Patients with coronavirus dance at a temporary hospital in Wuhan

New China TV

New China TV

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    Nothing can stop them from dancing! Optimistic patients with mild symptoms caused by the #coronavirus dance at a temporary hospital in Wuhan


    1. Elder Maxson

      This is wholesome

    2. Brittany McClain

      Y'all need to stop 😂😂

    3. Antoine DUKAN DE VAUBAN

      The consultant of Health in NY Times said that it is actually a methods to find out who has serious infected by the virus. Those who can still dance are mild infected people, while those can't dance, they will send to the special care hospitals.

    4. Michael DeSilvio

      They're putting on a shitshow.

    5. LyricsForce

      Yes good one woman, go cheer some depressed people

    6. Richa Karna

      Zumba dance🤗🤗

    7. Felipe Cechini

      AMAZING Im Brazilian and im with the Chinese people!

    8. Rancho Murrieta

      The CCP founding father monster Mao said that his power and authority come from the barrel of his gun. You see, in China, even if you are sick and possible dying fron the Wuhan virus, and when the commie police point their gun barrels at the patients and ordered them to dance, they dance!

    9. Rancho Murrieta

      Last dance for some or maybe even many.

    10. Inw Youtube

      The virus sent by Allah through Muslims' praying is so weak. China is overcoming Allah's jealousy.

    11. East coast red Yum

      This is fake news

    12. East coast red Yum

      Yeah they where all held at gun point

    13. Jenny

      go Wuhan go go go, go China go go go !! love the BMG lol

    14. Plasma Plasma John Doe

      communism insanity

    15. Tyler Waxman

      Trump: It's so unfair, Wuhan patients quarantine the whole wide world by enjoying free food, medical plan, music and dance classes themselves. MAGA!

    16. paul w


    17. Corrinne Garfield

      MIQDAD SHAIKH WROTE A POST that says notacceptallah, this is punishment. Type of comment. About a hundred posts down . Didn’t want to respond on that thread,

    18. Corrinne Garfield

      ONE CUP ONE LIFE, look it up

    19. Corrinne Garfield

      If you got it, YOU ARE CONTAGIOUS , with NO SYMPTOMS FOR UP TO 14 DAYS

    20. Corrinne Garfield

      I will keep dancing ! I WILL! 🎤🎶Last night a DJ saved my LIFE!. MUSIC SAVES MINE EVERY DAY!

    21. peace MNP

      اللهم اشفيهم شفاء لا يغادر سقما انهم عبادك، ياربي الطف بيهم واهديهم إلى سبلي الصلاح

    22. Ionut Afy

      🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴♥️♥️♥️🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳 România 🇷🇴♥️🇨🇳🙏

    23. bond

      不要放弃! 加油! 要平安回家.

    24. conejo blanco

      Fake..... actors

    25. Maggietogo

      Proud of all Chineses and medical staff who are doing their best of making the Corona situation as bearable as possible. So proud!!

    26. Anne Ramones

      With mild coronavirus symptoms and the worried mental state they are in I don’t know how they find the motivation to dance. I respect them. God bless you Wuhan and all of China.

    27. Brandon Vaughan

      Dancing with the SARS....

    28. NVNo1

      Another Chinese propaganda video. They are there because they had a fever. People sick enough to have a fever do not have that kind of energy.

    29. Kim M.

      Uumm, why are they in the hospital? 🤔

    30. SoloSheba5points Square

      Namaste!!! Yes yes stay strong,keep praying, moving, remember to rest.

    31. rgv lover

      🤣😂🤣😂can I join with you

    32. Ameera Meera

      One small request the future...pls avoid non veg😶 don't eat 🐍🐊🐲

    33. Mia L

      What a bunch of BS propaganda for 5 year olds

    34. Indria Happy

      Good for imun stimulate

    35. fun-with-nickline

      Dance to dance whilst they still can,.🙏

    36. Cindy So


    37. N cov

      New viral ncov dance

    38. Crafty Tamara

      Keeps their spirits up and actually helps keep them healthy.

    39. Blind Visionary

      God bless them and keep their bodies healthy. May they live long lives and raise babies and have many long and happy years. Amen! 🙏🙏🙏

    40. iRin Jewel

      🥰💕💕💕💕💕💕💕✨stay strong. Stay smile

    41. cheong choi

      the hardship to Wuhan citizen is temporary, they will strong again very soon, Wuhan jia you,.

    42. Serg

      That is propoganda. Watch TruNews program on U-tube about really what happening in China

    43. Doctor Darktales

      Yeah!!! Keep the morale guys!!! People do recover from the virus!

    44. Ian H.

      Square dancing? Isn’t that white imperialist thing?

    45. Ian H.

      Why doesn’t Xi Jinping and the Communist Party apologize to all of the countries this has spread to? All these NCTV stories do is present Beijing’s narrative of “everything is okay.” Illness, deaths, disrupted economy, angry citizens, delays in warning.....At what point do people say enough and down with the negligent government? Yours truly, a real global citizen and not a paid western troll.

    46. ratsface

      When u have the Corona virus

    47. ratsface

      Lol, I mean, that kinda Funny in hard times!

    48. Daica Nguyen

      Only propaganda !!

    49. TurtleBacon

      Dancing then praying as well. Let Positive energy come in our body. Chant together as much as you can 南無大慈大悲觀世音菩萨

    50. Tracy Anne

      Never thought Pandemic Hoedown would be a thing. Nevertheless I hope for a speedy recovery.

    51. Hayla Tiboron

      Great Job... stay positive... stay strong ... U can win this battle . 💖💖💖💖💖

    52. Vera Karlsson

      It is extreemly terrible, what you are telling us, how you all suffer in Wuhan. We all know in Europe, that the chineese government is corrupt. For many, many years they have inprisoned christians, who only have read the Bible or told people about Christ our Savior, many Evangelists they have murdered. The Faith in Christ must be allowed, and then everything will turn to the better. I tell you with absolute certainty, that if you call the NAME of JESUS, he will help you. He is God and he will help you to come out of the misery. If you say in Prayer: Jesus, help me. If you are the Son of God Almighty, then I want to give you my Life. I want to get to know you as my Savior, I want to become your child, God. Please forgive me my sins, I believe, that you have poured out your Sacrifice Blood for me, so I can be saved. Amen - If you pray that many times sincerely from your heart, and say it even loud, you will see that God will turn your situation around and you will be able to help many others also. There are masses of christians in China, who pray in the Underground, that Chineese People become saved. If you are really honest, God will show you the way to the christians in China, they can teach you to walk with God. When nobody else can help then JESUS is ABLE to help. HE is the God of Miracles

    53. Stuart Broad

      After all what's happening they still try hard to please the devil. May you find light to the true path and forgiveness from the lord

    54. Bangla itv

      Haha that's only trying to keep false trial but still you have to Safar more with Corona virus

    55. Miqdad Shaikh

      If they were muslims,they were pray to Allah & want 4giveness.Allah gave u panish but u r not accept Islam.coronvirous is punish from Allah.

    56. Евгений Надийный

      well done!

    57. Huan xia Zheng

      团结 ❤🇨🇳❤

    58. Dachich Mohamed

      😷😷😷😷😷😷 fuk boudist

    59. Yariv Hellden

      The final countdown?

    60. cfnorg

      nice try, but the information is already out there.

    61. Divine leo Empress

      Keep strong china. we love you 💯

    62. science & technology

      Chinese propaganda that everything is good 🤮👀

    63. Munna Yadav Munna Yadav

      God kuchha to rahm Karo

    64. Tacos Salsa

      Is it OK for the Pneumonia patient to do this dancing exercise?!

    65. AK Sharma

      Together we can beat.

    66. walkermanstick

      Another bullcrap propaganda

    67. Crazy Made

      Hats off to doctors

    68. Real Fresh

      Better build some gyms China

    69. luiz Carlos art


    70. Kwa Wah

      Fighting you all are can do it.

    71. Roi Nepomuceno

      get well soon, China! more power

    72. Zahed Ali


    73. Heman Pandey

      Be strong

    74. Joy Zone

      ❤❤❤fighting!!! Pray ,trust and believe in God❤

    75. andromeda

      OMG!Dead can dance..

    76. Zhi Zhang

      Damas are always dama.

    77. Fernando Leao

      The mob 😂😂😂😂😂

    78. Rajesh Reang

      After dancing they will die 😐😐😐😐

    79. Hun Kheng Loh

      Get well soon & God bless all.


      China will defeat this virus & will raise in full strength. 🌹🌹 From India with Love 🌹