One coronavirus patient's story in a Wuhan makeshift hospital



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    In Wuhan, measures have been taken since February 9 to ensure that all confirmed and suspected coronavirus patients receive adequate medical care in an effort to halt the spread of the epidemic.
    CGTN reporter Huang Yichang followed a coronavirus patient, Mrs. Yi, who was sent to a makeshift hospital in Wuhan. #FactsTell #coronavirus
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    1. maria forbes

      But yet they failed to mention how they punished the first doctor who Warned everyone about it, and how he died too. This is so fake.

    2. Java

      有些人会认为这是宣传,哈哈哈,你们可以随意评论,我接受所有的冷眼和嘲笑 。 祖国保护我,我也会保护祖国!愿世界和平!中国加油!来自中国西安的爱!

    3. my 2 cents is

      What's Chinese for stolichnaya?

    4. K Laplante

      I dont care if its propaganda. Im in love with reporter. Id join the party for her.

    5. Esther Khiangte

      The best drama award goes to China government 😂

    6. oven zheng


    7. Ralph Boyd

      Ping The Pooh Ping The Pooh Willy nilly silly all stuffed with Fluff He's Chairman Ping The Pooh Ping The Pooh Willy nilly silly old Bear.

    8. Amy Zeru Mendy

      They love an outbreak of an virus or air pollution, so they can wear their face ‘masks’

    9. Lewis Nguyen

      It is doubtful! Like a play!! People facing death but very happy!

    10. Michael Glyn Perkins

      Yes this “XiPing 2020 Virus” is out of hand and could have been controlled but head up butt officials just doing as ordered from the ones above. Shutting the gate now is not as effective as it would have been on December 8, silly c@nts failed for the fourth time with disease outbreak.


      I don't believe,relief from corona virus when there is no cure and patients die so quickly?everything is scripted

    12. Veetina

      They treat people like shit lock their doors and their cities without food or care and let them die in their houses and in hospitals and now they pretend this video is for real and want us to believe it !!

    13. Tc Cv

      I saw about 50 people in one of the group photos. One of them will die from the virus. 2.5% mortality rate.

    14. Prem Anand

      Propaganda video

    15. king on common law


    16. Manny Lugz

      Very nice propaganda video of CCP.

    17. Courtney Edmonds

      videos are circulating of patients being shot and we see this b-S propaganda



    19. ChIndian in Germany

      I am from India and married to a Chinese. We only had our marriage registration in Germany and our wedding function is planned in Wuhan on 19th April. Given the current scenario should we cancel the wedding function there? We are not sure and even our family members are saying contradicting things. We also have our channel if you're interested in our journey.

      1. Aida Rina

        @ChIndian in Germany Hope everything is going well soon.

      2. ChIndian in Germany

        Aida Rina Hello ! thank you yes we’re cancelling and praying for family in China

      3. Aida Rina

        Cancel your wedding functions in Wuhan. Stay away from China. Take care. Congratulations you and wife. Hello from Malaysia 🇲🇾

    20. Peter Pratsch

      Learn the truth at Banned.Video

    21. Tayfun Yiğit

      Lunch culturu change heeyyy asia peoples stop stopppppppppppp.modern world yours hannabal

    22. Raul Lopez

      This is propoganda. KGsel channel run by the CCP very scripted.

    23. Tiffany Nguyen

      Where the virus come from ? From the lab in Wuhan, that’s why it’s so deadly and spread so fast but the government Mae it up it came from the black market ? It’s about 15 miles away from the lab in Wuhan. How about the number of infection and death all are falsified.

    24. Toto Tita

      CGTN is a comunist station that lies see all there posting it is all lies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! an I;m sure they will remove my posting LOL

    25. Jason Baxter

      This is a global disaster perhaps have a more mellow tone of music?

    26. Danielle Adair

      Can you say, propaganda? All sunshine and unicorns. Huh?

    27. Cat Blue

      Glad to see it’s one big party. OMG China you outdid yourself.

    28. izba nadeem

      may you all recover soon amd go back to your homes happy. my all prayers are with you people

    29. mark design

      hm,propaganda,really?-by CCP government that toturs 1.4 billion subjects..?..where would CCP be if they all stand up at the same time?... kind but too docile people i am afraid

    30. thomas

      It's still a flu it's respiratory.animal to human still learning about it. And as long as you have a strong immune system or white blood cells count if you don't die you will fight it off. It's a elderly and poor health people concern. Use this time positively and motivation to stop the junk food and eat x % of green veg and fruits and nuts antioxidants. Iron. And it's a double win on a month or so. You be in better health as a by product.

    31. Shara Kirkby

      Well that was a lovely video. The party members will be getting sick soon as they weren’t covered properly. No suits or goggles. Sad. But I’m delighted some get to go home.

    32. ali

      Fake China tv?? Um , yep, for sure!

    33. The Equalizer

      Come on chinese people, try a little harder, everyone can see the strings being pulled. People from outside china doesn’t believe in your kungfu or tik tok type videos

      1. brent horton

        exactly. Lets not forget who is funding this BS

    34. Premila Subha

      God heal them all...

    35. Thoth Channel

      There is a natural treatment against this virus. Put a plastic bag with icecubes in the lower part of the spine and let the bag there for 30 minutes. Trust me. It's worth trying.

    36. Perla D' Leon

      liars.... why do they lie to the people? This is nonsenses.....Tell the true to the world....



    38. Yve Eriksson

      Extreme situations demands extreme measures. Americans should not be so arrogant because they have not much to brag about from their catastrophes. They are full of hot air and look at what they have for president. A lunatic. But, it worries me that the beds stands so close to each other and no partitions.

    39. Outolempinimi

      Very uplifting propaganda. Maybe we will see in the next episode interviews of the cheerful crematorium workers.

    40. Henry Shang

      She's pretty

    41. Anselmo Garcia R

      Ponga videos con la realidad de lo que pasa en China

    42. mommy licious

      i dont believe any vids released by CGTN. they are all lies and scripted

    43. Jeff W

      Respect to all those health care workers risking their lives to help others.

    44. Hum

      Stay strong China, you are doing amazing job to save your country and the world!

    45. borg386

      Love to the Chinese people from Florida USA!

    46. Kevin Byrne

      No partitions between the beds, so disease can pass easily from patient to patient.

      1. Lepei Yan

        @Kevin Byrne Then they won't leave until they get thrice negative test.

      2. Kevin Byrne

        @goulash64 -- The problem is that people who have recovered from Corvid-19 can become re-infected.

      3. goulash64

        They all have it already. That's why they're there.

    47. Muhammad Hidier

      Its too late why the autority of wuhan ignore the fact that dr lien wang told. This is your fault

    48. Andrea Boggan

      Someone is trying to sell a bill of goods...



    50. Nikos Gee

      Hope those having no money could be treated the same. Edit:If you don't think this is true or every hospital is like this or not. Just volunteer to go to Wuhan and find your own truth there. Have no guts? Then shut up and focus on your own business. You can sit there and don't help but talking shit about it just makes you an ugly animal.

    51. Renchilo Murry

      Wow but I think it's not the real truth

    52. Angela Malini

      Fake !

    53. cleodux

      I was watching intently untilnone of the patient say look the party members are even here to help. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ propaganda much?

    54. Ur Angel

      As much as I would like to believe, but my instinct still says that this is all “propaganda”,, There’s no way that the death toll would spike up that fast if everything is under control. This is so sad. Praying China that can soon recover this horror.

    55. Aud ience

      i worry if such a highly contagious virus outbreak happen in US, how US hospital mobilize considering the medical bills issue or for those that do not have medical insurance.

    56. Hsis Hdj

      This bio terror attack can be defeated

    57. Lavender a

      Omg..really everythig in this world is temporary💔 🙏

    58. Jay Dean

      If you watch the movie Contagion, you will see the difference in discipline and respect for humanity. If this becomes a world pandemic, you will be killed for your food, your women and children would be raped. Thank you China for containing this epidemic from world chaos. You have lost many warriors and will lose many more to protect this planet.

    59. Bill Carroll

      Chinese government doesn’t care for these people .... all they care about is this image..... I feel for the Chinese people ... I’m a healthcare worker and there is so many issues from many of the videos and facts I hear . So sad!

    60. J F

      I don’t know what to believe. Is this a real story or propaganda.

    61. Thomas Benton

      Hey China why don't you just go ahead and admit that a bio weapon got released? The enlightened all know the truth! I've seen the banners outside of apartment houses saying if you leave and will break your legs if you talk we will break your teeth... Shame on you CCP, the whole world is watching!!!

    62. Suzann Puppies are precious

      God Bless The People In China, Get Well Soon, We Love you from America.

    63. Donna Joshi

      I don't believe this. Web of lies!

      1. Sally AH

        Nobody cares what you believe.

    64. Jefferson Canedo

      Corona virus was not really from exotic animals they ate, like bats or rats or what ever.. China Govt are the one who invented it for bio chemical war fare and leaked from the laboratory.

    65. j lim

      So Glad to have watched this. This is hope.

    66. Fotini Fotini

      What total bullshit!!!! The poor people are being taken to be around other infected people. Just spreading the virus all around. Chinese Government is not helping them at all!!! Poor people.

    67. Riko Magyar

      Freedom of speech needed in China.

    68. Javier Gonzalez

      hahahahahahahha i almost believe it for a little bit JHAHahahahahha OH YOU COMMIES !!! you almost fool me

    69. Naꜰɪsaʜ Θurʏ Bᴀʜ

      This makes me sad, i can only hope all of these people will recieve good treatment and recover, but im doubtful somehow of Chinese govt

      1. Alexander Johan

        Well...they cured 6 times the number than the dead at least.. IF this happen in your neighbourhood...what would you do?

    70. FreeBird always

      Fake fake fake , the chinese people really suffer under dictatorship regime. Winne the pooh

    71. ahsteve

      Has anyone figure out an antidote or how to cure this disease?

    72. Andy Eccentric

      This is okay propaganda, the piano music is a bit much.

    73. Ally DeRaaf this video is more realistic

    74. Jonathan F

      Communism caused coronavirus

    75. Hugh Hughes

      In my opinion We now have a china diplomat saying the world is overreacting Hmmm Has this diplomat been to ground zero Are they that out of touch Get serious

    76. Jay Zou

      From the numerous comments here, it can be seen that the western media has laid a deadly threat to the world.They willfully fabricate lies to make people who do not know each other hate each other. It is a pity that so many people believe in such lies and voluntarily spread their hatred. Of course, all of them except the independent carrier and some anti-china organizations.

      1. Daniel Sherwood

        @Jay Zou "yes,I have the freedom you say as you do, because I'm in North America and Canada." okay, good enough, unfortunately those in China are not able to share in those same freedoms at home. I hope for their sake and the world's sake, they will be able to share in them sometime soon.

      2. Jay Zou

        @Daniel Sherwood yes,I have the freedom you say as you do, because I'm in North America and Canada. In my nearly 20 years of working and living here, the people and things I have seen with my own eyes have given me a real sense of what the West calls free democracy and human rights. If you haven't lived in China, or if you don't have a preconceived way of thinking and you can't look at the problem objectively and fairly, your mission here is meaningless.

      3. Monique Dong

        Daniel Sherwood I’m wuhanness, working in Shanghai and currently back in Wuhan for CNY. As you said, (if you are not interested in coming to China to witness the life here with your own eyes) you have more freedom than us to have access information from all ressources, I believe you have your own judgement to sense the political view of different media (both western and Chinese) and what’s true or fake underlies the ‘painted pic’. As a person from front line Wuhan, the content of this video is true (the mild patients got taken care of well) but the tone of this video is purely propaganda. I understand your point.

      4. Daniel Sherwood

        @Jay Zou when you get to vote for your President, when you are allowed unrestricted access to the internet both reading and posting, when you are allowed to criticize your own government officials in the most vitriolic ways, then please get back to me and I'll possibly listen to your lecture. Don't tell me I don't know until you are as free as I am.

      5. Jay Zou

        @Daniel Sherwood oh man, you really don't know what you are talking about. All your horrible impressions of China come from sources you'd like to believe. It's a human tragedy to be so misunderstood. Can 1.4 billion Chinese really be held down if they live like prisoners as you believe?

    77. Aja Nie

      From the begging I see people who need to reast - not watching further. Start to considerate - it will will be your fate china government if you not going to stop the lies

    78. LFerRam1

      Gosh, what these people are facing is unimaginable. God help and bless them.

    79. Hermawan Heru

      Nobody trust chinese media who funded by chinese goverment! It's all bullshit!

    80. Anglosphere United