Recovered coronavirus patient donates plasma to help others



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    Chen Qingbo, 42, was among the first batch of patients to recover from novel coronavirus pneumonia and was discharged from Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, a month ago.
    Now, a month after he left the hospital, Chen's life is back to normal. Last week, Chen heard from his doctor that medical experts have called upon recovered coronarivus patients to donate plasma at hospitals as neutralizing antibodies have been identified in the plasma of some patients.
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    1. Rajesh Babu

      God bless you dear.. Live long healrhly


      God bless you embrace God He is the life giver I'm happy for you God PLEASE save us. Give To them BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH JESUS CHRIST HEALS ALL MANNERS CHECK THE LINK above for more details

    3. Bilal Thompkins

      You beat the virus load in time comes back it like to hide fuckers this is Armageddon

    4. M.S.B. UCHIA

      Brother you such a great human , who save himself and then other , China govt. need to learn from you people , GOD IS GREAT , GOD IS ONE .

    5. Ali Rahimy

      You are a lifesaver mate.

    6. Reynaldo Yano

      Show the footage of public hospitals without beds and lack of doctors and nurses and hospital staffs and shortage of hospital supplies such as masks and medicines...etcetera.

    7. schivver

      Just asking, since he has recovered, does he still need to use mask?

    8. the nut brothers

      Organ harvesting of millions of innocent Uighurs

    9. parodie non richieste

      donate plasma, they check if the plasma is positive to other virus? No GOOD LUCK THEN

    10. Satisfying Slime DIY

      What a lie

    11. fun-with-nickline


    12. Andi Cee

      *R.I.P. CGTN* The United States will begin treating five major Chinese media companies as extensions of Beijing's government, requiring them to comply with rules governing foreign embassies and consulates. A senior State Department official said Tuesday that Xinhua, China Global Television Network, China Radio International, China Daily and People's Daily will be designated as "foreign missions," effective immediately, in accordance with the Foreign Missions Act.

    13. Irra Waddy

      Medical staffs should teach patients how to properly use mask. I saw many patients using mask are useless. They need to squeeze the mask on the nose . There is a small aluminum bar there , squeeze it on your nose.

    14. Randy Rick

      here come the troll bots to fill the comments with hate and misinformation.

    15. Lemonia hoffmann

      propaganda !!!!

    16. Teh Chuan

      Western journalist especially from the United States will do a headline this person is force to donate his blood by the communist police at gun point at his head and his whole family

    17. j lim


    18. J. Go

      You have a good heart ♥️ May God Bless you 😇

    19. Sizan Sikder

      chinese athiochozon ra kosto paytase so sad

    20. catonpillow

      A honorable and conscious man. I hope more will follow his example. Donating blood won't harm you but it can save life. Keep it up!

    21. Marco Polo

      This is a great news for humanity! Glad to see some good news from all this. As more patients recover they can return the favor back to new patients. Hang in there guys. Science progress never fails.

      1. Marco Polo

        @C̶u̶t̶e̶ ???

      2. C̶u̶t̶e̶

        We dont make money if people live.. We might not make a vaccination.

    22. airamona


    23. Amna Farid

      Teach him how to inject medicines to take temperatures 🤒 to operate nebulizers😷👵 to check BP👨‍⚕️ How to councel 💁‍♂️critically ill patients. Or whatever he can help if he himself is out of danger. Keep thriving , never loose hope. Help out your minorities to find their families.👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 🕌 Stop eating wild life.🦇🐀🙅‍♂️ Stay strong.💪

    24. KONG KAH HON

      Next time chinese goverment should reserve few billion of mask for any future outbreak..

      1. hendra saputra

        @Kong Kah Hon yes you are right, especially China won the trade war

    25. Kinza Zishan

      Allah ram

    26. Lili pet

      good to hear🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    27. Alice Hallam

      When someone donates blood, the plasma is removed from it. The plasma contains antibodies against the virus that the donor's body created to fight the disease when they were sick. These successful antibodies enter the body of the plasma recipient and IMMEDIATELY attack the virus in their body. Antibodies are the "pit bull" of the immune system. Lol Your body does not need to produce it's own antibodies because the donor's antibodies get busy recreating themselves while they are attacking the virus. Then the recipient can donate blood when he or she is recovered to save others. This is an alternative treatment to innoculation, which takes a lot of work to create, is time-consuming, must get government approval (at least in the USA) and must then be mass produced. An innoculation for this virus is still months away.

      1. Alice Hallam

        @Truck Taxi What are relative risks? Both treatments (innoculation and plasma) both have risks. Plasma and whole blood donors must be free of other illnesses when you donate, and have general good health to protect the donor. I was rejected as a blood and blood product donor simply because I have low iron, although that is natural condition for me. Taking my blood would have caused me to be technically anemic for a few days as my red blood cells that contain the iron would have been diminished, Although again my iron level is naturally on the low end. So donors are also screened for things like other active viruses like hepatitis and AIDS to protect the recipient. Innoculations can produce allergic reactions because some people have sensitive systems. Both treatments are generally safe when medically monitored. Introducing anything into the blood, or into the body in general, has risks based on each individual's make-up and history. Thank you for the complement. We have to help each other. It is a confusing and frightening illness. I saw a video on the "Spanish influenza" of one hundred years ago. Then there were no treatments. My mother told me that most families lost at least one family member from this.

      2. Alice Hallam

        @KONG KAH HON it is true that vaccines are most useful when used ahead of the illness because the body needs time to react to the dead virus that is in the vaccine. With live plasma (blood and blood products are living components like skin), reaction inside of the body against the virus is immediate because the living antibodies recognize the virus as a hostile (foreign) entity. And attack it to protect the body. This is a strong, evolved (by evolution) process.

      3. KONG KAH HON

        Plasma Antibodi is more effective then vaksin Vaccine is lower grade covid19 that to stimulate our body to produce antibodi to against these virus..

      4. Alice Hallam

        @Ozsharpener Plasma has to go through testing just like whole blood does, true. but the tests are not complicated and a clean donor can submit plasma again after a fairly short period. a very ill or dying patient would not be that particular I would think.

      5. Ozsharpener

        The extracted plasma needs to go through some very complicated processes before applying to other patients.

    28. Tokyo Rose

      She is dead. They are taking her blood plasma. Vampires.

      1. Truck Taxi

        If she is dead it means that the bad took over the good and in those cases you don't want her blood or her plasma

    29. Alifa khan

      It helps??

      1. Eleeth Tahgra

        Apparently it work.

    30. Lien Diep

      The amount of people with Hep B. I wonder.

      1. C̶u̶t̶e̶

        Quite a few cases..

      2. Marco Polo

        Lien you are an Idiot. When you mom or dad is on that table you gonna pass worries to them about Hep B ?

    31. jaxsun72

      Chinese making good time for coronavirus and healthy times for people's party! Let's fighting love!

    32. Orange Rightgold

      How does plasma help?

      1. Truck Taxi

        When he had the virus his body's immune system created the antibodies to fight the virus once his body won the fight the antibodies that are in his blood remain so that if the virus comes back he's able to easily fight it off again and with this particular virus most no one gets re-infected as such what could happen is you take the antibodies that are built up in one person and give it to another person so that it will help them fight off the virus in their body. This method is great but has drawbacks: making sure that you don't take too much from the donor, making sure that the donor doesn't have diseased blood, and of course making sure that you don't contaminate anything in the process.

      2. Eleeth Tahgra

        Supposedly the antibody in the plasma fight off the virus. Plasma donation is a real thing tho.


      Great people ❤️. Humanity has hope. Please collect also his immune cells, memory B cells, T cells, NK cells that can be use to fight virus.

    34. Teresa Dewi

      In Indonesia, combined with doctor’s prescription, we drink Vermint to get healed from so many kinds of fever. It’s made from a species of worm. Di Long / Ti Lung in Chinese. Typhoid fever will be healed in less than a week. It works for dengue fever as well. Pneumonia gets healed in FIVE DAYS even less. Pneumonia is the real cause of death for corona's victims. These are based on my friends' experience. Lumbricus Rubellus is the worm’s name.

      1. Teresa Dewi

        @Mark Khaw I'm not sure.

      2. Mark Khaw

        @Teresa Dewi Is it a kind of herb?

      3. Teresa Dewi

        @Mark Khaw I am not sure. There are many recipes in TCM. For lung-related diseases, they also use cordyceps. However, for typhoid fever, I'm 70 percent sure they use Lumbricus Rubellus.

      4. Mark Khaw

        @Teresa Dewi I remember as a kid I almost died of typhoid. Finally my mum went to buy something from a TCM shop. I was cured in a short time. Many years later my little sister almost died of it too even though we went to the hospital many times. Then my dad decided to use TCM and she was healed. Till today I do not know what it is. Perhaps from this worms?

      5. Teresa Dewi

        The same worms are used by food stalls (selling bean sprout soup) to deter bean sprouts from melting. Prolong exposure to hot water will make bean sprouts ‘melt’ easily. To prevent this, they boil these worms together with the bean sprouts. Voila! Bean sprouts stay intact longer despite being soaked in boiling water for hours. So, yes, I believe when they say these worms (boiled) can help human organs, too!

    35. H Lee


    36. Follower Of My Lord

      YOU ARE LIARS those people are dead on those beds a blind man can see that.

      1. Truck Taxi


      2. Hydroxychloroquine

        Dude from your name and picture, you better pray for them liars as you said and communist from born, show compassion, so someday with miracle of the Lord Jesus Christ may they be the follower of the Lord too, they are souls to be won, nation to be won for the Lord. Then you'll truly become the follower of the Lord

    37. Chinese Life 华人的生活

      I can't even donate 100 ml dude. This guy got some blood bath there..

      1. catonpillow

        It's a standard procedure 'Chinese Life'. The body replaces the blood volume within 48 hours after the donation. It won't harm you but it can definitely save life.

      2. Eleeth Tahgra

        Apparently it only take the plasma and reroute the blood back into the body.

      3. phayke


    38. SmaCk You d1cK

      sign of vaccine will produce soon.

    39. nobody uno

      yes you can make it look hears the truth

    40. nobody uno

      thank you please share on facebook and go to live count roylab stats and tell everyone

    41. arte gotica

      When will China release the Press release about the long awainted animal protection laws?? Stop mistreating abused Animals, boiled alive skinned alive... That's enought!!!! Look forward to the press service... let's wait ‼️..... let's wait ‼️........we are waiting...........

      1. arte gotica

        @TEMPORARILY ANTI SOCIAL thanks ❤️



      3. 暴走解说

        Please read Chapter3 Article 23 of the Chinese wild life protection law 2015 edition and then talk. You don't have to wait,it is already there.

    42. youkesh100

      Great, now there will be stories about chinese communists draining blood from corona survivors. Headlines will mention things like vampire commies

      1. KONG KAH HON

        Communist master of propaganda advertising And Democracy master of FAKE NEWS , CHINA MASTER OF PEOPLE LOVE AND democracy full of clown and fake people.. I Love China ..

      2. Follower Of My Lord

        @youkesh100 What ever you say brother I think you are full of it but you can believe what you like .

      3. youkesh100

        @Follower Of My Lord taking blood from neck is fairly common. Its called jugular venous access. U dont have to kill d man n crack up his head to drain the blood my good Christian sir😀😁 And jugular access is done in aseptic conditions (that explains why the guy is draped in green)

      4. Hastalavista Baby

        youkesh100 how's it like for an Indian minority like you to live and die under Chinese rule in Singapore? After all you Indians contributed nothing to Singapore's success am I right?

      5. SmaCk You d1cK

        @Follower Of My Lord actually I more sceptical if western journalist speak. Christian in America are corrupt and already bond with the 666.

    43. 6packter


    44. Y avm


    45. Noneshere

      Bye bye cgtn, too much virus for me.

      1. Truck Taxi

        If you noticed the virus is what got the channel far more views then ever before and subscribership has also gone up

      2. sonya dewi

        Good news!!!! I hope you take all your haters brigade with you.

      3. Samy Bouzaglo

        Noneshere whether you are leaving or staying wont even generate income for CGTN, the channel doesnt even hv ads

      4. 6packter

        Good riddance

    46. A Russell