New York in the mid 1930's in Color!


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    Extremely interesting long film about New York towards the end of the Great Depression. This film is in colour, motion-stabilized, enhanced and speed-corrected by me. Duration: nearly 42 minutes.
    Press the 'SHOW MORE' button for far more info!
    The film shows many images of New York's buildings (Empire State, Chrysler and Woolworth buildings a.o), Bridges, Aircraft, Neon lights and Steamships. Especially the footage of the famous ocean liners RMS Queen Mary, which was brand new at that time, and the SS Normandie and SS Conte di Savoia footage (in color!) is intriguing. The film was probably made by a wealthy family involving an elderly lady who appears half a dozen times in the film. Maybe they booked the famous SS Normandie cruise to Rio in Feb.1938 or Feb.1939.
    Please note that the film has NOT been artificially colourized; it is original Kodak (?) color film.
    Do take a look at the other material on my channel.
    Update: after reading all the comments, the concensus seems to be that most, if not all of this film was shot around the Christmas period of 1937.
    Please help me improve this chronological list:
    00:00 Lower Manhattan skyline seen from Brooklyn Heights Promenade
    00:45 Staten Island steam ferry
    01:05 RMS Carinthia
    01:10 Old three-stack pass.ship, maybe USS Leviathan
    01:28 One-stack pass.ship, name?
    01:50 HAL SS Volendam or SS Veendam II
    02:18 Westfield II steam ferry to Staten Island, built 1862?
    02:30 Floyd Bennett Airfield, North Beach Air Service inc. hangar
    02:43 Hoey Air Services hangar at F.B. Airfield
    02:55 Ladies board monoplane, Stinson S Junior, NC10883, built 1931
    03:15 Flying over New York: Central Park & Rockefeller Center
    03:19 Empire State Building (ESB)
    03:22 Chrysler building in the distance
    03:26 Statue of Liberty island
    03:30 Aircraft, Waco ZQC-6, built 1936
    03:47 NC16234 becomes readable
    04:00 Arrival of the "Fly Eddie Lyons" aircraft
    04:18 Dutch made Fokker 1, packed
    04:23 Douglas DC3 "Dakota", also packed, new
    04:28 Green mono- or tri-engine aircraft, type?
    04:40 DC3 again. DC3's flew first on 17 Dec.1935
    04:44 Back side of Woolworth Building
    05:42 Broadway at Bowling Green
    05:12 Brooklyn across East River, view from Pier 11
    05:13 Water plane, Grumman G-21A Goose
    05:38 Street with bus, loc.?
    05:40 Truck, model?
    05:42 Broadway at Bowling Green
    05:46 Old truck, "Engels", model?
    05:48 Flag USA with 48 stars!
    05:50 Location?, DeStoto Sunshine cab 1936
    05:52 Green truck, "Bier Mard Bros"?, model?
    05:56 Ford Model AA truck 1930
    05:58 Open truck, model?
    06:05 Standard Oil Building
    06:25 Bus 366 & Ford Model A 1930
    06:33 South Street & Coenties Slip
    06:35 View from?, Black car?
    06:45 Cities Service Building at 70 Pine St. right. Left: see 07:12
    06:48 Small vessels in the East River
    06:50 Owned by Harry F. Reardon
    07:05 Shack on Coenties Slip, Pier 5
    07:12 City Bank-Farmers Trust Building, 20 Exchange Place
    07:15 Oyster bar, near Coenties Slip
    07:19 Location?
    07:31 Holland America Line, Volendam-I, built 1922
    07:32 Chrysler Plymouth P2 De Luxe
    07:34 Oyster vendor
    08:05 Vendor shows oyster in pot
    08:16 Wall st.; Many cars, models?
    08:30 Looking down Wall st.
    08:52 More cars, models?
    09:00 Near the Erie Ferry, 1934/35 Ford s.48 De Luxe
    09:02 Rows of Christmas tree sales, location?
    09:15 Erie Railroad building, location? Quay 21? Taxi, model?
    09:23 1934 Dodge DS
    09:25 See 09:48
    09:27 Baltimore and Ohio (B&O) Railroad
    09:29 Clyde Mallory Lines
    09:48 South end of West Side Highway
    09:49, 10:08, 10:11, 10:45 Location?
    10:25 Henry Hudson Parkway
    11:30 George Washington Bridge without the Lower Level
    12:07 Presbyterian Hospital, Washington Heights
    12:15 Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research
    12:49 New York Hospital at 68th St. & East River
    13:14 ditto
    13:35 ditto
    13:42 Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art
    14:51 Rockefella Plaza & RCA building
    16:33 Saint Patrick's Cathedral
    16:50 Public Library
    17:24 Panoramic view, from ESB
    17:45 RCA Building, 30 Rockefeller Plaza
    18:16 Original Penn Station
    19:27 Movie True Confession, rel. 24 Dec.1937
    19:30 Sloppy Joes
    20:12 Neon lights & Xmas
    26:34 Herald Square
    29:48 Police Emergency Service (B&W)
    31:00 SS Normandie, French Line, Pier 88
    32:06 RMS Queen Mary, White Star Line, Pier 92
    32:43 Departure Queen Mary
    33:45 Italian Line, Pier 84, Terminal, dd.1935
    34:00 SS Conte Di Savoia, Italian Line, Pier 84
    34:25 Peanut seller, near the piers
    34:35 Feeding the pidgeons
    34:52 SS Normandie, exterior & on deck
    35:30 View from Pier 88
    35:59 Interior
    37:06 From Pier 88
    37:23 Northern, Eastern, Southern or Western Prince, built 1929
    37:32 Tug, William C. Gaynor
    38:20 Departure
    38:38 Blue Riband!
    39:15 Tugs push Normandie into fairway
    39:50 Under own steam.
    40:00 Statue of Liberty
    40:15 SS Normandie leaves NYC
    40:35 Film is in wrong order because tugs are involved again?
    41:15 SS Normandie in the distance
    41:24 Spectators leave for home
    41:40 Beautiful sunset
    41:53 End.

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    1. Rick88888888

      This video has now been viewed by more than 1.3 million KGsel viewers! What surprises me is that there are still gaps in the full description under the "SHOW MORE" button. So please DO READ the full decription (under the 'SHOW MORE' button) and kindly provide help by identifying the locations in New York marked with a "?". Also it would be nice to know more about the many car types and building names. Also if anybody knows the name of the rich family that appears half a dozen times in the film (and who probably made this film) that would be great. Thank you in advance!

      1. Duke of Haas

        Most men in the US wore some form of hat through the 1950s. One theory about the sudden decline of hat wearing in the US was the influence of the presidency of John F. Kennedy beginning in 1961. Excepting the silk top hat he wore during his inauguaral ceremonies, President Kennedy rarely, if ever, wore a hat in public. The president was occasionally photographed holding a hat but he never placed it on his head. He once commented that he never forgot cringing at a photograph of President Coolidge wearing an undignified head piece and vowed never to repeat the act. Therefore, many people believe that Kennedy unintentionally began a trend that resulted with American men going hatless. It was not until the mid-1970s that the hat returned as a mens fashion statement but it was the informal baseball style cap that retuned, not the fadora, homburg or panama.

      2. Mr. Thomas A. Anderson

        Why all men wore a hat in that era? Why did they stop wearing them?

      3. Californicated

        10:45 continues West Highway/Henry Hudson Pkwy heading North. Bridge in background is George Washington Bridge and you can see Grants Tomb on the hill on the right.

      4. Rick88888888

        @Akaidan Tv With what?

      5. Akaidan Tv

        Any luck?

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      ヨーロッパや太平洋が、あんな壊滅状態になるまでの世界戦争中でも、此処だけは軍人以外、変わらない日常だったんかい! こんな国に、どう勝てと……?

      1. Economie Libérale

        もし日本帝国がアジアに勝ち、ナチス帝国がヨーロッパに勝ったら、世界はもっと良くなったでしょう。 今日、中国は誰にとっても危険です。 そして、黒人が世界に侵入します。 なんて悲しい。

    9. Old School

      as we seeing this in 2020, people from 2090 or 2100 will see this from hologram PC

    10. Gustavo Pérez

      WOW exciting times, that generation didn't need drugs to be happy.

      1. POVHFR Videos

        Or chip implants...

      2. nimrodian

        Okay... but keep in mind that the U.S. had just recently made alcohol legal again after actually abolishing it with a Constitutional Amendment. :)

    11. nimrodian

      The music is a fantastic addition to this. Great choices.

    12. nimrodian

      I wish I could time travel... But at least I have film like this. Thanks, Rick88888888.

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      Amazing archive film with wonderful background evocative of that time and place!

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      Its sad to think that almost everyone in this video is dead now

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        @Tarkus oh come on boy, just get out from here.

      2. nimrodian

        Agree with you. So many lives, so many stories, all lost to time. I feel it.

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        I just said it, Its just sad that most of them are dead that's literately all im saying lol

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        Also over 100 billion have died since modern homo sapiens, what's your point?

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        @Seymour Crack I literately just said

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      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="868">14:28</a> She didn't look too happy about that sign. She probably had to pay to get in because it was a Monday or a Friday. "I'm not paying no admission fee for a city I live in" :D

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      Im watching this video in 2020.. it looks like liberalism won

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        @Освальд Hysterical bullshit like this is one reason to seek entertainment in the KGsel comments section.

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        The only reason why you are able to see KGsel videos on your iPhone or computer, is because of white, brown , yellow and black inventors. Example - Steve Jobs was half Syrian.

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        if liberalism wins, America will fall. What is happening now.

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      Brilliant Rick! A vintage labor of love.

    25. Michael

      the good days before social media and animals took over the cities

    26. Infinite Joy

      Those were the days when people were more innocent and had great honor. Today almost nobody have honor anymore.

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      hatmakers' paradise.

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      笑ってしまうほど凄いですね。 当時の日本の軍人がこの摩天楼群を見たら、アメリカと戦争をする気になったのか疑問に思います……。

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    31. StephenAndrew777

      It's amazing how little the shape of airplanes has changed.

    32. EMarshall

      I just found this video in the Recommended list and I swear it is one of the absolute BEST and COOLEST videos I've ever seen on KGsel! 👍👍

    33. Bob VR

      New York 1930s skyline looks insane! New York 2020s skyline looks terrible..

      1. priscianusjr

        @Mike Collins 95% of it, yeah.

      2. priscianusjr

        @Cyress Caspian That's largely true, but it's exactly why it looks terrible.

      3. SaGe Ninja

        It looks better nowadays if you ask me.

      4. Nerdloser

        how does it look terrible? there are just more buildings... more impressive imo

      5. DpKingify

        Too many people cramped together iving in too many buildings.

    34. Minecraft Pathé

      Can y'all stop criticizing the modern world and just appreciate the way your grandparents/great grandparents lived?

      1. Mike Collins

        nope..i will continue to tell the truth whether you like it or not

    35. britishchick09

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    36. Jean-Pierre Fraud

      Merci pour les vues du Normandie, le plus beau paquebot qui ait sillonné l’Atlantique.

    37. Melissa

      Wow, New York was so clean back then. I wonder what the difference was.

      1. just some minced garlic

        priscianusjr you’re comparing 1940 population of the entire metro area to just current New York City Borough. I was using numbers for entire nyc metro area from 1930 and 2020.

      2. priscianusjr

        @just some minced garlic Far from it. Population of NYC in 1940: 7,454,995. Population of NYC in 2018: 8,398,748. An increase of 12.66%.

      3. Melissa

        @Nerdloser Horses

      4. Nerdloser

        bro nyc still had horses in the 1930s.. tell me which is cleaner

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    38. Nowplease Readthis

      Hey New Jersey Westfielders, there's our ferry taking our white collar commuters over to work, no doubt all dressed up in their grey flannel suits, dress suits, hats, chesterfield, camel and fur coats and smoking their cigarettes with the New York Times in hand and a cup of hot coffee. at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a>

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        Not all of the songs are in the description

      2. Rick88888888

        Just press the 'SHOW MORE' button

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    43. Jonny Boots

      Worked at Saks Fifth Avenue for 6 year’s, still looks the same. Use to sit on the steps of St. Patrick’s and have my lunch everyday. Great looking people nowadays . I don’t why some people looked so strange back then. Real homie lookin . Musta been their diets and the smokes. But things were more simpler back then . You go to work and go home. Nowadays you can’t just have 1 job, you gotta work 3 and pay through the nose . Forget about getting married and having kids.

    44. N W

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        Yes, it's too painful to watch

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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="240">4:00</a>, pilot sporting the once-popular Charlie Chaplin tash.

    49. Warih zuki

      Wow Amazing,,thanks for sharing ..

    50. Matthew

      If only today could be somewhat similar with the way of life and how everything looks

    51. Nick Cline

      Completely different breed of people then. Just completely different. Look at the way they walked, the purpose in their step. Look at their appearance, their heads held high and always with impeccable style. Needless to say the music was wonderful, full of life and promise. The streets were manicured and buildings were painstakingly crafted and erected using fine building materials. The grand department stores still lavished their storefronts with lifelike displays and sold a vast quantity of all the best quality merchandise, catering to their clientele’s every whim and need. The films of those days were magic. The theaters (or ‘movie palaces’) were sumptuous, an escape from the day-to-day bustle. Wonderfully talented and beautiful stars of the screen, riveting emotion, lavish costumes and sets, choreography, original musical scores, burgeoning new innovations in cinematography and color film. Sure, that world had its flaws, but we would be ignorant to say we don’t have the same amount of problems now, if not more. Very sad.

      1. Nelson B

        Back then head held high today pants hanging below your butt

      2. Mike Collins

        @fartpoobox ohyeah the 80s were only good compared to today..I grew up in the 80s and never thought they were golden...

      3. Mike Collins

        @fartpoobox ohyeah no they wont....they will say it was a shit time

      4. David G

        @fartpoobox ohyeah people like the past the because they're not happy with their "present" state @Nick my friend should write a book with the vivid description of the video!

      5. Nick Cline

        fartpoobox ohyeah “fartpoobox ohyeah” Yes, we live in a renaissance indeed.

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      I look forward to coming to New York to see and learn a bout the history of this beautiful and modern city . I come from Vietnam

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      Amazing, 508 noobs (Dislikes) this is art

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        @Rick88888888 True, keep making good videos :D

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        It's "only" 1.3%, so 98.7% of viewers like this film (508- versus 38000+)

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      2. hercg1967

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        Not Donald Trump in those days. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 Not Sakoshi Nakamoto in those days and not coronavirus either

      5. Tunatros William

        "so white so beautiful" what the fuck is that mean?

    56. Zero Cool

      Now NYC looks so trash for me the drugs destroy the people

    57. Paul Kelley

      the worst leader ever running are future into the ground

    58. Paul Kelley

      his is what real class looked like back then compared to now oh how the mighty class of people have fallen

      1. Gustavo Pérez

        All that real class ending that you mention began with the hippie drugs generation, i guess.

    59. Paul Kelley

      Yup the slums now with a pandemic virus wandering around looking for its next victim

    60. Mauritius Dunfagel

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    61. Mauritius Dunfagel

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      Fascinating film. Incredible music. Brilliant!

    63. Season1 better2

      Back in the day when people had pride in their work. Construction workers, for example, weren’t paid nothing like today, and they worked their ass’ off back then.

      1. Mauritius Dunfagel

        Season1 better2 And the elites sat around on their asses!

    64. Colton

      Who else is here just for the music?

      1. Tonabillity

        priscianusjr Yes, 2 + 2 = No blacks are seen because apparently they were not allowed to coexist among white people 🤨

      2. priscianusjr

        @Tonabillity yes, but you hear them. Can't you put 2 + 2 together?

      3. Tonabillity

        Yes, it’s amazing footage of New York, amazing music created by Black people. Yet amazingly, I don’t see any Black people. 🤔

    65. J.W-B.Y

      Superbe !! le film ET la musique !!

    66. Conan the Destroyer

      All man made things just don't look beautiful to me.

      1. Matthew Cooper

        Of course not when you come from Cimmeria

    67. Californicated

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="439">07:19</a> is a wider shot of the Oyster Bar on a park near what is now Water St. and Counties Slip. None of the Bars structure exist today, instead would be Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

    68. S G G

      There was no "Great Depression" for these people.

    69. Tomas Jansson

      The music alone takes you to another place and time. Great idea to ad these things together!

      1. Gustavo Pérez

        Is that jazz music?

      2. Tonabillity

        Tomas Jansson Strange that the people who made the music are nowhere to be seen... 🧐

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      1. Gustavo Pérez

        Mmm...i think he wasn't enlisted at the army yet, at the Time of this video perhaps he was at Brooklyn yet studying high school.

    71. Jakub Husenica

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="655">10:55</a> for my fellow Mafia fans ;)

      1. Gustavo Pérez

        When the mafia dressed so well elegant.

    72. Aden Poller

      Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

    73. J. C.

      Wow, the Normandie, considered the ultimate and most luxurious ship of her time and by some the greatest of all time. Most beautiful inside and out, five record breaking Atlantic crossings but she came to a sad end in 1942.

      1. Gustavo Pérez

        From cunard company?

    74. Classic Moments

      Extraordinary film. Thank you. Lions at 16.41, was that the New York Public Library? ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    75. Dol1Art Beats

      Ничего подобного в те времена не было ни где. Это был самый развитый город в мире. Это уникальная история.

    76. Jax Wins


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        Biz hindert 'n tsvantsik!

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        Good for her. People from her generation are super strong.

      3. Jax Wins

        @J. C. She eats her greens and excercises

      4. Marcus

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        WOW! how is that possible? Is she a time traveler? Maybe a vampire?

    77. Jax Wins

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    78. Action Man

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      1. Keith Calvosa

        I'm 33 but I still have fresh memory's from my grandfather giving me a nice backhand for getting out of hand and he pointed with his middle finger

    79. Lem Rezar

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1429">23:49</a> Is that pixel art, in 1930? Damn.

      1. Dugie Doogs

        Yeah, amazing for the time. All tiny incandescent bulbs switched on and off rapidly by a whole series of small contacts/points. I think these were activated by rotating spools. It must have been literally awesome for people from the country.

    80. Shah-Allah Shabazz

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