Papa John - H3 Podcast #174

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    A huge thanks to Papa John for coming on!

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    1. avatarneji

      Ethan's biggest tick isn't his eyebrows, it's interrupting the people he interviews.

    2. avatarneji

      Ethan is the worst interviewer ever. He cannot ask a single question while actually letting the interviewee give a full answer before he interrupts them with some stupid take on what he thinks. Ethan talks more than the person he interviews...that's not a sign of a good interviewer. Honestly, I'd prefer if Hila asked all the questions because at least she would let the person finish their response and not shake her eyebrows the whole duration of the interview. How is this guy a successful podcaster again? It has to be the guests he gets on the show because he is the most dull-minded, egotistical interviewer on KGsel, so how does he get people like Bill Burr and Papa Johns? Something about these egotists in Cali that grant them special privileges but I just can't put my nose on it hmmm.

    3. Josh Wysocki

      anyone know this pizza podcast papa was talking about?

    4. Jorge Sandoval

      So why was Bo not in the house?

    5. Edgy Redgy

      If only Hila was the one leading the conversation...

    6. Felix Garcia

      This was great

    7. Amber Fleetwood

      This was my favorite episode and I don’t even have a papa johns where I live. Which is quite depressing because it’s my favorite pizza. I had no idea about this controversy and what they did to Papa. It’s absolutely abhorrent! I like this guy but watching this Interview you can truly see that he cares! How sad he was treated like he was!

    8. Gustavo Navarrete


    9. smoki bandit

      i have a wierd feeling that theres gonna be a movie about this guy some day

    10. KnicksMusic

      Worst interviewer I've ever seen lmao

    11. Zero 8880

      John looks like he is slowly morphing into Steve Wynn. Ironically, both men were ousted from their own company which have their own names plastered on the company title.

    12. Mr Mister

      *Here’s Johnny*

    13. tomato48

      Wtf I never knew what he sounded like didn’t know he had a heavy southern accent.

    14. ddowns24

      Papa’s real problem is that he’s a publicly visible Conservative. However, the man does a great job of not complaining about that. Not sure if it’s because he’s unaware, or an excellent marketer. Either way, he’s an American treasure. FYI- Stating the fact that the founder of KFC used the n word, isn’t racist. Wanting the NFL (your Sponsee) to resolve their massive public relations and ratings issue is just good business.

    15. M 6

      who knew the pizza business was so nasty

    16. LEMON 717171

      I watched this when it came out and I am only now thinking that Papa looks like a Fallout: new vagas character.

    17. Adam Baldwin

      Gotta say, Papa comes off pretty good in this interview. On multiple levels. He surprised me, because I always thought he was the type of person I would hate, but that's probably because that's how he's largely been portrayed in various media outlets. I'm not going off the deep end and fully supporting him or anything, but he does seem a lot more genuine than I ever would have expected. Also, it's incredible that he actually did the podcast. This is like Ethan Bradberry times a thousand. Or maybe a million.

    18. Gaby L

      Ethan I love you guys but please please please stop interrupting your guests in the middle of their sentences. We've been over this!

    19. Jeff Flanagan

      I think he was set up! How can they kick somebody out who started the company. I just don't know?! John please take it back. Steve Richie really is Judas! Glad he lost his job. John's right. The quality of the product is not the same. My last Pizza was a little flat and I was missing some toppings in past orders.

    20. Kav1aR 5

      papa johns is my favorite, yeah sure, pizza hut has better customization, but papa's got better ingredients, better pizza

    21. Krageesh

      THis is such a perfect example of how you should always put the product you're seeling FIRST. It has always to be more importnat than the marketing or your product is shit.

    22. JohnnyCoolDude

      Ethan is a terrible interviewer... I don't know how this podcast still exists. Only came back for Papa.

    23. Jeremy Fox

      Papa John is a beautiful, kind-hearted soul, one can easily see his lovely character traits in his honest, open and approachable manner and in his truly refreshing candor - that's for sure! What a great guy! Awesome episode!

    24. IvanGotYokes

      Ha. He said "escape goat".

    25. Krageesh

      He is so nice!

    26. Crispy Biscuit

      Good podcast but some parts are tough to listen to. I feel like Ethan's trying to make everything a meme in a way

    27. KY Quilt

      whats the deal between Papa and the Corporation ? i'm not too informed into what happened . seems like he got kicked out of his company or something ?

    28. Billy Hardebeck

      I’m boycotting all pizza until Papa John Schnatter is back at the helm of Papa John’s!!!! Join me and together we can bring Papa John the justice he deserves!

    29. Jason Littlefair

      After this interview domino’s stock has been thriving

    30. Keith Bruner

      They need to make a Papa John's movie starring Jason Bateman

    31. Keith Bruner

      Are The Rock and Kid Rock related since they have the same last name?

    32. DOMg00g

      What's with the Papa wanting to be on the show for 8 years? The podcast hasn't been around nearly that long

    33. Keith Bruner

      Man, Papa John really does have a polished, professional persona. It's easy to see why he became so successful.

    34. Naota Kun

      wait, for real?!

    35. Dr. Dude

      I think he's a good guy with a string set of personal demons. Which I'm sure money, power and success helped justify those vices. You could tell before he lost his company that he was in pain. Substance abuse does not discriminate. Poor, rich, successful, a failure, strong, weak, it can take down anyone. Especially those born addicts or alcoholics. This is just my observation and opinion. I'm a nobody and could be completely wrong.

    36. Patrick

      This episode Out-Pizza'd the Hut Ironically I won't be ordering or supporting Papa John's Pizza ever again, it's just not the same without Papa John.

    37. elchiponr1

      damn, that laugh papa did after taking a bite of the papadilla made me tear up. Seems like a real nice guy who's got fucked over and out of something he really loved...

    38. Rubacund

      Hasn't everyone said the N word at least once? I feel bad for him, that they took his own company from him.

    39. Sacious


    40. Grriabear

      173 episodes and still can't let people finish lol

    41. xerohmega

      it's cool and all that papa's in the house, but hilas' ponytail is ON POINT!!

    42. alex silva

      ethan needs to respect his guests a lot more lol

    43. Faiyaz Kashfi Rian

      Damn this guy got slandered so damn hard and had his words misconstrued so damn hard.

    44. Neptune Ramen

      good episode but it feels like sometimes Ethan isn't listening to the guest when he says things....he does that cathy newman shit ''so what you meant was'' or ''so you're saying'' its like cmon man lol you are asking him if he said something you read off some bullshit article online and he's told you no he didn't say that its not hard to understand that....repeating the question in a different way isn't going to change his answer its a little stupid.

    45. Awai

      Papa is so charming. Awe he's so nice~ I dunno I have a feeling he wouldn't even hurt a fly xD

    46. Arnvlm

      Make Papa John Great Again

    47. Awai

      I wish I took a pic of the pizza I got last time, because it didn't even rise. It was flat and the crust was literally tasteless and SOOOOOOO dry. I've noticed the pizza change so drastically because Papa John's was my fave pizza place and now I have to find a new fave :c

    48. Bradley H.

      What does he do now?

    49. G W

      gherbos music is trash

    50. Bradley H.

      I felt like that divorce question was a personal

    51. Dog Bless

      God damn now I want some pizza

    52. Pickled Anxiety

      Ethan! Stop interrupting! I 😅🤣🤣🤣

    53. Fabio

      Wow this guy can teach.

    54. Hugh Man

      Papa Johns lip and tongue smacks outta this world. Now there's a man who eat a lot of pizza.

    55. Ty Francis

      Papa John, first man on Earth to get Ethan to let him talk.

    56. Justin Devessia

      Better ingredients, better pizza, better pappa

    57. Clear Contentment

      Cannot miss this

    58. xBLiTZxKRiEGx

      papa john: "I've had 5 pizzas in 10 minutes, and it's not the same"

    59. xBLiTZxKRiEGx

      man papa is really in the pizza catgeory, whole ass 10 point pizza scale

    60. flyrodu

      I craved a papa johns pie for this whole episode!