NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)

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NBC News

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    New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy holds a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic and how the state is providing relief to COVID-19 patients.
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    Live: NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

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    1. Beth Colvin

      I'm wondering why they haven't shut down construction?

    2. andrew mroz

      Just a flu virus the real virus is the media and the politicians

    3. Claudio Saavedra

      Does anyone know about fair mortgage relief ? Tenants do not want to pay rent because governor said it, and not all mortgage providers are in for the relief. Moreover, some of the banks that he said are cooperating, are just giving you a forbearance for 3 months but guess what is going to happen at the end of 3 months. The full 3 months are due. What kind of relief is this? this is going to be a disaster.

    4. Manoranjan Masti

      kgsel.info/video/video/f6ek2Xauf3Ft1IY.html हमारे चैनल पर लाइव चैनल सब्सक्राइब करें

    5. Manoranjan Masti

      kgsel.info/video/video/f6ek2Xauf3Ft1IY.html हमारे चैनल पर लाइव चैनल सब्सक्राइब करें

    6. Gmen4life

      I live in JC and these millennials/yuppies are walking around like nothing is going on in this beautiful country of ours.

    7. D G

      Murphy is a criminal

    8. U OL

      sound on this is poor

    9. Tara Estelle Adelizzi

      I’m gonna have to find a new job, the casinos aren’t opening anytime soon :( idk what to do

    10. vinod gangully


    11. Dennis


    12. Billy Jackson

      So when this is over?...can we all just take down China and free the Chinese people. end the CCP!.

    13. Billy Jackson

      The way it usually goes the banks etc get bailed out, then they foreclose on homeowners and evict renters...then the banks get bailed out the property back, then they still expect to collect on the mortgages too. build us up a decade then sheer us again. wash rinse repeat.

    14. Seth Na


    15. Jenni

      cant hear it

    16. Cara Mia


    17. Cara Mia


    18. Shawn

      Why is you Audio always terrible.... Sorry but even a turned up volume on my computer STILL can't hear. This information is serious!!! Fix the volume!!!!

    19. valerie hester


      1. Je nsz

        NOPE...China is the model for STATE CONTROL! Notice how every measure taken in China gets adopted here. We caved to China a long time ago!

    20. David Young

      There are 212 clinical studies current in operation for Coronavirus. Less than half are looking for potential treatments. Probably only a fifth are being run in the United States. Not all of them are yet recruiting. In fact, there are only recruiting 11 treatment studies in the US listed on www.clinicaltrials.gov . In other words, with over 200,000 active cases in the United States, only about 200 to 300 people have enrolled on a study. That is, we are enrolling about 0.1 percent or infected people on study. And there are some attractive drug treatments that are not being studied at all the United States. There are at least two antivirals that likely have activity against coronavirus: Remdesivir and Favipiravir. We know that Favipiravir is very safe and RemDes is likely safe (at least in the short term) as well. I find it discouraging that Favi is not being studied in the US. I also find it discouraging that a combination of the two drugs is not being studied. Let me tell you this. The idea of combining two drugs like this is not normally something that clinical researchers think about and is practically never considered by the FDA. But reason with me. Might it not be possible that the combination might be far more effective than either alone? And why not combine an antiviral (RNA polymerase inhibitor) like RemDes or Favi with Hydroxychloroquine? It may be that this combination would be very effective. And why not consider adding an IL-2 inhibitor such as Tocilizumab, Sarilumab or Siltuximab? Someone could design a multi-arm study like this: Have a _seven armed_ study for early diagnosed patients. People are randomized to get a) Hydroxyvhloroquine, b) Remdesivir, c) Favipiravir, d) a combination of Remdesivir and Favipiravir, e) Hydroxychlroroquine plus Remdesivir, f) Hydroxychloroquine plus Favirpiravir, g) Hydroxycholoroquine plus Remdesivir plus Favipiravir. You would want to plan on recruiting 200 infected individuals into each arm, but you might get an idea if one of the arms is inferior to the rest early on and then discontinue recruiting to that arm. You would need a lot of infected individuals to participate. Obviously, there are plenty out there. You need to open these trials in clinics (hospital or private practices) and you would need to have over 100 venues for treatment, not just 2 or 3 as they presently have. It seems to me that it is the arrogance of the FDA and high tower researchers that prevents this. They believe ad hoc that studies like the ones I suggest cannot be properly done by physicians that are not part of a major medical institution. And that is an insult. There are many private practice groups who do important clinical research all the time. Recruiting 120 outpatient clinics to do multi-armed studies would not be difficult. One would hope that 500 to 1000 infected individuals could be recruited every day. And then, in 3 weeks, we would have some meaningful information. The current clinical research is oriented to finding an optimal treatment for Covid-19 by about… say…. August. In the mean time, there are tens of thousands of new infections every week and more and more deaths, and overloaded hospitals. What are we waiting for? The is an ample supply of Remdesivir, plenty of Hydroxychloroquine, ample vials Tocilizumab, Sarilumab or Siltuximab, and it should not be difficult to get Favipiravir from Japan, where it is said they are “well stocked.” Make America Great Again? Run multi-arm studies, run them expediently, recruit 500 subjects a day, and find the optimal therapy right away. That would make America great. Our current policy of slow, step by step research makes us look 3rd world. The US is no longer considered to be a leader by other countries.


      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="154">2:34</a>

    22. Kinzie Burton

      Y should the 98% shelter in place for the 2% it makes more sense for the at risk people to shelter in place!!!!!!! All this lockdown nonsense is unconstitutional !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Je nsz

        Its liek most people are so dumb already that if you mention the Constitution/Bill of Rights they roll their eyes or laugh at you already. Its twilight zone level!

      2. Je nsz

        100% that is what I have been saying! These elected people are acting like autocrats and not elected public servants. The founding fathers are writhing in their graves and how the American people have seemingly rolled over and accepted this garbage. These autocrats are using China for the model of how they want American society to be. Notice how every measure China does we soon follow. These appear to be infiltrators of our great nation that was By the People and For The People!

    23. pattianne pascual

      New York cars all over NJ, shopping in essential stores (stores that should not be essential). They are infecting those that aren't infected, dragging this thing on forever. Shut down tile, floor stores, e.t.c- nj people all have an excuse to go out several times a day each You should have a better plan. This one isn't working. The more people that get the virus, the longer this goes on. The more money our children and grand children will be paying in taxes centuries from now.

    24. Javier Fernandez

      The PLANdemic ...

    25. Real Life

      m.kgsel.info/video/video/b31n2nibrYOMnH4.html Why Are the people getting the coronavirus only flu shot patients?

    26. HipHop & R&B Music Channel - Rare MindFrame

      This Volume represents what we ask of the covid 19 virus. Just turn down a lil bit. Stay Safe EveryBody

    27. Josh Khan

      🔥🔥🔥 definitely deserves this place in trending <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="83">1:23</a> 💛 👇 👇💕

    28. Shahid Siraj

      Can't believe their Audio system. from CT.

    29. Dick Long

      Thank you Trump for containing this virus 🙌 best president ever!

    30. J. T.

      Another "Butt sucking weasel". POS.... Fredo is the biggest BSW of course.

    31. sparstar

      THIS IS REAL Iᗰ ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴᔕ TᕼIᔕ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT👈🏻 and subscribes to my channel ❤️🔥Iᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT 🔥🔥🔥

    32. Michael Stadtler

      yes murphy yes.

    33. achal choudhay

      @all stay home... If you want to wake up in 2021...

      1. achal choudhay

        @Gorky D nopes

      2. Gorky D

        Trust fund?

    34. Matt Jackson

      Hi Josh! The barnacle happy over triumphant egg semaphores!

    35. France France

      Get your masks here people n95maskco.shop/products/anti-germ-anti-dust-n95-reusable-filtration-mask. Thank me later.

    36. J T


    37. sendmurtuza

      What about BLACK SEED OIL stopping the duplication of the CARONAvirus. Here’s the Study www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3933739/

    38. pattianne pascual

      NBC News if people on laptops can't hear this, imagine those of us who can only afford our crappy dumb phones. P,s you should not be monetizing virus videos. Very poor taste.

      1. Billy Jackson

        GREED knows no bounds.

    39. Tiffany Petty

      Why don't they tell the world the real truth about the virus is BS and all this is really another cover up for bailing out the big corporations and bank's who were all broke and that this is all so the world will be understanding of the world's economy ceasing . nd not blame all the whole world's government's for the ponzi scheme economic crash. Immoral evil ungodly demons criminals ruined / run the earth

      1. Miss Kimberly

        @Loving it is another fake account with no subs, and no videos. These bots are going to get us killed.

      2. Miss Kimberly

        So, Tiffany has one subscribers, no videos, so views, but she comments "Trump 2020" and this crap on multiple videos.

      3. Miss Kimberly

        @Tiffany Petty What exactly do you mean by "Democrat failures"?

      4. Miss Kimberly

        @Loving it Have you ever had the flu? These are not the same symptoms. My niece sounds horrible. She can barely breathe. She's running a fever of 103.4°. I've seen my share of flu. I've never seen this. My uncle is in a medical induced coma because his body is shutting down due to CoVid. He was incubated last night. He might not make it. One of my friends is close to being in the same situation as my uncle, and the other one of my friends is home barely able to breathe. I can't even go take care of her, because if I catch it, my husband could. My husband would die. He has severe asthma. It's crazy that you're pretending this is fake. It's ignorant. It's stupid, and it's dangerous.

      5. Loving it

        @Miss Kimberly this ALSO FLU season same symptoms

    40. Chad Stewart

      Time is running out! Get saved before it's too late kgsel.info/video/video/noyJrYl_gYltspw.html

    41. Grammy Nioupin

      L homme est allé trop loin dans le mal et CES temps sont serieux pour revenir à Jesus Christ, se repentir.. Peu importe ce que tu as fait Dieu t aime encore, Il te tend la main maintenant et te dis MON ENFANT REVIENS A MOI ET MOI JE TE PARDONNE TE GUERIS ET TE SAUVE.. CAR QUICONQUE INVOQUERA LE NOM DU SEIGNEUR JESUS SERA SAUVÉ La peur est partout. Qui assurera ta sécurité là où la science a failli? Recommande ton sort à Jésus Christ, il te gardera, il te sauvera.

    42. Hi China

      Keep positive mentality, staying at home as much as possible. We can make it through.

      1. Kidd KARNELIAN

        Hi China make it through what look at lakewood no one cares man

    43. Enye Terlin

      You could do something about the volume. I don't have the hearing capabilities of a dog.

    44. Blunted Opinions Podcast

      link to better sound shrinkme.io/y0JpQx

    45. Jeffery Pullin

      Undermine Trump with left-wing political propaganda at any cost. Countrymen be damned !

    46. I.P.U EL CAULOTE


    47. ICEMAN GT

      Coronavirus Update: Today (so far) UNITED STATES Confirmed: 215,175 Death : 5,110 Recovered: 8,878

      1. Night shade

        But how many dead were age 50+? They say the virus only kills *old people*

      2. Genxskis

        Too many deaths

    48. thomas wilson

      How u doing, im just now starting to put music out and would love to share some with u. Check out my latest song called stuck on my youtube channel i appreciate it🙏🙏🙏. kgsel.info/video/video/p5CX0HtpeombxGU.html

    49. ipissed

      In New Jersey social distancing means you spit on it first.

      1. Tiffany Petty

        The armpit of America. 😂

      2. dubb

        for get about it

    50. Rumple Dickstein

      Did any of these people pass on from just the covid 19 alone ? Any other complications? If so what is death rate to years past as far as numbers? Is the fact that we have the test making it so more deaths can deemed due to corona virus . ?

      1. dubb

        no its people who are very old, very young, or have a pre existing issue, such as asthma, smokers who have limit lung capacity, heart conditions and cancer

    51. Elite Street

      I bought masks from GoLgnd.com and donated them to hospitals

      1. Isaac Oz

        Elite Street do you know when the side mirror vinyl came out?

      2. Elite Street

        A B yes, mine came within a week

      3. Elite Street

        Rya N yes I did

      4. Elite Street

        Ravi Ponuti USA

      5. A B

        Elite Street is it a real site? It looks a little suspicious

    52. ourforgiveness *com

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      1. pattianne pascual

        St. Benedict - May the holy cross always be my light! May the dragon never be my guide! GET BACK Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! Everything you offer us is evil. Drink your own poison!

      2. Kushal Singh

        ourforgiveness *com sir this is a McDonald

    53. Thermal D T-1000

      These town hall meetings just state the obvious; getting repetitive. We get it people are dying and people need to stay home. Keep it short and move on.

      1. Peter Ibrahim

        Bob Yandero this coronavirus is new and everything you stated have vaccines or ways of treatment coved doesn’t

      2. Giancarlo

        Bob Yandero you realize that it has yet to peak right

      3. Gizka

        but cop man needs to brag about how the goons are doing such a good job handing out fines and closing down businesses

      4. Bob Yandero

        But it hasn't killed more then the common flu, swine flu, or three days of average cancer deaths. Also the US is about 22nd in deaths per capita in the world.

    54. Unknown Unknown

      the kgsel.info/video/video/bqeE2IFwjYlslqA.html prophecy ,it will change how you see life and the future.

    55. Zedzen 90

      Time to get one of many favorite alcoholic beverage/ Corona. ;)

    56. kazedmonks

      Ice age baby gets corona virus from wario kgsel.info/video/video/joJpp4xka5KQzXY.html

    57. Danny H

      白宮簽名:請求美國政府要求CCP為全球的疫情蔓延負責! CCP Virus petitions.whitehouse.gov/ petition/petition-president-donald-trump-hold-chinas-government-accountable-coronavirus

    58. JtD

      122193 seasonal flu deaths in 2020 47,192 coronavirus deaths in 2020

      1. Anna

        JtD babe....60,000

      2. italian water ice

        @JtD well the flu is worse , no one should worry

      3. JtD

        @italian water ice well have fun living in nj where there's a bunch of dead people in tents

      4. italian water ice

        @JtD u must live in the sticks....theres dead people in tents all over ny nj

      5. italian water ice

        @JtD yea well minimizing it can mislead people into carelessly infecting themselves and others.people havent started dying at high percentage because its just starting



    60. JC Iglesias

      You know things are bad when not one person says an April fool's day joke to you the whole day.

      1. JC Iglesias

        @LA LANG95 was it a good/funny one?

      2. Johnny Weng


      3. LA LANG95

        Well I receive one today from our professor.

      4. Real

        Covid April Fools..😷😂

    61. DOUGIE FRESH 007

      Idolize her 4. Ever. ....... #fffgroup. The gazeyyyysss and the shadeeeeezzzzzzzzz and the girls listen to this babe.kgsel.info/video/video/mGd6lIikqHSisW0.html

    62. Just a normal YouTuber

      RIP to everyone that died from the Coronavirus

    63. Agustin Jaimes

      Humankind is the virus to Earth the virus is Earth's immune system

    64. Abrakadeborah

      Turn your volume WAY UP if you want to hear this video.

      1. pringelsthegamefreak

        Btw you're beautiful❤

      2. MrBlackNathan

        I can hear him on 4 pushes of my volume button. 🤷‍♂️ No problem here. sorry to sink ur boat bud but you might need some hearing equipment to help out those lovely ears god gave you lbh....

    65. Tony TheRealOne

      #Like #Share #ComeOnKGsel *#KGsel** give everyone KGsel red for free, just while most of the world is quarantine because of the Coronavirus. Come on KGsel If Mr.Beast can get the whole KGsel Community together to plant 20 million trees you can at least do this for the KGsel Community.*

    66. Ian Talley

      Guys, stop overbuying stuff

      1. raidwolf

        "I bought way too much ammo." -no one ever

      2. amaynadflava

        Ian Talley thank you!

    67. Birdie Miller

      Wow, a governor that doesn't listen to peoples comments here. There are people who specialize in how to get critical information to the people ASAP. Look it up online PLEASE. A prioritized outline. The formatt (outline) stays the say everyday, the content gets updated if needed. Bulleted facts first. BTW that outline could be posted below the video so we could speed read it. Uniformity and consistency. PLEASE!!!!!!

    68. eric versachi

      How can new jersey possibly need money you have enough taxes to break a wealthy family ten times over

      1. Gizka

        rule number one is new jersey always needs more money

    69. X O


      1. You Wish

        Karma doesnt need a god

    70. Birdy Boy

      You say we've procurred this "on our own"...well that's YOUR JOB. It is not up to the federal government to bail you out. YOU are the one who is to be sure the people in your stat have what is needed in an emergency. Given our proximity to NY & the threat of terrorism, a pandemic or a serious storm, it is YOUR job to prepare for all such emergencies by ensurong all supplies are well stocked.

      1. Birdy Boy

        @Lex It is obvious we have differing views. Ireally do not need convincing nor do I wish to convince. Let the facts do that for all who truly seek them. Regardless of perception or fauld or "what IFS" which in general are essentially useless. What matters most & needs to be our primary concern is that people are suffering & we need to support one another & console as well as inspire one another as we hopefully move through this & come out the other side. Conflict only makes it harder to cope wit, especially for families who are isolated and have an ill or dying loved one. It's a very hard time & the only beneficial response is love,emcouragement & faith. Thus I am going silent as we have addressed many issues; see them differently and at this point it seems counterproductive to further discuss. Truly, I wish that you and your loved ones stay safe

      2. Birdy Boy

        @Lex Yhere were at least 5 more like it from different sources. If the media wasn't so freakin biased & corrupt they would have been investigating this rather than being focused on more & more fake charges& calling Trump a racist for wanting this. Also American culture is not like india's. A total ban here wouldn't have worked when Vhina was still lying about the impact. And tests from those regions mentioned were not available, nor were scientists given access to samples to develop their own. Even to this day China was sending tainted tests to Britain & other countries. Perhaps if NYC had not refused treatment to people unless they flooded the hospitals & had prepared to buy SOME respirators, it would not be so severe, but many other stares need what is available now as well. Look, this IS a tragedy, but it is NOT our president's fault. Much of it is due to opportunistic polititions in t & corrupyhe democratic party , & the equally corrupt media.

      3. Lex

        Birdy Boy first that link is faulty because the article must’ve been deleted. Also that wasn’t a full ban. It didn’t restrict Americans from going to and from that country. It was considered a “band aid”. They already spoke about this. Trump called it a travel ban but it was far from that. Even when he extended it to Iran. It honestly didn’t do much. The country should’ve been on a shutdown. Similar to what India did to its 1.3 billion population or at lest shut down New York like they did to hubei. Trump downplayed this virus until it was literally too late. That 100,000-240000 deaths that they think may happen through the course of this virus...could have been prevented.

      4. Birdy Boy

        @Anna So if you are not one of these people who think they are geniuses, how can you be judging others as morons. What hubris!? Where is your life experiences? How many years have you paid taxes? (clearly rhetorical questiions)

      5. Birdy Boy

        @Anna My dear, I have advanced degrees and have worked as a researcher for 20 years

    71. Extreme Pacifist

      Letter to the FAA: The shelter in place orders from many states are reason enough to ban any passengers from those states from flying out. Of course essential needs passengers would show credentials and be allowed to fly. And how can you practice the 6 feet social distancing on an airplane. Do you need an executive order from the president or an act of Congress? Every hour that goes by and every flight you allow to leave to another state is intentionally spreading the covid19 virus, and the FAA and all who have authority within the FAA are criminally negligent and may be held legally responsible for spreading this deadly virus. I suggest you take action immediately to ban all non essential passengers from flying.

      1. pattianne pascual

        What about the equally enclosed buses and trains with floating virus particles landing on anyone getting on or off? I have been posting this for 1 1/2 months, made phone calls, etc,- nothing done.so it's intentional. Thank you for your comment and for being intelligent.

    72. DemocracyUS

      Hail, hail, the trolls are all here. One all live stream pages. From Russia and China and right here. Hail, hail, the trolls are here. Ignore them whenever you can!

    73. Rosa Healthy Hair

      Awesome😁 I pray all needs are met, pray, pray, pray🤗

      1. I’m not projecting, YOU’RE projecting

        Baritone45 you’re an atheist, we get it.

      2. Baritone45

        Science is important. Praying does nothing.

    74. myunk nownland

      A thought came into my mind around midnight. As the Jews denied Jesus resurrection and made up a story: So a virus could occure and the world could be told christians died and were carried away to be burned rather raptured. And the world believed 'the lie as the bible states.' what do you all think? Seems more biblical than alliens.

      1. myunk nownland

        @Mario Aguilar Yes, and it is the only book that promises a blessing to those who read and understand. Good time for refreshment in God's word, while we're stuck at home. Stay safe and God bless...

      2. Mario Aguilar

        This is biblical does revelations talk about plagues?

    75. Stephane Tessier

      Americans do love their crappy healthcare system! Socialism god forbid!

      1. pattianne pascual

        I received a letter of some $5000 fine for refusing to join the socialist system. I will not be a part of it. I have no health care, can't afford it. Would rather die than live in a socialist America.

    76. Rufus Reír

      WHAT is wrong with you idiots ? You talk about staying at home. Look over your heads you morons. How can this still be happening ? Thousands of flights still flying every day carrying virus from one place to another in a long silver petrie tube. www.flightradar24.com/E55P/244e748b

    77. Rufus Reír

      WHAT is wrong with you idiots ? You talk about staying at home. Look over your heads you morons. How can this still be happening ? Thousands of flights still flying every day carrying virus from one place to another in a long silver petrie tube. www.flightradar24.com/E55P/244e748b

    78. Javy Mcdeez

      5G is the corona virus look it up this guy is full of crap foreign agent.

      1. Miss Kimberly

        5G just means 5th Generation. It's no different from getting the next generation on your cell phone. As technology gets stronger, our WiFi networks must get stronger to handle it. You can look it up, and find TONS of propaganda pushing this "5G is killing us" conspiracy. The truth is that it's harmless.

      2. Viral Virus

        Lol 5g incel

      3. DOUGIE FRESH 007

        kgsel.info/video/video/mGd6lIikqHSisW0.html. Datpiff..... Mens rea... Riginal infinite... Only the young... 4ever. #tgod. 😝😜😛😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍kgsel.info/video/video/mGd6lIikqHSisW0.html

      4. Mario Aguilar


    79. isaid murillo

      god made the sun for all not for some, learn to live and stop racism

      1. J Hawk Smith

        Well said

    80. Fritz- Kanal

      Kannst du mich bitte abonnieren