Rachel Recalls Her Feud with Vanessa During Nick’s Season

Bachelor Nation

Bachelor Nation

12 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    During the first Bachelor Happy Hour Friendsgiving, Rachel recalls the feud she had with Vanessa Grimaldi during Nick’s season of “The Bachelor” and how the two came to resolve their differences.

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    1. Paul Rutter

      Over Rachel.

      1. Jane Ryan

        @Paul Rutter She's public because you're searching for her LOL. I hardly see things about her.

      2. Sarah Deb

        @Paul Rutter theyre all public

      3. Paul Rutter

        Sarah Deb She’s too Public. Ashley I is the same. I like the franchise when it wasn’t about all the collateral things attached to bachelor.

      4. Bianca Michelle

        Then go away.

      5. Sarah Deb


    2. Diane McCloud

      As an human, you most likely are going to have a disagreement with someone, it's how you handle it that makes the difference....hoping on social media and voicing one's business are disagreement is messy to me....