‘Please take my daughter’, pleads mother of cancer patient at coronavirus blockade in China

South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post

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    A 50-year-old farmer from China’s Hubei province tearfully pleaded with police to be allowed through a checkpoint with her daughter who is suffering from leukaemia to access cancer treatment at hospitals outside the area under a coronavirus lockdown. In an attempt to contain the outbreak, China on January 23, 2020, started restricting travel to and from several cities in the central Chinese province where the new coronavirus originated.
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    1. Tyler Thompson

      Thanks China for creating and messing around with virus’s by doing crazy tests on animals well done I guess China is upset because we’ve had to step in so many times over the years and put them in check and they’re just upset they can’t beat the number one global power so the government plays around with biological warfare and it breaks out first in their own country and their government please silent. The Chinese flu

    2. James B

      Heart breaking global tragedy, I pray it will end soon and that all mankind will unite

    3. wavy gang2

      This was sad😢and hard to watch

    4. Buffy Summers


    5. Rizgar Ghaf

      She is lying she is just trying to sell fortune cookies 🥠 in Shanghai!

    6. Sanjay rai

      Cross the limitation of cruelty

    7. Charleen Clark

      China is way better then America.

    8. Arnold Reduca

      mother's love for her child 😭

    9. Bobby Grahom

      So brave she wasnt even scared of the cops she fought for her daughters life

    10. jeevitha gl

      Stupids..first repent and come to Christ..

    11. asma Muslim

      Our Khao chmkader

    12. Veronika Vrábková

      😭😭😭😭oooh bože.. 🖤

    13. Wandering Stars

      I hope her daughter is healed and lives a long life.

    14. Orion Lazarus

      Morality and duty to the state.

    15. HappiePappie81

      My heart breaks for them.

    16. London wali family

      New friend

    17. Ram Dey

      Maa mother there is nothing like in the whole world

    18. Snövit Hedstierna


    19. Krishantha Sampath

      I cried....

    20. Amiee Ulugun

      Never have I seen such heartless& cold people until I saw the CCP on all these videos. To their own people this is how this respond. Truly heartbreaking and shocking. Praying for this woman and her child and the rest of us.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    21. Shweta Sharma

      I pray for child but remember this animals also feel same when u eat their child mother is mother..... They have feelings they can feel. Pain they just cant speak so you eat them... Stop eating innocent animals... Be vegetarian...

    22. Moon WOLF

      mother love power

    23. Joshua Smith

      Imagine Italy death toll hits 10,000 in a Month Scary...

    24. Ren Barton

      Its March 28(day of this comment posted) and the quick-built hospitals are still worsening the outbreak of Covid-19 in China; unprofessionaly considered to be one being said that its a room of the infected dead. These hospitals just dont do any sort of aid to improve the Coronavirus related pandemic....

    25. Marygrace Nangsha

      The most heart touching video I had seen in my life.May Our Lord Almighty Jesus Christ Bless you forever

    26. jesus Adam

      Tear is rolling down

    27. The Legend Himself

      They have no souls

    28. Maya C

      No matter what if a mother loves her child she will do anything in her power to save her child!

    29. on the rocks with salt

      If they cant care for her at least give her mother the drugs she needs to bring home and allow her to do it for god's sake. She'll be much safer there and surrounded by her mother's love.

    30. Angel Above

      What a warrior trying to hold her daughter with all these stuff she has to carry

    31. Tom Brady

      Wow just saw this and broke me into tears

    32. Noel Ohashi

      Inhumanity is the plague that spreads in this planet thanks to carnist culture.

    33. Urs Truly Krish

      Tinandi ra Inka Gabbilam moham gallara

    34. Sam 95

      No mercy for this people this people killed so many innocent animals, what that innocent animals done to you

    35. 我i lay

      Thank you

    36. Arif Khan

      Raham Allah Raham humare gunaho ki saza bacho ko na de Allah hum sabhi ko tune banaya sab Tere hi bande haen hum sab par raham farma

    37. Hitman Harry

      To all chinese people ..please stop eating exotic foods like bat soup, snakes,live mice and rats ..

    38. Katerin Lovos

      😭😭😭😭😭😭 HAVE MERCY LORD...

    39. uzair sidiqqui

      Allah madad farmaye

    40. Jaber Ettaieb

      The world be coming worst

    41. spongebob_1

      protect the plz

    42. Baby Sprinkle

      How does she have it it’s rare for kids to get it? 🤷🏼‍♀️

    43. La bocca della verità

      It is kind of karma. What they did to the Uyghurs.

    44. Yo Hana

      Mama I love you

    45. Binod Rokaya


    46. CelestiaGo

      this poor girl is at risk of Corona virus even when she already has Leukaemia.

    47. Risweta Choudhury

      Please help the child .covid 19 and cancer are both equal.they cause deaths. So dont discriminate.

    48. Gato

      Heartbreaking... I fear this will be the second wave of coronavirus death toll figures... those are in desperate need of non-covid19 medical support :(

    49. Ahmed Dar

      Help us Allah.. please help your mankind

    50. sandra lariche

      My heart goes out to the people of china, they have suffered terribly because of their governments bad decisions...

    51. tilling yung

      Can feel the pain of mother😖😖😖

    52. Rango hashemi

      Allahu akbar!!!

    53. Mir Mubashar Abdullah

      F**** china... Have a mercy on her Almighty

    54. nairy danielyans

      This was heart breaking.

    55. Burcu Yilmaz

      Dear Allah help us help the humanity😭😭

    56. muta rabbit

      In my country if she talk like this on TV or media social. She will be report to police by the hospital or gov🙄

    57. Freecheese

      Bless the merciful helping those less able.

    58. Mero Mero

      Chinese should learn a lesson and stop eating bats!!!!!!!

    59. Kirpalsinh Rathod

      his mother killed any animals before somedays ago that is why this is situation.

    60. You & Me

      Tears in my eyes

    61. Shekhar Singh

      May entire china die...

    62. free will

      My lord plz don't give this type of disease to poor or normal peoples plz

    63. 3 -24

      This video is very heart touching there is nothing stronger than mom's love parents are like a sheild

    64. Simmy

      Tab sharam nahi aayi bezubano ko talte huye. China should die. Very very thankful to Lord Shiva for all this. OM NAMAH SHIVAAY

    65. Ahsan Jarral

      Allah is urat ko sabar de Ameen 😢😭

    66. Ganja Nana Yormama

      Heartbreaking 🙏🙏🙏

    67. SevenMillionHobbies

      Their job is to save lives and that day, they did their job beautifully.

    68. Zack -

      I hope they find the treatment so we can all live in peace

    69. Ulana Khomyuk


    70. kaviya rajamanickam

      hats off............ made me uncontrollable tears ....

    71. MKDee

      Salute to cops.

    72. Anna Annu

      really sad

    73. brit w

      This really broke my heart watching this truly life is so unfair sometimes. We must appreciate our lives.

    74. Ms Foster

      This is to sad to watch

    75. Bhagya Hiremath

      This is so painful... Let us pray we find antidote to this virus as soon as possible

    76. Aaron Capati

      Trump please destroy China

    77. American Patriots for God and Country

      I hate even liking this video. I only like it because the information is shared and gets out. I hate it otherwise. It's so so sad what's going on. Pray for the world. I lost my Mom to cancer this past year on May 26, 2019 so this really hits home for me. I'm crying right now. I am so happy they took her daughter. In this case they did but think of the countless other cases where they are not and cannot. It's horrifying. Words can't even express... Prayers for the Chinese people and people all around the world. Down with the CPC! Down with their corrupt politicians and any special interest group they are connected with. Down with all corrupt special interest groups, politicians and governments all across this globe. We The People will rise again and it will be a lot sooner than anyone realizes.

    78. Renishka Huldah

      Any idea if the child is OK now...?bit worried

    79. Alejandro Aparicio

      Thats what they need to do to L.A.. New york and san Francisco and the whole state of Washington

    80. M Gaming

      China needs to learn a very valuable future lesson and cut back on its food supply from now on..