Patient with coronavirus speaks out

CBC News

CBC News

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    Rebecca Frasure of Forest Grove, Ore., tested positive for the novel coronavirus after two weeks aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, currently moored off Yokohama, Japan. She was removed from the ship Friday and taken to hospital in Tokyo.
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    1. Tom Omasta

      Planned demic

    2. Ravikant Nishad


    3. Adam

      Wiered. This means can someone gets the virus and does not feel any symptoms till when

    4. Aaron Horton

      Man she looks horrible, one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. I hope she comes through!! This looks worse than I could ever imagine. I can see why everyone is losing their minds! God be with her, don't let her suffer like this, PLEASE!

    5. Brian Johnson

      All sounds fishy

    6. Vanessa Lennox

      That’s weird, she felt completely fine but they told her she was sick with the virus? I don’t know, this is all starting to sound weird

    7. Ampyx YT

      Western hospital... Bruh she thinks the walls are bamboo and nurses looked like mulan... Bruh

    8. IG Cheaptrick


    9. Stumpy Riversnake

      Why has no one placed a video of being an survivor that is NOT attached to a major news outlet . No you tube posts on their own ....... be prepared people , it is way deeper than a virus , sun's out guns out

    10. Mark Valley

      In February, a Chinese real estate company employee in Australia said that she had stopped working for a large supermarket, across the country, from large supermarkets to large supermarkets and bought bulk milk masks and sent them to China via customs clearance at Australian airports. This has led Australians to risk exposure to the virus without purchasing masks and powdered milk. In addition to Australia, there are many cases in recent years and it is currently in progress. Whether studying in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or international students from China or permanent residents or citizens, it is time to go to shops and hypermarkets in the surrounding areas when the problem of the corona spreads. And sent it to China. If you have settled in any country, whether in the United States or Canada, because you don't want to invest in China anymore, it is the purpose and motivation of immigration to follow the laws and order of the country and be willing to join and exercise citizenship when it is difficult and difficult as a member of the country. The nature of the purpose and motive of immigration has been seriously damaged, and the government and international students have been collused to seize intellectual property rights or to engage in various crimes, causing economic and social losses in the country and disturbing them. In other words, there will be enormous responsibilities, and whether they are wrong or not, they are part of the responsibilities of advocating, advocating and supporting the Chinese people and the Chinese government, leaving them victims of racism and hate crimes. In fact, in Japan, there are Chinese people who are staying for various reasons, such as studying abroad and short-term employment visas.They are also located in areas with many distances from the point of detection of the corona virus, including around Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Yokohama and Saitama Chiba Prefecture, as well as surrounding areas where Chinese people live. Whether it is a large supermarket or a convenience store warehouse type discount mart pharmacy, there are many problems, including masks, medicines, hand sanitizers, and powdered milk. It was said that the license was deliberately not given, reduced or concealed, or the size of the luggage was divided by type and sent when returning to mainland China in distributed form. Because of various causes and causal relationships, Chinese races provide the cause of racism and hate crime. Indeed, the criticism that the level of conscience and ethics can be regarded as the bottom and the worst is never wrong.

    11. BruhItsQueenSophia

      People are testing positive and not feeling any symptoms. They are microchipping patients. It’s a test

      1. Vanessa Lennox

        BruhItsQueenSophia I agree 100%

    12. tinbash

      Liberal women sound like 5 year olds

    13. tinbash

      Why is it mostly liberals getting this? Lol

    14. JokerCirca66

      Justin Trudeau announcing all Canadians need to come home was moronic, everyone should have just isolated. How many people spread it even more and infected airports even more due to this panic, how many people died because of it?

    15. Logan Loud

      Is this virus going to end the world?

    16. Rose Vlogs

      Every state in the whole world should just have everyone in the world checked their tempatures and checked to see if they had it,and anyone who was feverish or sick then they should treat them and barricade the cities.thats what they should've done

    17. Robert Griffith

      One way to stop the "Corona virus" is to turn off the T.V.

      1. 💣10mrbomber🚀

        Internet too m8

    18. Rumba Madan


    19. Blaxican

      So she sick and dont have to wear a mask and gets to touch stuff around the room for the next person who comes in to get sick 🙄🤔

      1. 💣10mrbomber🚀

        They'll wear hazmats etc OFC MUPPET or she'll wet wipes clean um fool

    20. Ashraf Jamali

      Very nice beautiful girls

    21. bananaberry90

      Now look how Wide spread it has become since that interview

    22. xSIVELx


    23. Sky music

      Please contact me I made something It works for corona virus . Please please contact me

    24. Radean1

      So, based on her symptoms, or the lack there of, she should not have even been in the hospital, taking a full room to herself! That's why medical system is overrun right now!

    25. 1234 Truthseeker

      5g. SgipG Robert david steel

    26. E G

      Her voice is so annoying. Typical new age white girl voice

    27. Kiss Béla

      Simple: Lying, manipulation, a narcissistic personality forced to act from this women and mainstream media.

    28. Abby Rose

      Why would they separate the husband ??? If she positive he is bound to be and give it to everyone on the ship

    29. Ben Holter

      Reporter: the walls of asian hospitals are not make of sushi rolls? How unusual.

    30. Tara Winmill

      Wonder if her symptoms ever got bad

    31. uefamikep

      I have it. It goes and comes. I had headaches, mild fever, dizziness. I have battles now and again BUT I had worse colds than this. Not nearly as bad as flu. Oh yeah my taste buds gone to hell.

    32. Shari T

      If I get the virus [as many of us will] I hope I have it like this young lady!

    33. Kitten babe

      Lmfao lies wow

    34. D Harris

      Why would she get on the cruise ship in the first place when she know she got it sounds like if she's trying to spread it! On purpose! 👿😡😑

    35. Ann Tyler

      Did she make a full recovery?

    36. alex pro

      omg xD looks like she's having a good time, such a bad actress

    37. Nilesh Telang

      Good you are healthy! But there is mo language called could be Japanese since it was Tokyo!

    38. Shawn Lester

      How are u doing now

    39. John Fernandez

      It seems like every person to come down with this virus has different symptoms. It all comes down to the individual immune system, I suppose.

    40. CEN CAL

      Maybe she didnt have coronavirus and they lied to her😂😂

      1. CEN CAL

        @Vanessa Lennox hi

      2. Vanessa Lennox

        CEN CAL That’s what I’m thinking

    41. Michel Tomas

      The government is leading us into captivity.

    42. Michel Tomas

      Put everyone in a cage already! I've had enough of this terror!

    43. Dorris Chipfupa

      Why does the news woman even want to create a panic?

    44. snoop dog lps

      I not scared about caronavirus

    45. Aurora Peace

      I quess a nonkissing couple?

    46. fidowashere

      Hydrogen peroxide can cure it as it's h2o.

    47. DD Bears36

      She is fine.. Where I live it’s 90 days in jail if you step outside. My city is on lockdown we were the first state to be hit supposedly but I think it’s been here longer my grandfather died from pneumonia and February are the tail end of January that being said people are allowing the government to take our rights away because of fear of pneumonia and y’all need to wake up there’s something deeper going on here and it’s not just know I don’t wanna get sick the government cares about me even though they didn’t give you one dime and people are going to become homeless once this is lifted yes you cannot be evicted at this time but it is up to the landlord’s discretion after the lift is done and if you owe 2 to 3 months back rent you better pay or you’re going to be on the street and if you don’t think wake up.

    48. subscribzzz biaatchzz

      Well the hospital is monitoring her symptoms to make sure she doesnt get worse. They are keeping her there so other ppl don't become infected.. But like alot of you said it's scarey that someone could have it but have 0 symptoms..

    49. Brandon's JBL's ツ

      I have a question why is everyone buying TP?

    50. summer bertram

      How was it that she got infected but didn't give it to her husband. I mean they were in a cruise ship. Did they not even kiss? Lol

      1. Vanessa Lennox

        summer bertram exactly

    51. Raymond Adams

      This lady is like my dad. He was sick (not coronavirus) and few hours like he was like done with this haha

    52. ZERO COOL


    53. Lou Regal

      This is quite the joke

    54. Lou Regal

      " a hospital where you don't speak Japanese." 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 You'ont think DOCTORS speak English in a tourist spot like Tokyo?

    55. Lou Regal

      Lollll--did she just say, "and a sink right here", wit the camera ON the sink like we can't see it? This is a "good"actor

    56. Krunal Solanki

      Am watching from isolation room.

    57. anya got swag Whigham

      Ever body everybody they see stuff on the internet and they believe it

    58. Alejandra Hernandez

      I think she has a strong immune system

    59. rock isn't dead

      I can hear the newslady thinking "say you've got symptoms goddammit! Just make some up!" 😂

    60. walid hakimi

      GOD ❤️.

    61. Frederick Röders

      So... Does this mean we can all basically have it already? The flu season is also on so its so damn hard to know for sure.

    62. The Master Of Time & Money

      The government doesn't understand how it works. The reality is that the Corona Virus acts like a normal flu for most people. Personally, I think I have it too. I had a cough and diarrhea two days ago. I even had emergency services called out to our house. They told me it was just a stomach flu and not the corona virus. But without testing there's no way we can know. Even though, I look perfectly fine. I'm still not quite 100%. Also, the New Zealand government has just announced a complete economic shutdown for four weeks.

    63. ckrause81

      Wow her glasses are strong!! Like binoculars on her face

    64. M4st3rm1nd

      I think this test was a false positive. She is perfectly fine and not infected.

      1. Vanessa Lennox

        M4st3rm1nd Agree

    65. drella88 beats

      Its a man made virus too lower mankind

    66. His Name Is, The Word Of God Rev 19:13

      I’m in Scotland and have been having symptoms for around 5 days, it started with a tickle in my throat, to a cpl days later a slight tickly cough, sore throat, and sore head with slight fever. I’ve just been taking 2✖️500mg paracetamol 4✖️ a day. I’ve not been tested yet, there are slow to test here unless your in a certain category. I’m going to phone our NHS helpline tomorrow morning just to see what they say, because it is scary, but I am putting my faith in God. Keep safe everyone, please be sensible. God bless from Kelly 🙏🏻💞 xxx

    67. The Ultimate Reductionist

      I want to hug & kiss this woman so much for her bravery & honesty. :)

    68. Origami and Cats

      She's very lucky.

    69. Chris Luther

      False positive

    70. Bilal Int'l

      Placido 🤷🏾‍♂️

    71. glen

      I'v not seen on tv a so called infected person having trouble breathing or show any signs of a cough or cold!... has anyone else?

    72. barbyzupancic

      Why is she even in a hospital if shes feeling well??? She could just stay at home not to spread it

      1. Mel Moon

        barbyzupancic she is a foreign country

      2. sarah beara

        Watch the whole video please. She’s being monitored by doctors.

    73. Chris C

      No story here.

    74. marianne quirion

      What if there is no virus? Has anyone seen any dead bodies?

    75. Hello World: with Miyah

      Well, guess what? It's here.

    76. Nathaniel Kunze

      This is funny. Because I went to get tested when I didn’t feel well just to be safe and they rejected me, told me they wouldn’t test me.

    77. Lelrica

      Its really bad in New York right now.

    78. ejuniorc09pkm

      Give this woman a chair.

    79. Mike Elbow

      Until you can find the live videos made by cam or phone camera, instead of mainstream tv channels showing them, it might just be more convincing.

    80. Jessica Gonsalez

      Lol they all look crazy lol 😆