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Bachelor Nation

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    Airline pilot Peter Weber is back to take his search for true love to new heights. Join us for takeoff, when The Bachelor returns with a 3 hour special - Monday 6 Jan, 8|7c on ABC.

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    Season: 24 Episode: 1
    Bachelor: Peter Weber

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    1. M Mm

      Hannah didn’t let go of the perfect guy. She let of a regular guy.

    2. Cailin Price

      Hannah the forever bachelor contestant

    3. Fanunu

      Can’t wait to see Peter’s Season!

    4. Fizzah Mirza

      I *cannot* wait for this.

    5. Brandon Townsend

      This season will have a fan favorite, a villain, and someone on this season will already have another boyfriend. Oh wait. That's every season.

      1. tori wilson

        And you're right too. Except the girl on Peter's season (Victoria Fuller) was caught for being a homewrecker and messing with a lot of girls husbands.

    6. Sammy Ytube

      It's actually kind of a shame that Hannah looks like the only viable match among these group of ladies. But hey, it's only a promo and yes, we have gotten to know Hannah too well over so many unknown.

    7. Mia Cross

      Please don’t let the windmill be a reoccurring punchline throughout the season. Let it go.

      1. tori wilson

        It will be. Just like the constant virgin references on Colton's season.

      2. Wing Penguin

        LET IT GOOOOOOOO.. LET IT GOOOO. Can't hold it back anymore !

    8. MerryJane

      ....and I CANNOT mufrikin' wait!🥰🥰🤟💯😘🙏

    9. Michaela Caleb

      Hannah isn’t going to be on the show lmaooo she’s in like two scenes, she was filming dancing with the stars this entire time. How would she have even had the time? The promo is obviously misleading lmao, I’m surprised more people aren’t aware of that.

      1. Savy

        Michaela Caleb ikr

    10. Meghan Tomlinson

      I think Hannah blew every single chance she had at love because she was really on the show to promote herself and wouldn't listen to anyone ... even her family who had red flags about Jed ...none of those men owe her anything now .They opened thierhearts to her and she literally trampled on every one of them .I have a great dislike for women who go around tooting thier horn about how strong they are and all they ever do is make horrible weak decisions...

      1. Prayer Warrior

        Wrong!! Hannah is a very strong woman!! Jed was a cheating creep and she was strong enough to break it off. Luke was controlling and she stood up to him!! She never settled, stood her ground. As far as promoting herself? It comes with the territory!! She didn't have to toot her horn!!

      2. A B

        Preach! Well put!!

    11. sunshine11931

      Could this chick be anymore thirsty for attention and fame? She's the one who dumped him, so she should let him move on.

    12. Harry I'm not sure

      Okay but I’m all for Hannah being a contestant just for him

    13. iii_Peyton

      10th :p like if your exited for the drama and tears in peters bachelor

    14. KriStanna

      Excited for all of it...except Hannah part. Enough of her! Movin on!

      1. Hector Rodriguez

        Right let it go

    15. Chela Lin

      Okay I have had enough Hannah... can we just let this guy have his moment please 😩

      1. Hector Rodriguez

        Me too I cant stand Her

    16. Luc Bordage

      Madison is like a clone of HannahB. Can`t wait to watch the show for the bip2020auditions. Many of the blondes this season kinda all look alike. Another Hannah appears (HannahS). All three on bip2020 (S, G & B) would be hilarious. One of them could be the next Bachelorette2020 (HannahB again?).

      1. Luc Bordage

        I like her on TV but many are finding it tiresome to see her so often. I agree that a fresh/new girl would be a better bachelorette. I would like to see her go on bip2020 though.

      2. Kat Perse

        @Michaela Caleb They gave it twice to Brad tho. Not that I want Hannah again. I'm sorry, girl is just dead a$$ blind about red flags, her season was an utter waste.

      3. Michaela Caleb

        Seriously? Hannah would never be the bachelorette again, wouldn’t even logically make sense lol.

    17. Chhh K

      Excitedddd n love from indiaaaaaa

    18. eli

      can’t wait to have another season dedicated to Hannah’s heart 🙄

      1. P L

        eli That was just a fakeout. She’ll probably only be on-screen for a couple minutes if that, to “give advice” as all past bachelor/bachelorettes have done in years past. The producers warped the words to make it seem like Hannah will be there for a long time, while in reality she was filming DWTS.

    19. Nadalee Natasha

      “Well ya did” lol savage

    20. Korad Said

      Hannah leave this guy alone . He has to enjoy his girls. Don't confuse him.

      1. Hector Rodriguez

        This is worse like when Luke known as the big bad wolf was send home and then came back for her

      2. Justin M.

        Korad Said I think Hannah’s going to be a lookout, like Demi & Katie

    21. PJ

      Hannah step aside!

    22. Renée Shannon

      " CLEAR PROP !!! "