald FINALLY Kisses Sydney! | Bachelor In Paradise

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    1. girasoli

      Who is the editor omgg

    2. Catherine Villiott

      demi is a mood lol

    3. Ame T.

      Even Chris Harrison is giving him a pep talk about kissing lmao 😩😂

    4. Junly Phon


    5. Sarah Mayer

      I love those edits!!! I also hope to find a guy like Matt one day because I love how old fashioned he is, how sweet and respectful he is, how shy but not too too shy he is :)

    6. Luc Bordage

      And on this farm he had some chicks, yee I yee I OH! Demi the Queen chick! Demi for president!

    7. Chris Noziere

      I'm trying to understand why Matt Donald rejected by Hannah B and Luke S got rejected by Bri?

    8. Chris Noziere

      Sydney is beautiful I wouldn't be nervous kissing her

    9. Chris Noziere

      I'm trying to understand why Matt chose Bri over Sydney. Sydney is beautiful

      1. Class J Video Productions

        She's gorgeous...I went to high school with her, she's really cool too. She and I don't talk much anymore since she moved away from where I live but it's awesome to see her be famous on TV!

    10. Dayana Tobias

      JPJ complementing Matt Donalds physic is so cute

    11. Luc Bordage

      Listen to Demi dude! Once he kisses Syd, later on he kisses Bri like he' s been doing this for years. Tough to figure him out. Demi for president.

    12. Author M.J. Logan

      demi's demonstration is the best

    13. katmanduxo 1991

      Matt Good job darlin poor thing x

    14. Mickey M.


    15. Jel Nicolas

      He's handdome

    16. Luc Bordage

      Demi is awesome.

    17. Michael Yip

      Sha-La-la-la-la-la don’t be scared she got the mood prepared you gotta kiss the girl.

    18. SEM MES

      Syndey...the hidden gem on BIP, a real class act, beautiful and intelligent, Im always amazed no one picks up on what a keeper she is!

    19. Nick Vitucci

      SYDNEY is GORGEOUS & BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!! Matt knows nothing about being in front of a GODDESS , PRINCESS & QUEEN named SYDNEY L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. Dan Livni

      Best moment in Bachelor in Paradise

    21. Austin 123

      This was literally the best thing I’ve ever seen on Tv

    22. LimeTube L

      Then he picks Bri 🤷‍♂️

    23. Syd G

      God I love Demi

    24. Sashi Yamamoto

      More matt donald clips please!!!

    25. Agent J

      Matt is average looking..

    26. Kristi Krause

      The way this was edited 😂🙏

    27. jarednil69

      JPJ gets bromo

    28. Ronnie Dichosa

      LOL 😂😂😂.... you joined the Bachelorette , give me a break.

    29. R G

      JPJ is a riot.

    30. I am Tatsie Gie

      it's so funny,I watch many times

    31. d t

      He’s not even a shy boy lmao he’s hooked up with girls before. I saw a video of this girl talking about hooking up with him 😂 like this is dumb

    32. Martha Mendoza

      It's the dam alcohol that ur drinking!!!!

    33. Isabella. L

      It had me laughing when the planet finally had a miracle 🤣.

    34. diane Hornbrook

      Has anyone counted how many times JPJ says DUDE? Think he was Transported from the 60's🌺 Matt has to be a virgin.

    35. Wonderstruck AJ

      They for real did not do that😂 No way. It's so funny

    36. Free Spirit

      The editing was PRICELESS! 😂🤣🤣🤣

    37. Makena Gruden

      I feel like that kiss was forced in a way

    38. Hakim Ziyech


    39. I am me


    40. Oscar Gonzalez

      I think that if he didn’t want to do it, he should of. If you don’t want to do something then don’t do it. Didn’t like how they made him feel pressured.

    41. Sailor Sirius

      Ok but how different would this situation be if the roles were reversed? Matt pressing Sydney for a kiss? I don’t think anyone would cheer still. Lol

      1. Elle Map

        Sydney wasn’t even pressing him. Lol

    42. E M

      Does he not realize how freakin HOT he is? I know, he is just being a gentlemen. And Mat...You dont sweat, You Glisin man....Dont wipe a drop off.

    43. Robert Applegate

      Sure didn't take long for him to take a dump on her! Really?

    44. Ana Ourworld


    45. pfl mob

      I would get sidney pregnant so quick

    46. Richard

      Finally Sydney!!! that's what we were waiting for, a little cute-sexiness and passion from you. You're wasting it on Old Donald, he's a tool, but at least we finally get to see it.

    47. Pamma Tahan

      TV gold right there!

    48. DionysisGalanis

      That's how shy I am... perhaps I need a super model looking woman like Bri too to get rid of my inhibitions hahahahah!

    49. Bryce Richardson

      Wait a second, why was he talking to Chris Hansen about this all of the sudden? Was he getting pressured into this kiss by producers?

    50. Theja S

      Omg the edit at the end 😂😂😂😂

    51. harper M

      OR She Could Just Kiss Him

    52. Hannah H Kim

      What in the crack

    53. Shashi Pandey

      It should be like a nuclear explosion instead 😎

    54. Richard Berger

      Take your shirt off!

    55. Project KJ

      I felt bad for Sydney. Sydney: Kissy-kissy? Matt: No, my mom would be ashamed. Hot blonde: Kissy-kissy? Matt: Sure!

      1. LimeTube L

        megumi minami debatable 😂

    56. Super Senpie

      😂😂😂😂 that montage

    57. Dee Danielle

      BY FAR The funniest scene in bachelor in paradise😂😂😂

    58. Hope Allen

      lmao those editors wrong for that


      The sequence had me dead

    60. John Hooper

      Why are so many women after blake? This guy is a women magnet.. what is it about him?

      1. pfl mob

        He was on becca's season

      2. MystyWisp

        He was in top 2 in his season of the bachelorette thus naturally popular, that is it. He isn’t that attractive at all.

    61. K Dubbs

      Yes!! And kisses bree too

      1. K Dubbs

        @Renee Moore yep. Hes allowed to.. jus strange he took forever to kiss the brunnette but with the blond he aint wasting no time haha 🤔🤔. I guess blondes are so much more fun 🙈😁

      2. Renee Moore

        Goes with the territory

    62. Emily Young

      Demi 😂

    63. Rukaia Ibrahim

      What the hell just happened at the end with the editing all those animals 😁😅🤣

    64. Hayley Marie

      wait so what happened with sydney and mike? werent they an item?

      1. pfl mob

        Not really

    65. Filimon AArone

      Imagine on bed

    66. Nina

      This episode was hilarious

    67. djskslsksmdmsm

      To bad Bri is going to come and ruin things

    68. Isabela Reyes

      HAHAHAHHAHA funniest episode in paradise ever

    69. Sevinch Orujova

      Awww he is adorable. The producers are hilarious, they actually put Lion King, the Universe, and blooming flowers and the whole Germany in this

    70. Maria Thomas

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="320">5:20</a> the moment you came for

    71. Candy Morgan

      Sydney is way too sharp for this guy.

      1. Fiona Fee

        She seems too mature and intelligent for anyone at BIP. She’ll have no problem finding someone outside of the show.

      2. Renee Moore

        She's no one!s type here

    72. comtessealice

      That being said, I now wish that Tazjuan and Matt had met in Paradise and bonded over finding it way too hot there

    73. comtessealice

      OMG, this is the best thing I have ever seen!!! Standing ovation for the editors

    74. crazy cuttee

      That whole montage got me good lol especially the crab for some reason I couldn’t stop laughing 😂 but Matt is toooooo adorable and super sweet and I love his shyness! Ugh I like how when he does finally get into that zone of going for it he means business!!!

    75. Madalynn Phipps

      😂😂😂😂😂 I can't 😂😂😂😂 the sweat tho😂😂😂😂❤

    76. maddy32406

      I'm sorry but Sydney appears to be the worst kisser in bachelor history 🤦‍♀️

      1. Ashley Luna

        No that's JPJ. Did you see when he kissed Oneyeka before he made a connection with tayshia? He looked like a fish going into it

    77. Hector Rodriguez

      She's very gorgeous and beautiful woman Sydney McDonald is a lucky Farm dude or I should say Lucky Farm Dog.

    78. xxJacKxx Playz


    79. Michelle Denver

      I'm ROTFLMAO

    80. paradiseaflame

      Is it just me or does he look like such a good kisser? Damn Matt.

      1. Grace Amagwula

        I noticed that