Rachel Reveals One of the ‘Secrets of the Show’

Bachelor Nation

Bachelor Nation

28 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    What’s a Bachelor Happy Hour Friendsgiving without dishing up some show secrets? Rachel reveals how she hid from the producers and cameras while she was on Nick’s season of “The Bachelor.”

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    1. Tina Hang

      I'm here.. FOR RACHEL

    2. Princess John

      This show would get so many more followers if they uploaded the full episodes on KGsel

    3. botaique dream

      I love u Rachel that's was a good 😊 one ☝️! Good 😊 story girl! U so lovely 😊 and adorable 😊 u r so real good luck 😉 with your lovely 😊 husband! Love ❤️ and peace ✌️

    4. Lucy Mwangi

      There's always that one person in the group that tells the good stories..

    5. Lucy Mwangi

      I'm living for these...🥰🥰

    6. P B

      Is Brian allowed to talk tho?

      1. Maureen Mucureezi

        He's not a talker mostly..that's his personality

    7. Memcha Laishram

      The woman talk too much .they should let the man speak

      1. Maureen Mucureezi

        Let people be and usually women talk more in life..

    8. Diane McCloud

      I think they don't upload the full podcasts, because they have to wheel you in....but, I love the snippets.....Always interesting to hear the after thoughts and I wishes....