Melanie Martinez - Copy Cat (feat. Tierra Whack) [Official Audio]

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    1. zolizo k

      Wow Tierra have amazing voice

    2. helen ZzZz


    3. Peachy Teddy

      people really be saying Melanie copied Billie why? because she copied off her song named in my opinion if you listen to both song they don't even sound the same their both very different I truly love both singer but is not right to be assuming that she copied Billie so like please stop saying that and instead of arguing with one another support those artist

    4. Lord Hedwig

      The sad thing is, This isn't working on Spotify

    5. magical darkness

      Wow so cool I'm a biiiiiiiiiiig fan

    6. Alexandra Momsen

      Melanie: my blood is for me, not your babies Also Melanie: if I pass this quiz will you give me your babies

    7. Nutella Gacha TR [KØ][VG]

      Abi herkes yabancı Türk olan isterse like atabilir azerbaycanlılar gardeşlerim sizde Azeri ve Türk olanlar yoruma +1🇹🇷🇦🇿🇹🇷🇦🇿🇹🇷🇦🇿🇹🇷🇦🇿🇹🇷🇦🇿

    8. not here to be ur friend

      I really wanted to like this song because I love Tierra but this ain’t it, not for me

    9. Breeze Amazing potato’s

      Billie did a song called copy cat also (:

    10. Reeghan Dunn

      I really just wanna say I really like Billie as a music artist and as a person but I don’t think that she owns the title copycat honestly it’s not her song title only and there are so many songs with that title plus me and my friends can’t even find comments that say she’s copied Billie

    11. Giovanni Viadão Goxtozo


    12. Alicia Skinner

      Which "Copycat" song is better? Like for Billie, comment for Melanie. I'm proud to say I'm liking my own comment.

    13. Terezinha Abrao

      Favorite music!!! I love you a Honey!💖💖💖💖💖💖

    14. lokafandelaed00 paredes


    15. Jack P

      This drawing though

    16. Dwight Schrute

      Wow!! This song is very catchy and rhythmic! I love the voices and the beautiful music Good job Melanie, you’re doing really well!

    17. Roman Pawlik

      Her coped bille

      1. —moonbyul


    18. Eberta Ramon

      I want her to release Fire Drill I can only find it slowed or deep voiced

    19. Joshua Hamilton

      Isn’t it ironic how the song is called copycat and the co- Oh Dammit

    20. O Que Júlia Alves??

      Copiou a billie

    21. Redheaded BlackSheep

      My favorite part is when she went "copycat". ;)

    22. Jake Pearson

      why is no one talking about tierra 🤩🤩🔥🔥✨✨💯

    23. Isla Waterblanket

      she copied bille im sorry i only said this because i couldnt fine the person who said it but i saw the she disdnt copy now you have somebody to say those SHE DIDNT COPY comments to even though we all know she didnt copy

    24. Mahinur Sultan

      its melody sounds like teachers pet a little bit i think.

    25. Luna Gonzalez

      Dude, for me this song is better than the original

      1. Jess x

        Billie doesn't own the word copycat nor do these songs sound anything alike

      2. Otakool666 Fujoshi

        There is no original... Like, this isn't a cover or anything... Billie Eillish's song is just named Copycat, and same for this one. Many songs have the same name.

      3. Luna Gonzalez

        @UC6Qm89xpVEyGR0gdnmU9A1g yes , of billie eilish

    26. wholesome birb

      I feel like a stalker because how much I listen to her music and I enjoy it

    27. PincPanther

      Pure art

    28. ԋxɳҽყႦҽҽ

      *Everyone:* Oh my god, stop saying that Melanie copied Billie! *Me thinking why cat in the video is Talking Angela sister:*

    29. kiiwi_angel

      I cant be the only one who sees like grass and trees in the cat's eyes

    30. Dan888Y

      princess coralyn :0

    31. Emanuele Favacho


    32. bloxs_ stables

      like who said that she copied billie everyone knows thats shes much better then billie and she would never do that its just the same name then we can call billie a copycat

    33. Unknown55 Piere

      Man she should remove the comments “she copied” hunny I’m sure that she still made it long ago even though they are listening to it no matter how old.

    34. •Đäny Säntøs•

      Olá sou brasileira amo vc melanie Martinez ❤🌹🌹🌹🌹🥀😊☺️

    35. ժմʍҍ Տҽɾҽղɑ

      Tierra Whacks part starts at 2:38 you're welcome

    36. silvia aguirre

      she isn't copied Billie. Stop saying that!

    37. LilacOfTheSea

      I love this

    38. TheamazingGrell

      Funny how nobody is saying Melanie and Billie is copying Circus-P since Circus-P Feat. GUMI did it first (2016) :P If you can't beat them about Billie and Mel, -join them with Vocaloid facts-

    39. Margie G.

      If y’all think she copied Billie for the name she did not because people are thinking that

      1. Margie G.

        It’s a good song!

    40. BLUE ICE

      someone more hear the whispers in this minute 0:49

    41. Lily Grimes

      Here before tik tok 😤

    42. Inkeh_

      Can we all just get along and actually enjoy the song-

    43. ThE PoLiCe

      Copy cat. The cooler copy cat.

    44. - Ayu


    45. Caylee Besaw

    46. Smol UwU

      Gotta love the background aesthetic 👌 And the song’s on my Top Ten Favorite Songs list now 💞

    47. Nicole Mujica

      Uhm fifth time commenting in 5 years on KGsel, so no hate your not five. Whoever is saying Melanie copied Billie I’m just confused Billie does *not* own the word copycat. Sarah Orne Jewett made the word copycat, so you have no right to be saying Melanie copied Billie. For some reason I’m seeing people saying ‘Melanie why did you copy?’ Each of those have many likes, so your the copy cat just wanting likes. Period.

    48. mp kill

      Looks like they didn't post the new music vid

    49. Miles Green

      My cat is freaking out

    50. Sarah Honeycutt

      There are no comments that say, "She copied Billie!" And there is no comments that say, " She didn't copy Billie!! " So just shut up everyone and listen to the song. 🙄

    51. ...carolina...

      Por qué rayos está tremenda artista no es n°1????????

    52. molly sucks

      she played this on tour 😪🥺

    53. Robson Duarte


    54. MrBeratPvP

      **YARRA BANDIM**

    55. Cleiton Alves

      Obg melanier

    56. Cleiton Alves

      Amei essa musica mim tras esperação

    57. •Jacky Kun•

      People: Melanie copied Billie! Me: Trying to find that coment. Also me: This isn't even the melody and the lycris is totally different Also also me: That people doesn't think, my gosh.

    58. Lepus chan

      hey melanie, just an idea, but what if you're next songs theme was how you should get rid of love like a bandaid- quick?

    59. Angela Kartolína Luntian

      the notes remind me so much of pink slip (nurse's office) or something

    60. Greg No name

      The front of the cats face is fur-less tho