NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

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    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo holds a briefing on the coronavirus pandemic as it spreads across New York state, which has the most positive cases in the United States.
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    Live: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Holds Coronavirus Briefing | NBC News

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    1. Robert Bennett

      You will never be president so please stop pretending you are

    2. Your Name

      Cuomo the chomo

    3. Jus’ Gibs

      Unstructured ramblings! Did you learn anything new here? All these ramblings going on while some of his citizens are taking their last breath. Why wasn't he better prepared for this? Nothing accomplished here except that he's getting plenty of exposure.

    4. Sue Simo

      please provide a date for every briefing -- Gov Cuomo has only so many ties, and it's hard to keep track

    5. ava_luv

      I don’t understand why he isn’t letting New Yorkers go to other states lol there going to other states for their own safety just so they could be safe he’s killing people by not letting them evacuate maybe because he wants us all sick

    6. Henry P

      China is food poisoning the planet. Do not eat anything from CHINA. the mask that they sent are infected

    7. Lailah S

      I've been watching his conferences for two weeks now and the poor guy is looking worse and worse each one, the stress is real :(

    8. Trump 2020

      Um standing on top of each other for a month and thousands of ppl waiting for test wearing all sorts of mask so now we are not 6 feet apart and 59,000 mask in days for each person in line ? How they got all those mask save for workers if u didn’t have cov19 u have it now standing on top of each other waiting for test

    9. Charles Hill

      And a very good source said that 21 million Chinese people had died out of Wuhan an that's fact an try give ing everyone the t b vaccine that will work

    10. Charles Hill

      Hello listen the t b vaccine will cure it so do it for the corona virus

    11. Beauty & Beautiful SoSo

      Answer is Mask. Please.

    12. Nancy Castanien

      How long has it taken China to recover from COVID 19 in fact have they recovered , and how was their economy affected?

    13. POP

      CUOMO MIGHT BE DOING HIS JOB NOW, BUT HE HAD A BIG HAND IN SHUTTERING HOSPITALS TO MAKE WAY FOR real estate development for wealthy people. He is just as bad as all the rest.

    14. Wolf_oo1

      i like watching Governor Andrew Cuomo's, Covid -19 briefing than Trum's because its more believable and we should be blaming the federal government for not letting the State Governor to act early on this matter .

    15. A M

      UPDATE:: 2000+ N.Y DEATHS #1 BY FAR IN THE U.S. GOVERNOR CUOMO'S FAULT Hydroxychloroquine has been used in multiple tests and surveys by doctors and experts and says without a doubt it works by far better than anything else they have to fight the Corona Virus. Dr. Oz and many other doctors and experts says they would give it to their family because it saves lives affected with the Corona Virus. The President asked for red tape to be cut and for doctors be allowed to use it off label for the Corona Virus. The FDA approved President Trump request to use hydroxychloroquine for patients affected with the Corona Virus. The State with by far with the most deaths and most people affected is "NEW YORK" GUESS WHAT? Dr. Oz said New York GOVERNOR Andrew Cuomo and the New York democrats running the State of NEW YORK SAID "NO NO NO" to the one drug we all know saves lives with New Yorkers affected and DYING from the Corona Virus. They made hydroxychloroquine ILLEGAL IN NEW YORK TO USE. WTF? EVERYONE KNOWS GOVERNOR CUOMO BANNED hydroxychloroquine FOR POLITICAL REASONS. BECAUSE PRESIDENT TRUMP REQUESTED IT BE ALLOWED TO SAVE LIVES. THAT IS THE PROOF WE ALL BEEN SAYING. That the leaders in the Democrat Party wants this Corona Virus to wreak havoc in the United States because they ARE evil and would do ANYTHING to try to destroy OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP WHO is doing a great job. The only states that are looking BAD with the most deaths are states controlled strictly by THE DEMOCRATS!! Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Andrew Cuomo and all the other crazies in the Democrat party has death all over their hateful selves. It's worse than a shame and sad, it's pure evil.

    16. 3nien

      Cuomo for president. He’s already doing more than the president.

    17. M I

      Why does China have any ventilators with the number of people they have. Governor CUOMO is seen asking for ventilators in what looks like a hospital in Italy. As a matter of fact it’s the identical room. People smell a rat. People from various states have gone to hospitals and they’re not packed or lines of people outside. I was at two in my state last week and I didn’t see people all over the place. It was like they are normally. The government has some explaining to do. I’d really like to know how Governor CUOMO was representing a hospital in Italy as one in New York. Same exact doctors and nurses. Watch this video. kgsel.info/video/video/g6qjt56pl4dlloY.html&feature=share. ASK THE GOVERNOR TO EXPLAIN THIS?

    18. Angel Castellanos

      WHY THE VIRUS IS SPREADING SO FAST? We know that the virus is spread by people that are infected via their respiratory droplets. These droplets can land around themselves if they cough or sneeze, or to people around them nearby. The virus can stick to their hands if they touch the fluids in their noses or mouth. The virus can land on surfaces if the infected touch those surfaces. The virus can stay active on stainless steel surfaces for about 48 hrs or longer, and on paper and clothing for about 24 hrs. To minimize that spread we have told the infected to put a mask so the viruses in their respiratory droplets are trapped on the mask and don’t fly out far from themselves. This is mask containment of the virus. We have told people to maintain social distance of 3 feet or about 1 meter so when the infected talks and breathes without a mask, his/her breath droplets don’t reach the others around them, yet the virus continue to spread very fast, the number of new cases keep on doubling almost every 3 days. So, one question come to mind “Is the virus spreading in another way that we have not yet considering? And the answer is YES. The virus is spreading through the air and at distances more than 3 feet, perhaps as far as 15-30 feet or longer, especially by the infected that are not wearing masks. Let me explain, if the virus remains active on surfaces for as long as 48 hours, then the virus will stay active for as long as it is protected and cocooned in the respiratory droplet that came out of the infected. When we exhale respiratory droplets near a glass we fog the glass. In winter we can make fog when we breathe. When we drive in fog one thing you notice is that fog doesn’t fall to the ground, it stays floating in the air. Similarly, exhale air droplets stays in the air for long time. The smaller the droplets the buoyant they are, they float. If there is airflow or wind, the droplets can travel a long way. We don’t know well the electrical polarity of the virus, but it could be that the viruses packed inside a water droplet are holding the droplet through surface tension and their polarity until that droplet touches a surface, breaking and unloading the viruses, like tiny Trojan horses. Because these droplets are persistent in the air, people walking by will breathe in these infected droplets; some of them will land on their faces, mouth, eyes, ears, contributing to a larger spread of covid19. Let me put things in perspective. The radius of a corona virus, from electron microscope graphs, is of the order of 0.0000375 mm, the radius of a pin head is about 0.75 mm. You can pack a layer of 397 million corona viruses on a pinhead. Now an exhaled droplet has a radius in the order of 5 micrometers or 0.005 mm, which is about the size of a fog droplet. In this droplet, that floats and persist in the air, that moves around to distances longer that 1 meter by airflow or wind, can carry as much as 2.3 million corona viruses. Therefore, the virus is hitching rides to large distances by airflow and wind, spreading itself to many more people. I propose a simple experiment for the NIH and the WHO to perform immediately, and it is as follows: place an infected person to read a book out loud at the center of a 30 feet (10 m) wide room for 30 minutes. Place some fans to create airflow and simulate wind near the person, this will carry his/her droplets around the room. After 30 minutes take samples swabs on the walls, floor, and ceiling and test for the virus. I am 100% sure the virus will be found on all surfaces. If healthy people stands there, they would breathe in virus particles, getting infected. How can we prevent the spread of the virus if it is persistent in the air? Everybody mask up, 100% of the population must wear a mask, handkerchief, scarf, whatever. The point is we need to hold the droplets on the mask. We all have to act as if we are all infected. Eventually we all are going to get infected, but this mandatory action will reduce the number of infected right away. The infection will continue to spread, but it will be gradual. Our hospitals will be able to handle the sick, and many lives will be saved. I was a Nuclear Medical Science Officer with the US Army Public Health Command and I did studies on the health effects of airborne depleted uranium particulates. I have sent this analysis to the Public Health Command, the NIH and the WHO. The use of masks must be obligatory for all citizens. MAJ (R) Angel Castellanos, Ph.D Public Health Command, US Army. Posted in Mass Media. April 1, 2020.

    19. Michael Temesgen

      I am proud of this governor. I wish if he could teach Trump the basics of leadership.

    20. Unknown Unknown

      the kgsel.info/video/video/bqeE2IFwjYlslqA.html prophecy and what await us .

    21. 居和

      Congratulations on the fall of New York. Hope the number of infected people keeps increasing

    22. Duston Haley

      Why doesn't this man run for president? Can you imagine how much more prepared our position could have been with Cuomo at the head.

    23. Nope Can not

      This is the face of a corrupt man, his little brother freto both are evil.

    24. William Brightman

      This is what Leadership looks like. Reassuring the people that we will get through this.but also being candid and honest with them. I Know there are people who wish he would run for Predodent.but he has said several times it's not a job he aspires to have.

    25. Jasper Jack

      The Democrats and the media are at a new low. Instead of helping and supporting our President...they condemn, criticize and accuse. ABC. CBS. NBC. CNN. MSNBC... are truly outrageously despicable. They seem proud to report deaths.

    26. Joan Doe

      So true what you Andrew Cuomo are claiming ...* what do I know ? *, another unwanted useless speech , while people are sick and dying keep them ventilators in storage ( this is your master plan for Americans).

    27. GaiSensei Neemo

      Stop depending on China. They need a better government that's all they need :(

    28. GaiSensei Neemo

      Any way this guy can be President ??? :(....

    29. Jennifer Metler

      I'd vote this man to be my President today.

    30. Toby Reinhardt

      You are nice!!! I like you!!!!

    31. Toby Reinhardt

      Hot dogs are good!!!!!!!

    32. Toby Reinhardt

      Anybody caught with their pants down should be tickled.

    33. Cold Chilling

      Lol all these trump haters

    34. Mymy Lastname

      I listen to Gov Cuomo every single day. He comforts me and gives me hope. I live hundreds of miles from there, but i love to hear him speak.

    35. checks and balances

      #CuomoSexual - his popularity will just get Trump wanting to cozy up to him and he’s doing the right thing so we all win (just don’t keep saying you wish he was President yet - that causes trump to be jealous and he will try to take him down)

    36. Najat Mokarram

      Blah, blah, blah

    37. Anthony Dowdy

      The cure for the corono virus kgsel.info/video/video/mm51zWGOqXqMxGk.html

    38. Michael Rouppas

      www.ourquadcities.com/news/local-news/u-s-sent-17-8-tons-of-masks-respirators-other-ppe-to-china-in-february/ why isn’t this being reported on

    39. Rafiabuttful

      Future President right there Clown Trump walking away from the podium all the time not he.

      1. T OB

        You are judged by your works and this Cuomo guy has created the epicenter of the disease. He has made horrible decisions and destroyed New York... he has shown his true colors.. he can't even run a state how can we expect him 2 run an entire country?... laughing out loud so much

    40. Hatchet Mouth

      This man is lying: kgsel.info/video/video/cYZ-2ahtfn-jqKA.html

    41. Hatchet Mouth

      go over to young pharoah's page and see how cuomo is lying right now

    42. to be

      the biggest problem is big cities. when you have so many people living together that you have to stack them on top of one another you're looking for problems. new york is unclean as well. i don't think the people are dirty it's just what it is.

    43. jhoseph Levy

      Trump sent the HydroxyChlorquine and Cuomo and his beuracracy prventing Doctors and pharmacist from dispensing it. Cuomo i know you want ventilators but ventilators might not be needed dispense it your killing people for no reason or just so you can stock up on ventilators

    44. R Campbell

      I will neither forget nor allow others to forget Trump's attempt to downplay this virus in Feb. solely in order to bolster the stock market and his personal ratings. he claimed this would all be over in a couple of weeks while US and medical experts worldwide simultaneously were warning of the devastation he denied and we're seeing before us everyday. Nor should people forget how he then tried to gaslight America with the bald faced lie that he knew it was a pandemic before anyone else. This man is probably deranged, but at the very least he is dangerous to America.

    45. sha 144

      I love governor Cuomo

    46. James Elliott

      Evidently , new york is the only state with this virus.

    47. Marcus Farcus

      This is a true leader. He reminds me so much of his Dad.

    48. Carole Trudeau

      Spartan Bioscience has a test kit with analysis in 30 minutes available in 1 or2 weeks.

    49. Nguyễn Thị Âu Cơ

      NY Governor leads his state into disaster. A very very very useless governor.!!!!!

    50. Jayne Clark


      1. Smallie Biggs

        Yes ! Let this man turn this whole country into what he had turned New York City into !

    51. Rosa Ruiz

      Love him

    52. Southern Born&raised

      This man is un Godly he suports abortion

    53. Lou McConnell

      Impressive ! no politicking , impressive.

    54. James Setright

      This COVID 19 is no joke! Stay safe and if you're board - check out this ripping conspiracy thriller: SILVERMAN'S SHADOW - link below: www.amazon.co.uk/Silvermans-Shadow-Manipulation-Puppeteer-Puppeteers-ebook/dp/B08286KRWW

    55. Rosaline Tambe

      We are still in a difficult position but I think there are some good trends in his analysis today. Let us learn to love and I cannot even imagine how anyone can bring themselves to hate the efforts Cuomo is doing this crisis.

    56. Rosaline Tambe

      I just love the way he says ' ventilators '

    57. Kaitlyn McKessy

      JESUS CHRIST is coming back, soon.

      1. Southern Born&raised


    58. Evagelos Drinis

      We need to continue the successful policies of China which lies and Italy which is a disaster. Quarantine/Martial Law for all.

    59. salman amin

      Top 15 Coronavirus Infected Countries😢 =>> kgsel.info/video/video/oYl_wa1_o4qit2U.html

    60. 1JH

      This prove that The capilalistl system paramount until human expired

    61. Jose Paez

      I feel like this dude really trying to twist all this shi t to him running in 2024

    62. Tater Jones

      Anyone notice that 90% of the victims are dems.

    63. Tater Jones

      Little andy is in full campaign mode. Never let a crisis go to waste. What a pos. All this relief cash is going to save him. He is a thug. Fake.

    64. lgb

      This guy would be the most corrupt president we could ever have.

    65. Juci Shockwave

      New York,... please, after you are done using Gov. Cuomo, could you send him to Florida? We could really use someone like him governoring our state. Thank you!

      1. Southern Born&raised

        Heck no he has un Godly values

    66. Juci Shockwave

      New York,... please, after you are done using Gov. Cuomo, could you send him to Florida? We could really use someone like him governoring our state. Thank you!

      1. Southern Born&raised

        Heck no , He is a baby killer

    67. Juci Shockwave

      There is so much gap between the seats... it looks more like they are taking an SAT exam.

    68. Ken W

      How exactly did coronavirus start? Can someone explain it simply?

    69. Caitlyn J

      In China if a governor had such a poor performance on virus control, he would be fired on spot. But thanks to democracy, he can continue to complain about the federal government and be a tough guy. The reason? A bunch of dumb people are supporting him. The flaw of democracy indeed.

    70. Jeff Fuehr

      I'm surprised that he ain't got the virus being that he's probably around people in New York 24/7 and nobody knows what the top of the curve is, because everybody's hiding in their homes we ain't gonna know what the top of the curve is, until everybody comes out of their homes so this is a very misleading curve that we're watching as far as I'm concerned

    71. Hugh Gasey


    72. Konglim Khoo

      Matilda Dodge one corona bullet.

    73. Yaska Gates

      “You do not have to go to Harvard Or Kennedy State learn this!”

    74. Jeremy Wei

      "e-cigarette pneumonia" is coronavirus!

    75. Yaska Gates

      1 Thank So Much Sense and 2 I am Native and live in Georgia!I have to listen to Gov. Coumo to lead U.S.A.I am Proud of you helping my Loved ones and me!I would to take honesty over anything!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🤜🏽🙏🏽

      1. Southern Born&raised

        He is actually un Godly , because he believes in abortion

    76. Rebecca Mcgarrahan

      This man has all the signs of a woman beater, dominating unattractive pig!

    77. Scan

      Trump, lying about the amount of testing you guys have done, lying about the chronic lack of PPE and lying about how bad this virus is going to be, yet STILL brain dead supporters back him, you deserve this America you have literally the worst person imaginable leading you but go all in rather than admit you have made a terrible error of judgement...

    78. Laylah Charles

      Please add Putnam County

    79. DeMurrey

      I am so confused with how the federal government is dealing with the virus right now. They have known the mask shortage for like more than a month, but what did they do? I see nurses crying on Instagram, they had to quit their job, lose their salary all because they don’t have enough masks to protect theirselves. Shouldn’t the federal government’s priority be providing the medical workers enough ventilators and masks? But the fact is, they didn’t let masks from China come in. The Chinese people are making millions of masks per day, the type of masks that they used to get the virus under control. If the reason is not political but quality issues, then why states are ordering ventilators from China, and states are bidding against each other! And then FEMA came in for the bid as well. That shows the federal level is chaotic right now. Humanity first! Life first! Not the money, the politics, or the vote!

    80. Beats By J-ILL

      Cuomo is my president and I don't even live in NY.