Patient with coronavirus speaks out

CBC News

CBC News

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    Rebecca Frasure of Forest Grove, Ore., tested positive for the novel coronavirus after two weeks aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship, currently moored off Yokohama, Japan. She was removed from the ship Friday and taken to hospital in Tokyo.
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    1. Biblical GOD is only true GOD.

      14 days has already been PROVEN to not be enough.

    2. Jeff Sherrod

      Asymptomatic, no symptoms but can still spread the disease. It's a sneaky bastard. I still think it escaped the bioweapons lab in Wuhan. Which would explain why the Chinese government won't allow the CDC access to China.

    3. Terry Setoguchi

      Is she dead yet ?

    4. Brittney Thompson

      Is she in the medical field she sounds very knowledgeable

    5. K Butler

      There are NO treatments for this virus. Second-Dairy Infections of course.

    6. Paparmane

      Has anyone been noticing more and more people coughing and in your entourage everyone got sick this season? I can definitely say it has for me

    7. Sean Adler

      She could give me the Coronavirus anytime. Beautiful woman. So calm as she should be. I hope she's all better... her hubby too.

    8. ramkeran susan ann

      She can be a carrier. What is the point of this interview. Trust no one.

    9. AB Rock あびロック أب روك

      Actually japan will take care of her better than the US will.

    10. Milian TV

      Americans are STRONG!

    11. Yelena Gayvoronskaya

      How much did you get paid?

    12. G M


    13. ShinVega


    14. La Hela

      “ is this a western hospital?” Lady interviewer wtf!?! I bet Japan got the best of the best in their hospital truuuussst Japan is the cleanest & the best place ever!

    15. Jessica Chappell

      She might have a different strain than the one that is causing severe illness...

    16. Anthony Pressley

      It may be mild now but if not controlled a more severe mutation is possible with each new infection

    17. Etheric Zone 11:11

      Sugar coating it ...

    18. T W Huning

      Is she leaving the virus on surfaces in the room?

    19. Living in China

      How about we hear it from a real patient here in China?? Her narrative is rehearsed

    20. Wright Visuals

      2 people on this cruise ship just died this morning AFTER they all got released. This interview is propaganda . Don't buy into this people

    21. huber müller

      greetings from pattaya Thailand

    22. mzunique22

      She seems really calm , everyone tht did an interview tht I saw, said they had a fever tht lasted for a day, then they have lung issues, so wtf going on becca

    23. James Brown

      "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain". Give it up media!

    24. Keiran Workshop

      She's an actor

    25. Dani Clark

      Reporter needed to delve into more questions of treatment & asking this girl to retrace her and her husband's steps on how or where she think she contracted disease. Also, he was right next to her and never contacted virus - why? Those are the types of questions that need asked and researched.

    26. Dani Clark

      If they dont know what this virus is, how do they know someone even technically has the virus - if a cough and/or fever are the only symptoms, which as they say mimic a cold or flu? And since she is in the hospital- what is the "treatment " she is receiving if they dont know or have a vaccine to treat it?! What parameters are used to say she is "clear" and can leave. And if they can say she is clear to leave, is the "treatment " she rcvd being used on others to contain the spread of the virus? They keep saying these people are being treated, and are ok to leave quarantine, but the virus is still spreading- I AM concerned & confused 😐

    27. Kyle Crisman

      Do NOT BELIEVE THE WHO! They are CCP. puppets only. there to please Winnie the Pooh Xi and lie about the numbers! plus the test kits are faulty!

    28. Youtube Slayer

      False positive?


      They're not telling us the truth. They are creating a narrative that allows the rounding up of citizens pretending they are infected with no signs of infection. They just pick the targets and round them up, news will follow the planned narrative, and people will not question it. They will just say...YUP THEY MUST BE INFECTED.. and they will be relieved they are taken out of society.

    30. Creedence McComb

      "From her hot.el...Hospital room" yeah ok CBC, liars.

      1. Lady Sapphire

        It’s already started and we don’t even have 100 cases yet

    31. Lewis Santos


    32. Kelly Showell

      Was the swab infected that they used?

    33. Lewis Santos


    34. Greg Fitton

      More mainstream programming to distract and deceive, IMO. Whilst this embeds itself in every nation. Inaction is what is needed, trade and travel to cease. Voluntary quarantine for a month, shut everything down. All service people hazmat protection. Drop the infection rate to as close to zero as possible.

    35. Greg Fitton

      Nothing to see here, alls fine and dandy. Just ignore the videos of people collapsing at work, walking, hospitals, or the lines of bodies in bags outside of shop residences, ready for collection and cremation. This is growing exponentially around the world while we watch these fluffy articles, not actually what appears to be going on. And a 14 day quarantine? Who plucked this out of whose butt, with a supposedly unknown virus?

    36. rowenapevrell

      She should read my book, "Chilly Megapolis". A lot of this is sounding familiar.

    37. Greg Fitton

      I think the world has already heard from someone with the coronavirus, a young doctor whistleblower who helped to warn the world, was arrested, and finally died of this virus. In Wuhan.

    38. Nabia Kasule

      I think a corona virus kit could be sold at CVS, Dollar Tree, Walgreens and local markets around the world instead of assuming people aren’t infected

    39. Joseph Bailey

      China: Oh? You want the real statistics of deaths, infected, and quarantine? Well let just get that for you, I have it here annnnnnndd... it's gone! Public: What?where is it? China: All gone. Public: Hey, where did those patients go I saw 2 minutes ago, there were like 20 here I just sa- China: Gone.

    40. Lalaforreal Forrealforreal

      How is she being treated if there is no "treatment".

      1. Lady Sapphire

        Lalaforreal Forrealforreal right she is under mandatory quarantine

    41. lnsk

      She should be given mega doses of Vit C

    42. Billy Blade Black

      Im sorry, but those electrical Outlets in the back are NOT Japanese. wake up!

    43. Uniroyal Mish

      And std’s are disregarded every weekend but worry over this? Lol

    44. greg scott

      This has to be the most cheapest propaganda to try to show people not this viruses so it's nothing don't worry about it how the media is sure trying to hide it this is such a bad job

    45. Jamie Nelson

      Sounds like a common cold.

    46. Lady Farrier

      Seems like she's reading off a script. Listen to the intonation of how she speaks and how smooth it is.... paid actress, i think!

    47. FQ AMI

      Is it me or is the tv anchor trying to get a reaction out of the woman? The woman is calm and the anchor keeps trying to freak her out. Watch again and you’ll see what I mean

    48. Tina Olsen

      Hotel??? Hmm?

    49. HerbGrowingLegal

      Where is this lady’s tv ?!

    50. aN Na

      I’m British, and I think it’s disgusting they’ve kept everyone on board as long as they have. Individual countries have their own systems in place for dealing with this. Two Brits at least are infected only because they were not allowed to be brought home. How many other people have been unnecessarily infected?!

    51. Gloria Knepp

      2nd time you get it, its all over.. js

    52. bhuvana mani

      We cud be seeing a super spreader if not for those tests🤔🤔

    53. Ninja Skater

      If she isn't infected Thank God. If she is I believe when they took her from her room to the hospital maybe she got infected there or somewhere in the ship. Like those who went into the airplane who were INFECTED before getting results and make all the people set together with a mask that was wrong each person should be separated from others to not get infected period ☑️

    54. Triggered6D

      i legit cough, sneeze and have a runny nose. idk if i got the corona bc i live in a country that doesent have it nor have i ever went to another country the last couple of months. the last time i went to a different country was in august 2019. should i be worried?

    55. aleanajadeskywalker

      Has anyone heard from her since this ?

    56. Emilie Santana

      This looks like pys ops, nothing to see here. 56 million are quarantine just for the fun of it! PLEASE WAKE UP!

    57. kasozi2013

      Yo .. This woman looks healthier than me!!!! And I ain't got Corona virus.

    58. Andrew Behrens


    59. Andrew Behrens

      I hate her voice she’s like yessssssssssssssss thissss isssss myyyy roooooooommmmmmm

    60. Andrew Behrens